xPrae, Roger, whatever you want to call yourself, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED (UPDATE)

No more!

I tried to be civil, patient and I even tried to ignore you. None of that worked. You constantly invade my blog with your snobbish demeanor, cyberstalking through sock puppetry and juvenile style of name calling and peer pressure that should be above you but apparently isn’t due to you using numerous identities and take no responsibility for any of them. This is no longer a battle of ideologies or politics. This is about you being so deranged that you can’t tear yourself away from a simple gotdamn blog who’s sick and tired of you. All of you!

xPrae, Roger, Apollo, whoever you are. I warned you. And even though your alter ego Roger used a different IP address, I’m not stupid enough to be convinced that you’re two different people. And even if you are, Roger, you’re as much of a sorry ass bully as xPrae. I don’t care if you claim you’re a professor at fucking Hogwarts. You should know better than that!

So yes. Cry, bitch and moan about how the left is restricting your freedom of speech. Call me names if that makes you feel superior while compensating for something. But let me inform you that with freedom comes responsibility. Just because you can say whatever you want is not a license for diarrhea of the mouth. And you calling me a coward shows you’re not intellectual or mature enough not to resort to childlike tactics to get your points across, disagree and take a hint like an adult.

And yet, you still call me a coward. To that I say fuck you.

So, I have no choice but to report you to Word Press. It will take time, but I will make my case clear and concise. How they will handle this is unclear, but I hope they will do something to get you off my back.

If anyone else has problems with xPrae, please chime in.

UPDATE: I got some advice from others, and the best way to remedy this is to block your IP addresses, the one you usually use and the one you used as Roger. And if you use another IP address, I’ll block it as well. Consider this my farewell present.


16 thoughts on “xPrae, Roger, whatever you want to call yourself, YOU’VE BEEN WARNED (UPDATE)

  1. Xprae uses name calling as a means to get people to engage him. That is why he is not worth the air he breathes. Just a big cry baby and the real coward is him. He can’t handle real criticism or being wrong.

  2. xPrae often logs in as different users, pretending to be different people. Myself and another blogger busted him a while ago when a flurry of commenters suddenly appeared, all singing “his” praises, saying how great he was, how awesomely he’d “obliterated” us on that thread, yet somewhat strangely (and embarrassingly for him) all of these new voices had the exact same IP address.

    Very, very odd person.

    1. He’s too much of a coward to admit his sock puppetry. He want’s so desperately to be right on the internet that he creates these multiple identities to get his way. It’s sad really, because at the end of the day, he’s just a blogger like me and like me, he’s not really known. And yet, he parades himself around as some important and enlightened intellectual. SMH.

      1. There’s a person on Twitter who uses socs, and he’s been at it so long attacking me, that now no one communicates with him on Twitter other than himself.

      2. His name is Santiago Rodriguez and he used to write for my blog. I terminated his writer privileges and he went ballistic, including threatening me with spreading rumors not only about me, but also about my son who he doesn’t know anything about. Last year he starting doxing the wrong people. It’s not what I blog about that makes him angry. It’s personal with him and has gotten so bad that he harasses people who refused to attack me on his behalf.

      3. Reporting him to Twitter results in nothing. Twitter is a cesspool for harassment. I’ve reached out to someone I know in law enforcement. He’s seeing what he can do. Santiago resides in a state other than where I live so it’s going to take some cooperation and coordination.

  3. Oh, and having just read your comment to him, let me tell you that when we busted him his excuse was something about an IP scrambler. It made no sense, but I see he’s upgraded that excuse now to having an imaginary “editor” and a secret “firewall.”

    I think the guy is seriously mentally ill. Just ignore him. That’s all you can do.

  4. Reading your posts again about blocking IP addresses, when I was being harassed in 2012-2013, and the IP addresses traced to internet service providers, I gathered the abusive comments and sent them to the ISP with a complaint. I received a call from one saying they found the comments constitute abuse and they were reaching out to the account holder.

    There’s also a way of handling that if the person is using proxy IP addresses.

    If there’s anything I can do to help, you have my email address on my submitted comments. Just email me.

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