Hollywood Won’t Learn: Another Movie About a POC Casts a White Person


It’s an infuriating habit that Hollywood seems content with no matter how often it insults their audiences or crash at the box office. The film industry produces a film which calls for a person of color (POC) as the lead. Sometimes the film is based on actual events such as historical moments. Yet, Hollywood saw fit that the most appropriate actor or actress playing the part should be as white as snow, and they don’t seem to want to wise up anytime soon.

It happens so often that it’s predictable. So, when I heard they were doing a film based on the cult anime classic Ghost In the Shell, I felt a sickness in the pit of my stomach. I immediately knew what Hollywood would do. Ruin it. And I knew the avalanche will start with a white person playing the lead which is clearly Japanese.

So, why in the bloody hell would they cast Scarlett Johansson to play the main character Mokoto Kusanagi? Granted, she’s a great actress, but still, what the fuck, man?

On that note, prepare for other anime hits like Death Note and Akira to get beaten down by white casting. Anyone wanna bet they’ll end up being flops as well?

Ghost In the Shell, the Hollywood version, would be one of a long and evergrowing list of films that would end up being box office bombs. Speed Racer, Tropic Thunder, Aloha, The Last Airbender and Gods of Egypt are five of 18 films since 2000 alone that would feature race bending. Only six were considered ‘profitable’. Even though more and more people have grown sick and tired of this bullshit, Hollywood still insists that whiteness produce blockbusters.

Now, before white fragility rears its ugly head, let me be clear that we’re not saying that Hollywood should only cast POC in their films. We’re also not saying that movies with POC as the lead will be major hits critically or financially. But what we are saying is that if a film features a character of color, then guess what, CAST A PERSON OF COLOR AS A CHARACTER OR COLOR DAMMIT! 

Let’s put some narrow minds as ease. The nonwhite community doesn’t want to take over tinsel town. We want to be treated with the same respect and dignity as it treats its white stars. Also, we’re fully aware there are tons of movies that star actors of color. Some of them are great and some are godawful. There will be hits and misses. And we know that even if Hollywood decides to start casting POC for nonwhite characters, it won’t solidify that it will be a good picture.

Still, if a script has a character of color, then cast an actor or actress of color. It just might be a hit. Maybe.


10 thoughts on “Hollywood Won’t Learn: Another Movie About a POC Casts a White Person

  1. They gon’ learn. They’re gonna have to learn. When enough of these types of movies flop at the box office, they will learn to stop doing this shit.

    Speaking of Whitewashing, there’s another movie in the works, about the Native Hawaiians, based on real life events, in which a white man has been cast as one of the Native people. Photos of the actual person, that he’s representing actually exist, as this was during WW2. He looks nothing like that man. So Hollywood gon’ stay f***ing up, when it comes to this issue, I guess, until they learn not to do it.

  2. I frankly despise racial recasting et al, irrespective of what races are involved…with the rare caveat that some characters never had a race mentioned at all or it was mentioned so vaguely and so “in passing” that it was meaningless, e.g., I Am Legend.

    That all being said, Ghost In The Shell is poor example to get worked up over. Johansson actually looks a lot like Mokoto Kusanagi, who was drawn essentially White just as every other anime and manga character is drawn White, except for a few who are drawn Black…and a tiny, tiny number who are actually drawn Asian.

    It’s a particular brand of weirdness of the Japanese Anime and Manga crowd and one that I never understood because the Japanese are both pretty damn racist AND pretty damn “nativist.”

    But, as to respect – I don’t think some of the more solely PC racial recasting, e.g., Idris Elba as Heimdall, Will Smith as James West, and Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie are going to earn POC actors any respect. Worse, they make the more “meh, who cares what race the character is” POC casting look like just more PC kowtowing and foster the to my mind ludicrous idea that nonwhite community wants to take over tinsel town

  3. I don’t think that Hollywood would ever learn they are so burned and grounded in their racism its almost impossible, which is why I rarely watch movies anymore

  4. There is probably a ‘silent’ majority who flock to these movies, otherwise, they wouldn’t be making them. Money talks for these clowns so they must be making some coin.

  5. Hollywood are in denial of their status quo.

    Their forever formula of culturally appropriating minorities is getting quite tired and forever annoying. Is it that bad that they can’t take their time and find a person/people who is of a minority origin to play the role? it would also make the movie seem more authentic and real if they did.

    There is casting going on right now about a WW-2 hero. The real life hero of this story is a Native Hawaiian/Chinese but the guy who they are casting into the movie is straight up White. It’s just crazy how in a state that is majority minority, they are “unable” to find a Native Hawaiian/Chinese man to play that role. It’s hard to believe American history when we’re being told that they’re someone else.That’s like telling people that Clarence Thomas was a hero of demolishing Jim Crow..lol!

    1. In reference to the post, it’s a problem to me. Hollywood continues to avoid getting with the idea that whitewashing doesn’t guarantee a blockbuster. It’s not a guarantee that it will be a hit if they cast Asian actors, but at least they’re be a little more true to the source material.

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