Videos in Celebration of International Women’s Day


5 thoughts on “Videos in Celebration of International Women’s Day

  1. When it comes to women’s marches, I mostly pretend that it doesnt exist only because when it comes to Black women and WOCs, our issues are thrown in the back burner but from what I understand about this woman’s day boycott, it was created by mostly WOC..and those women that Ive read about are sacrificial people.

    Though I still don’t support traditional feminist groups, I support the Black WOC women’s causes and on their behalf I will wish all of them( and hopefully, the all of the organizers are out of jail.Its insane how they had to go there in the first place) Happy International Women’s Day.

  2. I don’t have the luxury of taking a day off to protest anything because I have bills to pay and have to earn a living. And secondly i can’t take these women’s marches seriously. These so called allies wearing their stupid safety pins and mean nothing when there are black people still being killed and brutalized by racist law enforcement. Until these same white women stand up for black lives mattering they can kick rocks.

    1. When I saw the women’s march, I saw mostly white women being covered in the news. I also asked myself, how many of them voted for Trump? It makes me wonder, yet again, how much white people truly see honesty and reality in their minds and hearts. You can’t vote for a proven misogynist and walk around thinking you’re fighting for women’s right, especially if it’s just for show.

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