Looking Back and Forward: Reflections on Being a Blogger So Far

It’s been a long road for me as a blogger. I started Brotha Wolf more than six years ago, and have written numerous topics, particularly pertaining to race relations. But I’ve also written on other subjects that are just as important. Still, racism was the main entree.

When it comes to discussing society’s ills on the internet, there will be cosigners as fed up as you are. But you also have to deal with the pestering and sometimes destructive nature of interlopers whose primary purpose is to fuck shit up for amusement. We call them trolls, among other things. My blog was no exception.

To many of these trolls, speaking out against inequalities, let alone fighting against them, are – in one simple word – wrong. While I tried to reason and explain my disagreement, they can’t agree to disagree. Only their opinion matters.

I’m not good with arguments. I admit it. And I’ve learned that dealing with those completely out of touch with reality, you won’t win using actual facts and evidence from legitimate sources. They live in a Bizarro reality where facts are lies and vice versa. So, I had to kick them out before their juvenile and sociopathic behavior made me punch my computer.

Yes, I focus mostly on racism, but I also touched on other issues. I touched on sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia. Though I haven’t written about them as often as racism, they are still important topics that must be discussed. I did learn that there are “people” who believe those problems aren’t major or they try to excuse why people hate and fear certain folks. They seem to think that those emotions are empowering. Only, their arguments only made them appear more screwed up than before.

As I said once before to a former visitor, this is just a blog. I’m just a blogger. I’m not always right. These entries are my thoughts and opinions with a few sprinkles of facts and data. I don’t pretend to be more than what I am. And one day, I will have to move on to other matters. This is not to say I haven’t enjoyed the ride. But this is to let everyone know that one day, I will renounce my bloghood.

I may be more woke than I was six years ago, but I’m still slightly sleepy when it comes to certain subjects. I hope to continue learning and opening my mind so that I can be fully awake.

Thank you all for for reading.


6 thoughts on “Looking Back and Forward: Reflections on Being a Blogger So Far

  1. I hope you are not leaving. I have enjoyed your blogs since I’ve joined. I hate that they are a few idiots that showing their asses. Keep educating your followers.

  2. And I’ve learned that dealing with those completely out of touch with reality, you won’t win using actual facts and evidence from legitimate sources. They live in a Bizarro reality where facts are lies and vice versa.

    I disagree. They do this to throw bloggers off-kilter. They bloody well know what they are doing.

  3. I will dread the day when you say my writing days on BrothaWolf.

    Even if you did, it’s something that I expect as life changes and nothing can stay the same. Sadly, there are some blogs who claim they write about social issues and just comatose the living day lights out of me.

    Blogs like yours are needed..whether or not the trolls want to hear what youhave to say. Herneith is right. They’re not there to listen to you, they want to distract you from the truth. In spite of them, it’s really amazes me how they can be so much in denial that it really makes them seem like paranoid schizophrenics and I’m serious when I say that as one of the symptoms of it is false beliefs not being based on reality.It’s sick.

    Another reason that it’s needed is because the truth needs to be exposed as in many cases.I was reading about something that Halle Berry was asked about BLM and she basically said that don’t talk that talk if you can walk that walk with meme on social media.In some instances, I get what she’s saying but social media is very needed these days to be truthful, expose corruption and ironically.the news. It’s sad when people use social media as their primary news source over prime time news.Trolls..like the ones you come across..are doing their best to convince their
    ” truth” and too often they don’t want you to do research on their source..

    You say that you’re not good with arguments but you are. You’re clear, concise,try yo be as objective as much as you can( with the trolls) and a great debater.Like I said before, I’ve been on social justice/BWE where it was anything but. The authors have no idea how to be unbiased, she wouldn’t defend you from trolls..and some of them didn’t necessarily had to be trolls. I’ve mentioned on here once where there was a author of supposed BWE/IR blog who professed self love and love of Black women yet she put down Black people like nobody’s business and she loved making every Black person seem destitute and hopeless without doing proper research and more so, not using her god given common sense for the truth.

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