Your Thoughts: The Airstrike on Syria


Here are some of the major points to know about this latest and troubling news story as provided by the New York Times:

  • The United States fired 59 Tomahawk missiles on Thursday at an airfield in Syria from which officials said a chemical weapons attack originated this week.
  • Russian forces, which were in the area, were given no more than 90 minutes’ notice of the attack.
  • President Trump drew support from Republicans who had opposed plans for a 2013 strike.
  • Syria strike puts U.S. relationship with Russia at risk.
  • U.S. is prepared to take further action, the U.N. ambassador says.

Click here for a more about this report. Also check out The Guardian’s article further explaining the conflict in Syria.

It’s also worth noting that Trump ordered a ban against Syrian refugees from entering the country. However, he saw fit to fire shots at their nation despite the potential of harming civilians. Also, as mentioned above, the plan to bomb Syria was put forth under Obama’s watch. Yet, Republicans refused to support it. And the bombing that happened in 2013 was reported as much deadlier than the recent attack. Why the flip-flop?

What are your thoughts on this and the entire situation with Syria?


7 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: The Airstrike on Syria

  1. Smoke and mirrors. This is another deflection. Play close attention to what’s happening in your country as far as the legislation being passed. I’d be more frightened of that.

  2. Trump cares nothing for the people of Syria, him saying he was upset about the chemical attack on the people of Syria and him saying see dead children upset him. Knowing he is a liar. He wouldn’t allow those same women and children into the country. Trump is a monster plain and simple.

  3. Not hard to understand this one. His approval numbers are in the toilet, and they keep falling. As always, give the supporters and evil brown enemy that poses a dire threat to……something….or someone, and then shoot missiles and/or drop bombs on them.
    This was bloodshed to satisfy the low-intelligence and hardcore racist crowd that helped put him in office.
    The only people here that got fooled, are those that wanted to be fooled.

  4. Hmmm..what are our/my thoughts about the airstrikes in Syria you ask? Well if I can best describe my thoughts about it I would say many people have already said..a side-show, an ego-booster and just a downright phony quest for justice for the Syrian people.

    When I first heard about this story, I was highly skeptical of the airstrikes and that cockamamie speech that 45 made. Oh God! it was so phony until it’s not even funny.
    If he cared so much about the Syrian community, why won’t he let the refugees in the U.S.? By his own admission, he only would support Syrian Christian refugees. Forty-five also banned people coming from 7 Muslim countries from coming here and not too long ago he add more Muslim countries from carrying their computerized gadgets on planes.Forty-five said that the Syrian crisis wasn’t of their concern before he became a full fledged president. Doesn’t seem like a lot of care as he wanted for people like you and me to believe.

    As some Syrians/Syrian-Americans and their supporters say, this war has been going since was said that Obama wanted to intervene with the crisis but the GOP said no but they had no problem with forty five doing it. We all know that this airstrike wasn’t about the “compassion” he said. It was more about making him look honorable, serious and to help his best buds inflict more harm on Syria.

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