Your Thoughts: The Bill Cosby Trial

Mistrial declared in Bill Cosby sexual assault trial

Once, he was regarded as “America’s Dad”, but now, he’s also known as a sexual predator. And while he still has many supporters, his name is permanently tarnished.

Bill Cosby was heavily admired with bringing forth a brand images of blackness that struck not only presented some new shit to the mainstream but has also brought with it a form of black respectability with a side of family-friendly comedy that was limited in the media landscape.

While Cosby was pushing envelopes, however, he was also apparently pushing up and into numerous women without their consent. 60 women accused the comedian and actor of drugging and sexually assaulting them while being passed out. It’s been brought up before several years ago, albeit not at the magnitude it is now, but it wasn’t until late 2014 that another comedian Hannibal Buress made a joke about it that more women came forward. With each new face came new cracks in Cosby’s career, his future projects his overall wholesome image and his legacy.

Click on this Wikipedia page for more information on the history of Cosby’s allegations.

Fast forward to today and to make a long story short, a trial is set on June 5, 2017. After several days, it is declared a mistrial. However, prosecutor Gloria Allred declare that the fight is not over.

ABC News has a timeline of events leading up to the first day of the trial.

So, here are my thoughts about the whole story, and please leave your thoughts in the comment section.

I honestly liked Bill Cosby during my much younger days. He made me laugh with his pseudo-drunk, primarily family friendly humor. I especially loved his stand-up comedy film Bill Cosby: Himself. But I never saw him as anything more than a talented, hardworking man in show business, and I admired him for that.

In all honestly, I was shocked and dismayed by the flood of sexual assault allegations that came pouring after Hannibal Buress’ viral comedy routine. But I kinda was disappointed in Cosby a decade prior with his now-infamous “pound cake speech” in which he morphed into a conservative grandfather scolding at Black America for, as he implied, not doing better as our ancestors hoped for in their struggles.

The speech was polarizing. Some black folks agreed, believing that it was a harsh but imperative lecture. However, others heard the personality responsibility and respectability political tones throughout Cosby’s words which were – at its core – useless in a racist nation where black people would be despised even if they wore top hats, tuxedos and spoke Oxford English.

And like the accusations, trial and fallout that came afterwards, opinions on Cosby are still heavily divided. There are people who condemn him, believing what he did was unforgivable and hoped that he would be sentenced for the rest of his twilight years in prison. However, Cosby still has faithful followers, some of them believing he was targeted. They think there’s a plot against him due to his legendary status, his wealth and his failed bid to purchase NBC. Whatever theories abound, people cannot fathom Mr. Cosby of being a sexual predator.

The problem is people almost never fathom any man, especially one of considerable fame, great wealth and many accomplishments, of having a dark side. And with the history of racism, whenever a black man is accused of rape, we always assume that the victim is lying and scheming, especially if she’s a white woman. We condemn the victim for trying to send another black man to jail, and if he’s rich, we think she’s a worst kind of gold digger looking for a way to sue, collect cash and ruin his reputation and power. Like it or not, it’s a symptom of rape culture and victim blaming.

We can easily say how there’s no proof Cosby raped those women, that’s it’s just hearsay. We can support his claims that he’s innocent. We can latch on to conspiracy theories. And we can wonder why the accusations have emerged during a period of tepid racial tension, even though it’s been brought up before in the past and many of us weren’t paying attention. But we have to come to grips that Bill Cosby, the historic idol who pioneered television with his creativity, humor, wisdom and drive just might be a serial rapist, even when remembering his glory days watching The Cosby Show on TV One.

That is if you are watching.


14 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: The Bill Cosby Trial

  1. I have a plethora of theories and feelings regarding Dr. Huxtable:
    Firstly, I have a hard time believing this story ONLY because white women were involved. We all know that white women are America’s pride + joy; there is no higher definition of beauty, purity, desirability or sexiness than the white woman’s body in this country. Why has Cosby been allowed to live his life? Without the fame and riches, I’m sure he’d be sentenced to death by now with such accusations- with or without sound proof. One of our own was burned, beaten and dragged just for (supposedly) WHISTLING at ONE white woman, so why was Cosby granted favor for most of his life?

    I try not victim-blame, but I believe some women find themselves in these situations looking to make an easy come up with a celebrity. I believe he may have done some sick shit to and with these women that maybe they didn’t expect and didn’t have the courage to speak out about because of his status. Or because they were ashamed of the level they stooped to for fame, opportunity or money. Maybe they didn’t consider it rape at the time, but once they did confide in someone, they were informed that the acts were indeed sexual violations. No one knows the truth except him and his accusers/victims. We will never ever know the full truth. Ever.

    Lastly, I think Bill is being made an example of. He’s spent all of his life a free man and all of a sudden when he tries to create something much needed for his people, these cases- old and new- surface. It doesn’t sit right with me. I think he’s being made an example of just like Colin Kapernick, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Sheila Abdus-Salaam, Michael Jackson, Edward Crawford- anyone who tries to speak out and/or do something good and right for the people- especially our people.

    I can’t watch The Cosby Show anymore. I was such a fan but now I’m just.. I don’t know.
    Thanks for this great post and letting me in on the conversation.

    1. I think Cosby’s image of a safe, admirable and non-threatening Negro is part of it. Plus, I think his speech in 2004 at the Brown vs. Board of Education anniversary helped that image. In the speech, he basically victim blamed the black poor, shaming them for not living up to the standards of their ancestors. He basically took the basic conservative route with his speech.

      True. We may never know what really happened. It sounds outrageous in itself, but it’s not unbelievable. With that same image, people understandably had – and still have – a hard time taking it in. Cosby is the most extreme case of celebrity sexual assault in the U.S. The worst I heard (so far) was a British celebrity named Jimmy Savile and he was a serial pedophile of disturbing proportions.

      But both are far from alone. There were others, among them Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and this country’s Commander-in-Chief. Though I won’t really call them ‘celebrities’ lol.

      I never really watched the Cosby Show. To me, it felt too pristine. I did watch Fat Albert though, even though the animation quality is low-rate.

      1. True, it is hard to take in but not completely unbelievable. it seems like serious accusations like rape and, say, money laundering are not taken as seriously as a marijuana possession, for instance.

    2. Although I feel something def went down with the accusers, I agree that American society trips over themselves to rush to the rescue of white women. They are so fragile, so in need of protection from EVERY DAMN THING, esp. black men who are often portrayed as the big, bad wolf. (no pun intended Brotha Wolf). There are plenty of celebrities, including fool 45 who shoulda been on trial too, but paid (or bullied) to make the victims go away.

  2. Definitely think some of the claims are true with so many coming forward. One, I could have brushed off, but dozens? And ALL consenting even after they were drugged? Come on. One of the bigger issues for me are that why people idolized him in the first place. Why they never believed he, like any human, was capable of darkness. I watched the Cosby Show too and liked him and Ms. Rashad in it, but knew it was fantasy…knew it was aspirational. Also, I am wondering where Camille is and how you sew a lifelong marriage back together after something like this?

  3. Cosby is a sick ass i was listening to Still Processing podcast and they were discussing how sick Cosby was they say he entered the courtroom saying ” Hey! Hey! in his Fat Albert voice now that’s some sick shit.

      1. Because those of who are aware can see that this is a media lynching of a famous black man. No way you should be able to be tried for something that: 1) there is ZERO evidence that a crime occurred, 2) is based on testimony that was supposed to sealed and inadmissable, and 3) happened half a million years ago.

        I don’t see how anyone can side with these accusers at this point. Especially given their behavior around the time they were “taken advantage of”.

        I hope Cosby remains victorious.

  4. So Cosby is trying to have some type of seminar on sexual assault, GTFOH, that like Rachel Dolzeal trying to have an symposium on blackness. This truly is a rape culture we are living in. And all the shit stain men who support Cosby are pieces of shit.

    1. Anyone who supports sexual assault is a piece of shit. Blaming victims seems to be the name of the game. I know people who have been victims of molestation and sexual assault. Many do not come forward due to the shame and undue scrutiny visited upon them, people doubting them. Sure there is a minute amount of false claims, but the vast majority are true. Conversely, this is one of the hardest crime to prosecute.

      1. These bishes aint victims. What about the ones that were PROVEN to be lies? What about the cases that have been dropped because the accusers were lying?

        Media not talking about that I see.

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