Why I will no longer write about “black-on-black crime” according to Shaun King

“…To be black in America and commit a crime means automatic justice. Juries don’t struggle to convict a black man or woman for assaulting or killing someone. The wheels on that machine move swiftly and quietly and efficiently. An article or social media post from me is not needed to help bring a conviction. The entire system was built to make sure that happens without ever needing outside help from anyone. Nobody is held more responsible for their mistakes or crimes in this country more than black folk. Our jails and prisons are overflowing with African-Americans who’ve been held super responsible for every single infraction under the sun.

…The overwhelming majority of cops who kill people are white. They are almost never held accountable. These are facts. I didn’t create them. I don’t want them. But they are real. I don’t write about these cops because of their whiteness, but because of the glaring lack of accountability that accompanies almost every single act of violence from police in America.

I also won’t be writing about black-on-black crime, because most local news outlets from coast to coast seem absolutely obsessed with it. They lead their television broadcast with it. They tweet about it. They put it in the headlines of their local papers — so much so that the stereotypes of drug dealers or thugs in America are young black men — when the truth is that a higher percentage of white people sell drugs than black people. None of us would know that from watching the news, though, because again, black people are not only held super responsible for their mistakes by law enforcement, but by the media as well.”

If you want to read the entire article, click here.

It goes without saying that I completely cosign with King’s words. I was tempted to write about the recent horrific mass shooting at a club in Arkansas (no link provided), but then I reminded myself that my blog doesn’t appease to whiteness. What that means is that, as King stated, black people are held responsible for crimes committed by members of their communities the same way Muslims are eyeballed by politicians and the news for statements whenever terrorism happens in any part of the world, in white dominated areas in particular. And we’re expected to at least talk about it and – at most – do something as if we haven’t been trying to put white folks at ease.

The right wing-based argument has always been that we mobilize only when cops kill a black person. It’s incredibly false, but I guess their policy is that it didn’t happen, because they didn’t see it, they don’t intend on looking it up and it’s not true, because they said so. Meanwhile, you can hear crickets chirping from their strong silence saying next to nothing about white-on-white crime, let alone cops killing white folks or white folks killing cops. Yet, we’re accused of selective outrage.

White people are far from being shining examples of peace. So, it would make sense that we don’t have to answer for a damn thing to them when they can’t even get their shit together. White privilege protects them from collective accountability while other races and groups are forced to clean up their acts. But that won’t stop them from their criticisms, even if it makes them look like colossal hypocrites.

So, I will not discuss “black-on-black crime” on this blog, because I will not kiss any whiteness-loving ass and because there’s no such thing. Black people are well aware of the violence problem in their communities. They are doing their damn best to stop it in any way they can. They are also aware of police violence against them, and are doing something about that as well. And we don’t need any approval from any fool who’s more about bitching and moaning than about helping and doing.


2 thoughts on “Why I will no longer write about “black-on-black crime” according to Shaun King

  1. That Shaun makes plenty of sense.

    If there is one thing I’ve learned about White society is that what ever words we use on ourselves,they will use it against you.

    Like Shaun said that that he will no longer use the ” Black on Black” mantra, there are some infamous ” Black” descriptions that I will no longer be using/don’t use in my vocabulary.
    1.The “N” word(never used)
    2.Any word that derogatorily describes darker/dark skin( never used )
    3. Any word that derogatorily describes Black hair( eg. “nappy”, “kinky” or ” rock hair”)
    4. Ghetto..whether it’s about ones character or where they live( stopped using a several months ago even though Black people weren’t the first ones living in one)
    5…and Shaun’s words, Black on Black crime( never used)

    Along with them using those words against us, it’s about self respect of who I’am..African-American and i certainly wouldn’t want for White society to think that Black is bad because it’s not.

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