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Some of us believe that if we would sit down and talk with those who see as as less than human and would have no problems seeing us, wanting us harmed or killed without a shred of thought, eventually, they would ‘wake up’, see the error of their ways and would work on being better than they were. Well nowadays, it seems like those of the contemptible population are a majority. There are those who have left that lifestyle and are working on getting others out. And of course, there are white people active in fighting these ‘demons’.

But in this day and age where white nationalism is in power, many of their supporters see it as the dawn of a glorious age for the downtrodden white man ‘beaten’ by years of political correctness and diversity. They’re not only fine with it; they’re pleased as punch. Nothing that can be said will jolt any charge of realization.

Most of these white folks are too infatuated with their whitewashed version of historical achievements and are frozen with the fear of white genocide. Any incident involving a murder of white lives by black people is promoted by white racists for white folks to shiver over the overblown myth of black-on-white crime. Black crime, especially black-on-black crime, is still an argument point with them. And the special of the day is always the so-called ‘superiority’ whites by those with an obvious superiority complex.

The delusions of these people are astounding to say the least. It’s so powerful that they prefer fiction over fact. Fake news and real news to them. White privilege is something they don’t believe in, but would love to have. And our suffering is either nonexistent or self-invoked. White supremacy – white male supremacy rather – is the drug they’re trafficking for profits of privilege. May the rest of the world be damned.

Then again, calling them delusional may be a dangerous move, almost like calling racism a product of mental illness. This isn’t to say they don’t hold merit. But too many times, we seem to feel sorry for racist whites more so than wish more people would come out of nowhere and punch them in their faces.

Yes, it’s violent and violence begets violence. But the major point lost is that – at the risk of sounding like a kid who got caught fighting another kid – they start it. Everytime they open their mouths to spew anti-black racial hatred, everytime they encourage negative stereotypes, everytime they reject your suffering and struggles, everytime they go and try to kill us, everytime they do a lot of other shit against us, they’ve made the first gotdamn move, and they know it and don’t care.

So, they shouldn’t act surprised if the person they exercise their freedom of hate speech on lectures them, curses them out or give them one across the lips.

Some white people won’t change no matter hard you try to shake them out of their stupor. No matter how pleasant, calm and reasonable you are, they’re practically telling you to go fuck yourself, sometimes in excessive babble and sometimes just flat out. And you have to deal with those who look to start something.

Maybe some white people are indeed naive. Maybe some are actually sick in the head. And maybe, just maybe, some are just unapologetic assholes.