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WARNING: There will be shitloads of profanity involved, but I’m just exercising my muthafucking freedom of speech.

I’ve been following the story of Philando Castile’s murder and the expected yet disappointing acquittal Jeronimo Yanez, the cop who shot him. In fact, I’ve kept an eye for similar police slayings of unarmed black folks, and most incidents always come from the basis of “fear”. “The officer were scared as hell and reacted by pumping rounds into the defenseless bodies of thugs.” And the reason is always justified by letting those killer cops go free, never facing a harsh prison sentence or any sentence at all.

We’ve seen this bullshit with Betty Jo Shelby when she shot Terence Crutcher to death. We saw this when Timothy Loehmann shot Tamir Rice, a 12 year-old child, by the way! And we saw it with Randall Kerrick who he shot Jonathan Farrell. And these are just a few examples, examples of the bitchassness that eventually gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement.

But fucktards who think the movement is anti-white and anti-cop will not allow the simple ass premise of causation to be held in account, because that will go against their political and racial philosophies. They will engage in the usual victim blaming crap we have to deal with every fucking time this happens. “But if blacks weren’t so violent…If blacks didn’t look threatening…What about black-on-black crime?”

To them, I say SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT THE FUCK UP! Your victim blaming only shows your cowardice proving you’re the scariest people on Earth. And don’t even try to argue with your ploy to bring balance to the conversation. Most of you only want to tell us what to think and feel and expect us to be happy about it. Fuck that and fuck you!

Black folks…well, MOST black folks, are sick and tired of that shit. Black people are telling you not to be such douchebags and develop a human soul. We’re asking you to listen to us and try to understand why we’re mad as fuck. Some of us do it in a way that doesn’t hurt your fragile fee-fees while the rest of us don’t give two fucks and will say it however the fuck we want to. The latter doesn’t have any more time or patience to bend over backwards to keep your goofy asses calm while our people are being gunned down and murdered excessively.

FUCK THAT CIVIL AND RESPECTABLE BULLSHIT, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU WON’T ACT THAT WAY TOWARDS US, BUT YET, YOU EXPECT US TO KISS YOUR ASS! Besides, we’re just using our First Amendment rights, isn’t that right alt-right, or is that something only you deplorable dickheads can use because you’re supposedly so oppressed?

Dafuck outta here!

The numerous police murders of black folks and other groups of people including white folks should get you upset. But no, asking you to use your conscience is like requesting you to cut off your foot. You can’t do it. To some of you, that’s something only bleeding hearts, liberals and snowflakes do, amirite? This blog and this article alone is enough for you to rain down your pestilence of hate-fueled condemnation. And you wonder why the world thinks your kind is beyond pathetic and ponder about if your knuckles bleed or not when you walk.

This article contains my thoughts and opinions, and I’m angry that another cop walks away for killing an unarmed black person, because he was so scary. If you don’t get why I and many people are fed up, you can go to hell. I’m sure you’ll feel right at home there.