Some Thoughts on the Recent Acts of Terror

I want to leave my thoughts and opinions on the most recent acts of terror that have occurred around the world. I’ll begin with the most recent incident that happened in London.

Still healing from an attack that occurred in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert, England was dealt another devastating blow last weekend. Three men went crazy with a van and knives that killed seven people and injured dozens more.

Here’s what we all knew would happen as a response to the attacks. Police would declare it as a ‘terror attack’. The right wing media, their pundits, commentators and followers would lose their Islamophobic shit and condemn it as further proof that Islam is a violent religion, declare that Muslims should shoulder responsibility and condemn such attacks and find a way to blame liberals and the victims. People would send their thoughts and prayers to the people of London. Trump will unleash a tweet storm about it. And finally, ISIS would claim responsibility for the crimes.

It seems that the only time we hear about Muslims in the news is whenever an act of terrorism occurs, usually in the West, Europe or Australia, you know, where white people live, or where terror happens in a not-so-white nation like Kabul. But where will most of the world’s sympathy and condolences be sent to?  Not the latter.

As we’ve seen before, those on the right will expect Muslims to be held accountable for the small – very small – minority of extremists and their supporters for terror attacks happening in the world. But when it comes to terror from white right wing extremists, they refuse to do the same.

I talked about the slayings of two white men who defended two teen girls from a crazed agitator (Jeremy Christian) who was a known white supremacist. Yet, the alt-right, known for their own brand of white nationalism, still converged in the very city where the murders happened. Their leader Joey Gibson immediate refused to associate himself and his fellow comrades with the heinous act of terror.

By the way, yes, I call what Christian did an act of terror. Funny how Trump is not as vocal about such incidents as he as with those caused by those in the name of Islamic faith. Yet, when the double standard is acknowledged, it gets blasted with hateful rhetoric and petty insults. White hatred is insane that way.


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on the Recent Acts of Terror

  1. The dominant culture is frightened of losing the power status and becoming minorities. The golden age of the great white man is losing power.

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