Before I dive right into it, I want to let everyone who reads this blog know that most of what’s written are opinion-based. However, they are not without some research involved. So, when I discuss racism, it’s from my point of view based on something spoken, read or experienced. If necessary, a link will be attached for further information.

There are times where there won’t be any links to articles, books or videos. In some cases, the article is mostly based on emotion.

Overall, this blog is just that. A blog. I make no money from it. It’s hardly known on the internet. And it’s not highly influential. It’s just a corner in the web of social networking domains by a unimportant black man from a small town. That’s all.

Nevertheless, the issues mostly covered are vital of discussion, racism being one of them. No doubt that it has attracted and will attract a troll or two as with any major, ore popular and influential blog or website dedicated to race relations.

In my years of blogging, I’ve had angry people come at me for discussing racism. I’ve had people believing in human biodiversity (race realists) tell me how white supremacy is real. I’ve had those who tell me that racism against black people doesn’t exist or is no longer a major issue. Then, there’s the obvious racists whose hatred and fear of black folks is more pronounced than their spelling and grammar skills. Of course, there’s the ones who will denounce what I’m doing as being harmful to whites (reverse racism.) while you have the anti-black goons who will explain why blacks are just plain rotten. And then, there’s the ones out to win arguments almost as if they’re competing in the Olympics.

In general, these trolls come across as those who know the “truth” better than any black person who disagrees with them, even with evidence provided. Even if you reference scholarly articles and books written by reputable social scientists, they will still reject it and call them lies. They will lay into you the “truth” they’ve gotten from usually less credible or questionable sources that butters up their prejudices. Even fake news is a viable source for these people.

One can wonder if trolls truly know what’s considered true. And if they did, do they even give a damn? Judging by what I’ve seen with them, they don’t and they’re fine with it. You can’t debate with them about it. They firmly believe in their own way of thinking no matter what.

Trolls are the foot soldiers in a war to keep problems quiet while allowing those problems to continue without slowing down. To everyone else, they don’t accept reality. They have no moral backbone. They desperately seek attention. Their sense of truth is turned upside down. And they even get some kind of sick pleasure from their actions. They are prime examples of sociopaths with no conscience. Our feelings, knowledge and even our very lives don’t really matter to them.

Some of us still hold hope that someone or something reaches out to them and change their perspectives. That’s why we engage in futile arguments hoping we would get through to them. But to no avail. They lack empathy. They will demonstrate that having such an emotion towards those they hate and fear goes against their natural order of things. And they and their friends will fight to the death to keep ‘political correctness’ down and weak everywhere they seek, especially in cyberspace.