10 Examples of the Problem Known as ‘Toxic Masculinity’ That Already Happened


What is toxic masculinity?

Pretty much, it’s a social machination that promotes and encourages men to be dominant, sexually aggressive and emotionless. In other words, it’s where males cannot be allowed to be fully human. They are taught to be a finite organism enclosed in a tight space of expectations from their environment.

But of course this has devastating consequences. Toxic masculinity is like the fuel within a nuclear reactor with a fragile ego casing. Any error or flaw inflicted on it will cause a meltdown harming and murdering other people including himself.

Toxic masculinity has a few names. Some refer it as patriarchy, hegemonic masculinity and hypermasculinity. In black and brown neighborhoods, we call it bitch-assness. In other areas, it’s called men’s activism, the manosphere or the alt-right movement. It links gun and weapon culture and women blaming in its matrix. And it rejects anyone outside of the tiny zone of manliness.

We’ve seen it done many times with terrible results. Here are ten real life examples:

Toxic masculinity is when you decide to shoot an innocent senior citizen, because you want to look for someone to murder out of anger over problems with your girlfriend. Instead of taking responsibility, you blame her while escaping into another location. And when police close in on you, you take yourself out instead of getting punished.

Toxic masculinity is when you come to a party open to the public with a strong chance of starting some shit. It’s a time for celebration and a breather from work and stress. Yet, you come armed. It’s when you and another dude fight for reasons likely rooted in disrespect that breeches your ego. Sooner or later, you start shooting your gun, harming and killing party goers in the process. And then, you run away into the night.

Toxic masculinity is when you abuse your wife and get upset at seeing men kissing men. So, you go to a popular gay club and shoot as many people as you can before you, yourself, are killed leaving behind a moment in history as the worst mass shooting to date.

Toxic masculinity is when you’re a sexually frustrated virgin and blame women for not giving themselves to you while rejecting your advances. You see yourself as the superior alpha male who deserves all the sex in the world. And so, as an act of vengeance, you take your gun, of course, and plot to take out as many people, women in particular, as you can, because since they didn’t want you, they just don’t deserve to live.

Toxic masculinity is when your religious and political beliefs are apparently so strong that you believe bizarre accusations. So, you make sure they pay dearly. In one such case, the issue is abortion and you’re heavily and violently against it. So, you arm yourself, locate a place and start firing, killing three people and are proud of the mass murder you performed.

Toxic masculinity is when you’re suffering from mental illnesses, but society doesn’t seem to take you seriously enough. You can’t take stress. But you chose not to seek help. And the end result is one of the worst mass shootings in U.S. history that took place on a college campus ten years ago.

Toxic masculinity is when you open fire in a movie theater shooting as many people as possible, because apparently, you like to blow stuff up and kill people and might just be insane.

Toxic masculinity is when you shoot and kill your own mother before committing a mass shooting at an elementary school killing 20 children  and six staff members for reasons unknown.

Toxic masculinity is when you murder your wife while taking the life of an innocent child before turning the gun on yourself. Apparently, your problems with women were enough to commit such an atrocious act and kill yourself afterwards.

Toxic masculinity is what helped get the annoying orange in office and led to the formation of the white men’s cabinet.

Yes, there are other examples, and this problem will continue with more lives senselessly lost. Until we men get our shit together, have an open and honest look at this issue which is killing us and everyone around us and do something about it like control ourselves, especially around firearms and explosives, and embrace our full humanity, we will continue to shed more blood and tears in the name of the broken and destructive culture we’ve shaped around manhood.


14 thoughts on “10 Examples of the Problem Known as ‘Toxic Masculinity’ That Already Happened

    1. I was just thinking about this on my car ride home. I was associating it with Street catcalling, and how it sometimes turns violent as a man attempts to reassert his masculinity by showing power over any woman who publicly rejects him . But you sum this up very nicely. Very succinct and to the point!

      1. toxic masculinity permeates many aspects of life, publicly as in catcalling or privately. It boils down to little or no self-worth many are too stupid to realize this or, are too narcissitic to..

  1. BrothaWolf

    I just wanted to say that there is a not so silent movement going on where women are slowly turning away from black males altogether. Some swirl, some are celibate and some serial date but want no commitment and others just focus on careers and “fun” activities.

    I just found this out 1 week ago via videos my friend sent me.

    The end result is gonna be bad for the black community overall as we are already being pushed into 4th class status.

    Just sayin’.

  2. I wondered if you’d read any information about people who are “grievance” or “injustice” collectors.

    Injustice Collectors never worry about what is wrong with themselves as their “bad list” grows. Their focus is always on the failings of others. Injustice Collectors are never upset by the disparity of their rules for others with their own expectations of themselves.

    Many of these violent men fit the profile ofthe Grievance Collector.

    And also want to point out that toxic masculinity poisons people who are not men themselves, by corrupting them into believing that this kind of thinking is okay, so they go along, and even aid and abet their oppressors. It fuels racism, homophobia ,transphobia and sexism. Its destroying the world, and environment, through monetary greed and a complete lack of empathy.
    This is a discussion that men MUST have.

    1. I never heard of grievance or injustice collectors as terms, but I know some people who fit those terms like gloves. Also, you’ve made a great point that toxic masculinity can effect anyone. In a way, it influenced white women to vote for a candidate who would grab them in the you-know-where.

  3. Excellent essay (as usual), Brothawolf!

    You can add this to your list: Toxic masculinity means being YouTubers who hate and constantly attack women in your own community, and when these women call you out, you put up videos attacking these women as “feminists”, “white supremacy enablers”, and “bed wmches”, because you can’t take criticism and admit that you’Re wrong.

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