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xPraetorius, owner and operator of the Praetorian Writers’ Group has decided to give some advice as to how Black Americans can succeed in America. Apparently, as a white male, he knows what makes black people tick. So, he has compiled a foolproof recipe for black people on how to prosper in the freest nation ever founded, according to him:

  • Get an education — go at least through college (get a real education. No “African-Americans Studies” or other nonsense. Get an education that will allow you to provide a good or service for the next forty or so years)
  • Learn to speak English well
  • Work hard
  • Present yourself more or less normally to others
  • Interact normally with others
  • No tattoos.
  • Do what you can to keep your family together.
  • Stay married, so that your children have the greatest possible opportunity to succeed too.

It’s as simple as that, folks. xPrae believes this is what will guarantee life, liberty and happiness for us poor, downtrodden blacks in a country that’s a virtual utopia for us.

For those who don’t understand how this could possibly be offensive, allow me to translate each point:

  • xPrae believes that learning is a vital venture when it comes to success. But for black folks, it’s a sure thing. Except don’t learn about your history in America because that’s stupid. He doesn’t think African American studies is considered ‘real education’. So, I guess we have to learn about all the jolly shit only white people did since time immemorial as a first step to reaching the top for a limited time only (40 or so years.)
  • xPrae suggests that black people need to ‘speak well’ in order to navigate in today’s world. I assume he means speaking the king’s English. I also assume that he thinks we’re not smart enough to know how to speak when it comes to the workplace, or worse, he thinks we hate speaking properly. Yes, black people have their own dialect. We call it ‘Ebonics’. But we know when to use it and when not to use it when necessary.
  • xPrae obviously believes in the bootstrap myth. Working hard will lead you to the American dream, also known as meritocracy. He believes that failing is an individual problem, never due to institutional and systemic factors that stifles the realities black people have faced and are facing which has been documented for years. They simply don’t exist to him, and black people who fall short only have themselves to blame.
  • xPrae advises that we should present ourselves as ‘normal’ to others, more or less. But he hasn’t explained that ‘normal’ looks like. So, he left that one pretty vague. We can only assume at this point what he truly meant.
  • We should interact normally with others. Again, what does xPrae mean by ‘normally’? What is normal to him?
  • xPrae must think only black people have this affinity for tattoos. And he must also believe that we’re that stupid not to know better. Where did he get this idea from, Bill O’Reilly?
  • I actually agree with his suggestion to keep family together. But again, it’s suspect since he placed this in a list of things Black Americans must do to achieve success.
  • Lastly, xPrae thinks staying married with kids will ensure success for their kids. I guess he doesn’t think children can be successful from single parent homes. But like all his other points, he provides little to no explanation or reference links to further elaborate his views.

xPraetorius has also warned black people to be wary of those calling themselves black leaders. He thinks they, whoever they are, are lying through their teeth about institutional racism and white supremacist thinking. On top of that, he thinks we’re the ones telling black people we can’t do this or that. This is coming from someone who professes on being insightful about the world around him. But his list questions if he ever so much as met a black person in his entire life or that he learned from watching Fox News .

And as usual, he took this post as another opportunity to talk smack me about and Abagond, yet again. He even claims that Abagond is one of those who believe that black people can’t achieve squat despite evidence to the contrary. But as usual, xPrae provides no evidence.

I have to wonder what kind of world is xPrae living in where he thinks his views are objective. I have not heard one prominent black figure discourage black people from succeeding anything. Most of that dispiritedness came from white racists since day one doing everything they can to make sure the majority doesn’t reach alpha status. But as someone so detached from reality that he thinks racism isn’t a big problem in one article but cries about how me and another black blogger are racist towards him and white people overall because of the skin color and not because he and white racist trolls have been insulting, ignorant and condescending, he doesn’t see it that way and doesn’t want to.

I guess that’s why xPrae didn’t bother to write about – say – the Charleston church shooting. He probably doesn’t think it was racially motivated or that it didn’t happen altogether. xPrae’s textbook conservatism and delusional mindset that spawns white paternalism, white denial, white egotism and, of course, white racism is his gospel as seen in his blog and his comments. It is his way, the truth and the light. And his obsession with outspoken black bloggers continues as he sees us as part of the problem with black people. Not him. Never him.

UPDATE: Less than 30 minutes after this article was posted, Apollo, a troll I banned a couple of years ago appeared with the following message:


It seems suspicious that he would make this comment almost immediately after I made a post about his buddy xPraetorius. It’s also strange how he never commented in his blog for – at least – the last several blog posts he made but came running when I made a pingback to an article xPrae wrote. To that end, I suspect that Apollo is another one of xPrae’s sock puppets.

On top of that, in no time, xPrae produced a response, patting himself on the back for me “taking the bait” thinking he’s right again as he tries to deconstruct my article in the most sheltered, conservative white male way possible which will include a barrage of name calling. (There won’t be a link to it.)