Early Thoughts on the Ohio Nightclub Mass Shooting

The the wee hours of Sunday morning, a mass shooting occurred at a club in Ohio. CNN reports:

One person was killed and 14 others injured when gunfire broke out at a nightclub in Cincinnati early Sunday, police said.

The shooting happened at Cameo Night Club just after 1 a.m. ET, CNN affiliate WLWT reported.

Several people are undergoing surgery, Cincinnati Police Sgt. Eric Franz told CNN. Police do not have any suspects in custody, but are interviewing witnesses.
Franz initially said “multiple shooters” were involved.

Cincinnati Assistant Police Chief Paul Neudigate later said there was “only one reported shooter.”

While the motive is unclear, there’s no reason to suspect terrorism at this point, he said.

Cameo Night Club hires police officers for extra security. Two officers were stationed at the club’s entrance and another two in the parking lot, Franz said.

I only have three thoughts at this point:

One, my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims. As it seems to be the norm, a place built for partying is a powerful magnet for angry and sometimes drunk or high gun-toting trouble makers ready to pull the trigger if his ego is bruised in the slightest which leads me to…

Two, I gave up clubbing after my college days for safety reasons, keeping away from bullets from potential gunmen with short tempers, plenty of alcohol and hair triggers. Though it doesn’t happen all the time, the last time I’ve been to a club – last year after my high school’s homecoming – it reminded me how especially dangerous a nightclub can get. That was the slap of sense I needed.

And three, and I know a lot of black people hearing about this are doing the same, I’m hoping and praying that the gunman or gunmen involved are not black. It’s silly. I know. But that’s part of the psychology living as a minority in a nation where racism is not only unchecked but is sustained. What will happen as a result of this if the shooter(s) is indeed black is undetermined. Though it will probably involve a call for more policing in black neighborhoods and a footnote for racists to use against action against police-involved shootings of black folks.

And already there are racist comments being made.

It’s too early to tell. Again, these are just my initial thoughts on the matter. Realistically, it could’ve happened anywhere by anyone. But how will American society treat it will always depend on the identities of the person responsible and his(her) victims. 

Stay tune to the news for more developments.


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