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Remember when you were young, you did something you weren’t supposed to. You got into a fight or broke or window, something of that nature. Someone told on you, and you got the kind of parents that don’t play around. So, when they talk to you, there’s sternness in their voices. They may even yell and scream at you. Hell, some may ever let out a curse word or two.

At the end of their tirade, they punish you. You’re either spanked, grounded or both. Whatever it is, you’re punished in a way where your joys are taken away temporarily. You may have a dance to go to, but you’re sure as hell ain’t going to it.

While you’re sitting in your room sulking, you’re angry at the person who snitched on you, and you’re pissed off at your folks for punishing you. You start thinking that they don’t love you, especially if this is yet another incident. You’ve been in trouble before. They yell and discipline you trying to make you feel low about what you did while hoping that it will teach your ass a lesson. Yet, you still need learning if you slip up again and the whole bit replays itself each time until you finally realize that you need to behave.

As you grow up and look back, you understand now. They did those things, because they love you. They don’t want you to screw up terribly. They don’t want to see you in a grave or a prison cell.

Whenever privileged folks are confronted about their privileged attitudes and behavior, they get defensive. They think you hate them about as much – or worse – than any hate group hates those they deem are inferior. In their eyes, you expressing your aggravation about living in an unfair society based on where frivolous traits determine whether you advance or stay down is more damaging to progress or peace than anything any hate group has done.

In short, you raising awareness or fighting injustices means you hate white people, rich people, men, straight and cisgender people and Christians.

As with our parents who raised us, that’s far from true. And it ignores the causation behind any frustrations harboring within those seeking social justice. While there are some who express their loathing with privileged groups, the majority don’t hold any ill will, but are nonetheless sick and tired of the continued willingness of being ignorant and condescending. And whatever negative feelings present do not measure to the hatred privileged people have inflicted upon everyone else. After all, no where in history has people of color ever committed mass genocide against whites, women have never considered men as the weaker sex and confined them to the status as second-class citizens born only to stay at home and get her pregnant and have you heard any religious gay person use the bible to express God’s loathing of straight people and promoted violence against them?

Privileged folks’ greatest fear is that if everyone else is given the privileges they take for granted, they the former the lose theirs. They want the hierarchy to remain untouched and stay in their positions for better or for worse.

Those of us struggling in a world of inequalities do not imagine our grievances to get a leg up without legitimacy. We’re not out to conquer others. And we’re not seeking revenge for the sins of the past. To put it bluntly, we’re just tired of the shit privileged people do, and we simply want it to stop.

That is not out of hatred. It’s out of love.