Your Thoughts: Remembering Prince


It would be a year since the passing of one of music’s greatest and more ingenious icons. I want to open this thread for anyone to share their fondest memories about Prince’s music. If you want to post your favorite videos, you can.


3 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: Remembering Prince

  1. Prince was a musical genius. He’s the only man I know who could wear heels and blouses and never had anyone question his sexuality. Gone too soon! RIP The Great Purple One

  2. I can’t believe it’s been a year already May his royal Purple badness Rest In Peace 💜💜💜💜💜💜👍🏿

  3. Wow..has it really been a year since Prince died? It sure doesn’t seem like it.

    ” Prince has died”.

    I’ll never forget my brother’s words when I came home from work. I almost fell through the floor when I heard that. I couldn’t believe him..I didn’t want to believe what he said but when it comes to death, that is one thing my family and me don’t joke about. I eventually accepted his truth.

    The first time I heard of Prince was..I 1982-83 when I was in high school. I thought that he was short, cute and weird ..but I seen him as a mix of a rocker/pop and R&B singer but his blend in his music made him stand out. I had a strange feeling that if I would have seen him in person I would have gotten my money’s worth. It seemed that either people liked Michael, Prince or both. Mind you that I loved Michael’s music but there was something about Prince..that drew me to his music even more. He was just appealing…a really cool singer and was his own person. I loved ” Controversy “, 1999″ ” Sign Of The Times” ” Purple Rain” and so many others that would take me forever to list on here.

    Although I wasn’t the kind of then-girl who acted like one other female student in my former high school, where she would have this stop joking about MJ’s hair burning or else mentality( for the most part, I never did, not because i was scared of her. it would have been cruel for me to do something like that) I craved for Prince in a constructive way. I wanted his posters, autobiographies and thankfully, got a chance to watch Purple Rain. There was lot of borrowing/trading tapes back then and I did some of that before I got my own Prince tape.

    The last place Prince performed was at a theater in my city. it would have been nice if I could have gotten a ticket but couldn’t. I just hate he died the way he did. Sometimes we look at certain iconic singers like him and have this imaginary thinking of them never dying but when they do it’s like the world just feel weird. These days , finding quality entertainers like Prince is like finding a needle in a haystack…they can barely be found. I rarely listen to radio music anymore as a result of it. Even if I did find a similar singer, I don’t think he would be iconic as he. These days, people don’t appreciate iconic singers anymore.Just hum and look halfway decent and you’re in and that cannot be guaranteed.It’s singers like Prince that made have a strong appreciation for good music.

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