Two Mass Shootings in America in One Day Proceeded by Many More


There have been two mass shootings that occurred today. One was in Alexandria, Virginia. The other, which hasn’t gotten as much attention likely due to the first involving targeted politicians, occurred in San Francisco.

Five people were shot at a baseball field where GOP members were practicing for an upcoming game against Democratic politicans. Among the injured was Republican Congressman Steve Scalise who is now listed in critical condition.

The shooter was 66 year-old James Hodgkinson from Illinois who was, according to his social media footprints, opposed the GOP and was defiantly anti-Trump. He was shot by police gunfire and died soon after.

The second mass shooting, that I just found out about, happened at a UPS facility in San Francisco. The man was a driver and in uniform. He opened fire, injuring six people. Four of them died, including the shooter.

The Washington Post reports that the Virginia shooting is this country’s 154th mass shooting this year. Let that information sink in.

As usual we will go through the usual phases whenever this happens. First, there is shock as news reports work diligently to bring you up-to-the-minute updates on what happened, who was responsible and who were the victims with anger going around finding out who to blame. Next, people will send out their prayers and condolences to the victims. Then, the debate of gun violence is reignited, especially with the first caused by an angry and armed white male. And finally, life will go on until another mass shooting grips the Western news media.

Sadly, more will come due to our aversion to the problems that causes such shootings in the first place. Instead, more guns will be advised for the sake of protection without considering that those who own guns for that very reason have the potential to become the very thing they’re protecting from. Enough should be enough, but evidently, it’s never enough.

What are your thoughts on these and other tragic mass shootings? Leave your comments below.


5 thoughts on “Two Mass Shootings in America in One Day Proceeded by Many More

  1. As long as some old white guy because it sure as hell ain’t no black one) can make money off the manufacture and sale of guns, they’ll continue to ignore the cost in human lives. We’ve long been reached the point where capitalism is an utter failure. No atrocity is too horrific to make the politicians stop and do something. I realized that after Newtown. When you can kill twenty little white babies at a school and people still argue against any form of gun control, you know nobody’s gonna do anything.

    One day we’ll look back on all this and it will evoke the same amount of wonder we now have for Victorian clothing etiquette. What the hell was wrong with those people? What were they thinking?

  2. If the “founding fathers” came back to life and explained what they meant about a militia bearing arms, people who love fear will not believe them. The United States is the only “civilized” country that allows people to behave uncivilized by killing human beings with the approval of the constitution.

  3. This is simple. As long as Amerikka has problems, Amerikka will have mass killings. It’s in the yt mans genetic makeup. The only way he knows how to solve a problem is to kill (eliminate) it. Old news.

  4. Gun control has always been about keepimg weapons out of the hands of POC.

    If assault weapons were banned in the U.S. very few white peopke would turn there guns in.

    The statagy for POC is to follow the Heuy Newton Gun Club in Texas. Use the laws that allow for gun ownership and open carry for white males and organize and arm yoirselves.

    When Hitler came to power he passed gun prohibitions and the Jews dutfully turned there guns in. We all knkw how that turned out.

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