Sometimes ignoring trolls won’t help

xPraetorius, ‘xPrae’ as I call him and the author of the blog Praetorian Writers’ Group, hasn’t given up on debunking my views on racism while flaunting his supposed intellectual prowess and general arrogance. It’s cool that he does. After all, it’s his blog, and he can do whatever he wants with it.

At the same time, I have my blog, and I have authority over it as well. So, when xPrae disagrees, I respected it. However, he trashes your opinions and even refutes actual proof in a manner fitting a Fox News correspondent all while making you feel small and crazy if it disagrees with his text book conservatism. He will turn your words against you and may even attempt to gaslight you. Any attempt to call him on it will be stopped with denial.

So eventually, I had to kick xPrae out of my den. His condescension was practically cyber bullying. I thought I heard the last of him here. But it turns out he may have returned anyway under different aliases.

Over time, I dealt with the likes of patrons named Apollo, Flyonthewall, Viewer, Rational Observer, Deshawn, a host of other people and just recently a troll named Roger. All appeared armed with arguments, criticisms and insults to my articles and the comments left by visitors in a manner similar, more or less, to how xPrae writes.

Coincidence? Hardly.

I heard about this internet tactic of using sock puppets. Individuals would create multiple accounts under different names for just as many purposes, one of them being trolling. So, I researched on how to spot sock puppets. And one of the easiest indicators is to check their IP address, the number designated to a computer or some other device connected to the net. If several people leave comments in your site, and you see them all sharing a set of numbers and decimals (the IP address) underneath their names, that means they’re all using the same computer.

That doesn’t necessarily point to sock puppetry though in every case as some people genuinely use a single computer such as a family using their private PC or numerous people using a public computer. But most of those using sock puppetry do so for nefarious intentions.

As with the case with xPrae, he shares the same exact IP address with Apollo, Flyonthewall, Viewer, and several others who came and went during and after his visits. 

In the end, you have to put two and two together. These people all comment within the same perimeters of how xPrae talks. So, either xPrae has a gang all with the same personality, or lack thereof, as he. Or he was all of those people.

I took xPrae to task to admit that he was trolling my blog using his sock puppets after his latest imaginary foot soldier Roger came and taunted me. I went to his blog – yes, I decided to step to him – and I gave him a chance to come clean. He squashed every opportunity as I knew he would, and flatly denied his actions.

It’s next to impossible to take someone seriously who said in his blog, “As objectionable as slavery is, it’s by far the best thing that ever happened to 21st Century Black Americans.” xPrae may be delusional as he parades around as the intellectual superior to us ‘liberals’ who claims he knows black people better than me, a black man, but he’s far from weak. Ignoring him seems futile. He sees me as Q sees Captain Picard (Yes, I’m a Trekkie), as his living toy. Sooner or later, based on his behavior, xPrae will intrude again under another phony identity posing as his own greatest fan.


14 thoughts on “Sometimes ignoring trolls won’t help

  1. Xprae would lie and then try to argue that he was not lying because lying required he knowingly did not tell the truth. With that in mind there was no way to take that loon seriously. He, like many whites as of late, can tell a lie and give false information and still try to deny it. Sadly their art of manipulation doesn’t work like it did back in the day.

  2. If he’s a white man that makes it worse because that would make him even more crazier. But if he’s white it’s pretty typical racist sociopathic behavior.

  3. I made a mistake in my last post I meant to say if he’s black that would make him all the more crazier. If he’s white then it’s typical sociopath racist behavior. We have understand there many black people with colonized minds, I see you Ben Carson. This age of Trump has allowed many alt-right white supremacist to act out.

  4. I know you’re too much of a chicken to post this, but I’d invite you to back up your implication that: slavery was not the best thing to happen to 21st Century Black Americans.(1)

    You don’t even have to say that I suggested it to you. Just go ahead and post an essay answering this question: “Would you, if you could, wave a magic wand and eliminate slavery altogether from American history?”

    If you have the courage actually to say something about this, don’t forget the obvious conclusion: if you existed at all, you’d be living somewhere in Africa.

    Go ahead. Try it. What I said should be easy to refute, if it’s so self-evidently untrue. Heck, it should be even easier, since you can say anything you want, but won’t allow me to defend myself. It should be noted that I never, ever, not even once, blocked you from defending yourself on my blog. Anyone can be the Big Man if he’s preventing those who disagree with him from even talking. Only the censors of the Left — whining about free speech the whole time — block free speech.


    — x


    (1) My formulation about some disaster in the past being “the best thing to happen to some group of people today” is actually not controversial. Others in other groups — the Irish and Italians come quickly to mind — have spoken with gratitude about some incredible hardship that befell their ancestors so that they were driven to our shores.

  5. I just spoke with my friend xPrae, as you call him. He asked me to wrrite to you and explain that I’m not him. I’m not him, and he’s not me. I write from the UK where I live. He writes from all over the world.

    I’m a humble professor at an adjunct to a major American university here in the UK. I follow things in the colonies because it’s of great interest to me.

    I agree with him that you spend an awful lot of time trying to find out all about him, and almost no time arguing with what he says, except to say that it’s all wrong. He says he’s challenged you to disprove a point about slavery being the best thing to happen to modern black people. Are you going to do that?



  6. One more quick thing. What does it matter who says something? All that’s important is what is said. Why don’t you try debating with xPrae. I have many times, and he is always polite and respectful. Even when you disagree with him. What are you afraid of, being smarter afterward?



      1. Go to your dashboard comments section. Each comment has an IP address. Ban his IP address. Barring that, complain to Word Press. Anyone who claims that slavery was good for black people is certifiably insane at most, or, a bonafide white supremacist. This sack of shit is being more blatant in his white supremacy.

        He says he’s challenged you to disprove a point about slavery being the best thing to happen to modern black people. Are you going to do that?

        Is that an order asshole?

      2. Keep banning him and his minions. I don’t know why these white people demand you ‘debate’ them. Silence is ‘golden’ with these fools, They hate it when you ignore them.

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