Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Is Dead

Roger Ailes

From The Hill:

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes died Thursday morning at 77, Fox News reported.

The network shared a statement from Ailes’s wife, Elizabeth Ailes, announcing the death. The statement was first obtained by conservative website The Drudge Report.

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8 thoughts on “Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Is Dead

  1. “Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Is Dead

    There is a LONG list of his supporters and associates that need to follow his dead a$$ into whatever hell awaits him and his ilk.
    But I’ll take his demise as a good start.

  2. Should have took Bill O’Reilley’s foul ass with him the whole of Fox News needs to be dismantled and destroyed.

  3. ” Roger Ailes was a man of integrity..a man who cared about the rights of women,minorities, gays..a great humanitarian who cared about mankind.”

    Yeah..maybe you’ll find this kind of eulogy in a MAD magazine because you won’t find me thinking or saying it. If I did, I would a thorough MRI.

      1. Lol!

        It’s sad to say but the whole G.O.P , has become a world joke! like M.A.D .said the administration may not like for people to joke about about them but they are putting themselves in that position by doing/saying stupid things. Man..I just thought I would never see anything as insane as this. I’m quite sure the world is dying at all of the stupidity being dished out by them.

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