A white woman goes off on white people and asks what they’re so afraid of

Yes, there are white people who are sick of white people’s shit, namely their hyperactive fear-based view of the world through a white lens. And they have made their points known without apology. Predictably, the fearful white folks get hurt and offended. Apparently, asking them to change their ways that negatively affect people of color since, you know, they’re the most privileged people in a white dominated society, is like discriminated because of your skin color, if you hear some of them tell it. And there are white people who find that an outlandishly unfair comparison that someone with a backbone made of overcooked noodles would make.

Susana Rinderle MA, ACC, President of Susana Rinderle Consulting, LLC, is a trainer, coach, speaker, author and diversity & inclusion expert. She wrote an open letter on the reaction to R&B singer Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime performance from 2016 by white people who expressed their shock and anger. If you recall, Bey’s show was problack with the black panther-based costumes, them forming a large ‘x’ in tribute to Malcolm X and throwing their fists in the air. So yeah, white people, albeit those who were fans of the singer, got pissed off.

Rinderle saw this and had this to say:

Dear White People: really? We’re this selfish and blind? We find this offensive when we’ve been killing Black boys in the streets for little-to-no reason, letting their murderers go free and poisoning an entire city’s water supply (and that’s just what we’ve done for Black folks lately)? How can we possibly compare the Panthers to the Klan? Do none of us read? The Panthers have nothing like the track record of violence, rape, torture and murder that we do against Black people, Klan or otherwise. The Panthers rose up to protect their community from police brutality, feed kids breakfast and provide healthcare. They rose up because we weren’t protecting, feeding or caring for them as we do ourselves.  And we’re doing an arguably worse job today.

Also, White People: really? We’re this hypocritical? We find Beyoncé’s performance bigoted when we’ve covered ourselves in Confederate flags on stage, on trucks, on homes, and on government buildings? We think that’s OK because it’s an expression of regional or historical pride? Oh please. Are we not listening to African Americans at all? Or do we just not care what they say?

Dear White People: we must be some world class a-holes to think Black people are imagining things or “using” situations for “political” reasons. What does that even mean? Of course they’re politically motivated – just like us. They want to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect through public policy – just like us. They want college, jobs, promotions, housing and safe streets – just like us. So why do we dismiss, minimize and outright ignore Black folks when they tell us things aren’t right or fair? We must think they’re all (a) delusional, (b) liars, or (c) lazy and incapable of providing for themselves (like we do), which is why they’re resorting to complaints and manipulation. Really? Have none of us met a Black person before? Oh my White brothers and sisters, our bigotry is showing and we’re proving the need for Superbowl Panthers and #BlackLivesMatter.

Yes, we’ve had the misfortune of running and debating with white people who think this way and will argue without shame trying desperately to show they’re right. White people like that must also be frightened of being wrong.

My fellow White People: we must also be some world class weaklings to be unable to tolerate strong Black women inspiring and uplifting their community – through dance on a football field. My ancestors tolerated long dangerous journeys, famine, locusts, frozen crops, too many babies, sweatshops and a Civil War concentration camp. They would laugh in our wimpy faces.

Click here to read the rest of this article.

Rinderle continues on exposing white people’s greatest fears. Most of comments have been positive praising Rinderle for such an insightful and hard-hitting article. (Of course she had criticisms.) It was especially cool to watch her juxtapose white people’s fragility to their ancestors braving harsh conditions. You want to try to climb Mt. Everest, tame lions and tigers and chase tornadoes, but a black female performer protesting police brutality against black people through song and dance is somehow spine-chilling.

And some white folks find this nothing short of sad.


14 thoughts on “A white woman goes off on white people and asks what they’re so afraid of

  1. So, you support some grafting, grifting whore who makes her money off pandering to the “diversity” crowd and take her self-serving words seriously? Really?

    You do realize that her whole business is based upon the idea that you all can’t make it on your own and that ones like her “need to bear the burden” of bringing you to the promised land? ROFLMAO

    And yeah, Beyonce’s act was offensive to many and rightly so. Note though, that I didn’t get it – not woke ’nuff I guess. I thought she was doing an homage to Michael Jackson until everything went crazy.

    1. I can’t just assume it’s self-serving. I just went by what she wrote and what her website is about, and she made a lot of great points, points POC have been making for eons.

      I also can’t assume that it’s a case of the typical white savior, because in the end, POC can only do so much. White people have to do the heavy lifting to end their race-based fear problems.

      I saw Bey’s performance, and it was amazing and necessary given the kind of climate we’re in. The point is she wouldn’t have had to even thought about conceiving an idea, IF AND ONLY IF the problem didn’t exist and people continue to deny its existence out of – again – fear. It’s a matter of causation. There wouldn’t be a need for Black Lives Matter if police wouldn’t be so fearful of black people enough to assault or murder them, especially if they’ve posed no lethal threat. Yes, white people deal with the same problem, which is all the more reason why they should UNDERSTAND our plight instead of trying to excuse it at every tern while praising the police.

      Beyonce’s performance was in response to another edition of anti-black sentiments and policies that have been inflicted on black people for years. If white people would own up to their own irrational fears and hatred, it’s the first step to healing. It’s what conservatives call personal responsibility.

    2. Jonolan had this to say…….

      “So, you support some grafting, grifting whore who makes her money off pandering to the “diversity” crowd and take her self-serving words seriously? Really?”

      Seriously dude? I take it you didn’t hear yourself, or if you did, didn’t see the problem with your entire comment?

      Why is it always some white guy with a sense of self-superiority and the answer to everything, that wants to swoop in and try dismantling any opinion or issue he doesn’t agree with, by being as demeaning and disgusting as possible? Of course since the person you disagreed with was a woman…a WHITE woman at that, she must be all the things you said of her, and only you have the real truth. I’m sure you arrived at it through a combination of deep thought and reflection coupled with ALL your experience as being Black in America for all these years, right?

      No? Then what you are really saying is that you don’t have any REAL issues with what she said that stem from any REAL position. You simply didn’t like it because it hit too close to home, and as a white MAN, you felt compelled to say something (anything) to derail this woman’s opinion. Especially with her having said all those things that hurt your pride, your ego, and challenged your notion of supremacy, which is on FULL display here.

      Here’s a thought: how about a nice steaming glass of “Shut the hell up?”

      I’m sure that as a white person, you consider it your holy and solemnly sworn duty to protect ALL white people from any perceived criticisms during conversations about race and racism. Excepting of course, the ones you don’t agree with. They become “grafting, grifting whores”, or worse…”Gasp”, a Race Traitor!!!! The horror!!!!

      You should really try and keep in mind the 1st rule of business: Mind your own.

      The last thing we need is some self-righteous, self-serving, self-aggrandizing, and self-centered SOB like you trying to force us to buy your opinion on a subject you have ZERO experience with, or lecture to us as a people on anything having to do with race and/or racism. Especially when you are clueless by choice on what is going on around you. You know nothing about our experiences, our thoughts, or what it takes to survive in these divided states while dealing with self-aggrandizing clowns like you.

      It’s not that you aren’t “woke enough”; you’re just a jackass.

      1. ROFLMAO Your response was amusing. Predictable to the point of stereotypical, but amusing nonetheless. If you were hoping to offend me, you’ve sadly failed. Though you did reinforce my despite for “critical race theory” a little more.

        But no. I’ve had too much experience with the sorts shilling “diversity” in the workplace like Rinderle does, and too much experience with the negative impacts of it, to think of her as anything other than a grafting, grifting whore. So, no holy mandate here, just “experience” that forms my “narrative.” Sorry – sort of – that I “triggered” you, neyel.

      2. 1 – Lower quality employees hired solely or mostly because they fit a diversity checkbox

        2 – Lower quality employees promoted solely or mostly because they fit a diversity checkbox

        3 – Increased animosity (racial, religious, sex-based) between employees due to diversity hiring practices and the resulting HR “political correctness” and “sensitivity” initiatives.

        4 – Drops in productivity and customer satisfaction due to language and culture barriers.

        And, a lovely anecdote:

        Firstly, one of my old managers told me flat out the he expected me to give a positive review of a potential female new hire (Oracle dBA) because “it was good for the company to hire a woman into IT. Secondly, I was reported and then “counseled” by HR because I voiced my concerns that hiring an Indian Christian woman (same candidate) when she’d have to work closely with a Pakistani Muslim man might cause problems and should be considered.

        Note though, none of this is Black-White specific and all of it is solely when companies choose to- or are pressured into making diversity an active priority in hiring instead of concentrating upon who can best fill the job.

      3. Okay.

        On one hand, I agree that hiring to fill diversity quotas is a half-assed way of promoting themselves as equal- opportunity employers. However, your comment seems mostly concerned with hiring people other than who you think is more qualified based solely on race, gender and religion.

        A company shouldn’t hire people who aren’t qualified. But there are plenty of people who are not white, not male, not Christian, not anything who are. It’s not good for the company to hire based on putting difference faces in different positions, but it IS good to hired those different faces if and when they’ve proven to be assets for the business in some way. It’s also not a good idea to hire professional people in low-level employment regardless of who they are.

        I will tell you from experience that the reverse happens. Companies who avert themselves from hiring qualified POC, women and others will look for unqualified white people, males and the usual mostly out of the same grievances you’ve expressed.

        I’m curious as to how you think hiring an Indian Christian woman who would work closely with a Pakistani Muslim man would cause problems.

        I’m not going to lie, you did make good points. But you still proved the points that it’s mostly about fear. You seem to fear political correctness and diversity on how it will affect you. Most of the time, white guys fear political correctness, because it somehow translates as having their freedom taken away, the freedom to say whatever they want. They also fear diversity, because they think it will take away their status as alpha male and will cause the destruction of a particular group, company, country, etc. And lastly, they fear that there are nonwhites that are just as good – or better – in high level positions as white people.

        Not saying you’re one, but it sounds like that in your comment.

        Like I said in another article, having freedom means having the responsibility to use it. The fact that so many white people abuse that freedom only shows that they can’t or won’t handle the responsibility, especially when confronted on it.

        The sad truth is that the rich white men who peddle such fears know that lesser-class, fear-based white people will fall for it each and every time. Instead of getting angry at them, they will tell you that it’s nonwhites, females, etc. etc. who are the real problem, and that even though you have less than they (the rich white man), you’re still better than everyone else. It’s the lie that has duped generations of white people to this day. It’s what helped got Trump elected.

        So while you fear and look down upon political correctness and diversity as a threat to you, the REAL threat is laughing all the way to the bank with his rich white buddies.

        I’m just saying.

  2. Well I guess it takes another white person to educate other white people on intersectionality and marginalized groups.

  3. Would ynou be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.


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