Vern’s Venting: Hold Your Own Nuts

by Lavern Merriweather:

If I were a lot more computer tech savvy, then I could provide links to the two stories that my commentary is based on. All I can say is that the first video is available on the YouTube and TMZ websites. So you might be able to find them there.

It features a stand-up routine by Mexican comedian George Lopez where after hearing a stupid and racist joke, a black lady in the audience begins to heckle him. He then goes full Michael Richards on her by hurling insult after insult. Then tells her to leave which she eventually does.

For the record, I can’t stand Lopez. I have never found him funny, and his ABC TV show from a decade or so ago was completely abysmal. That being said, it doesn’t surprise me why he is in such hot water for what he said and how he treated this lady. Lopez made a crack that two rules in a Mexican house is not to park in front of the house and don’t marry anybody black. The latter obviously touched a nerve.

Let’s get one thing perfectly clear here. This fugly as hell, balloon faced, fat, stupid, annoying asshole could not get a black woman if he walked naked through Harlem with 100 dollar bills strapped to his bloated body. Granted, I wouldn’t want this sorry ass sack of shit if he were the last man on Earth.

However, that is not the point. This same prick and other Hispanic people are very quick to demand that black people stand with them whenever they get offended by a white person, namely Donald Trump in last year’s election, as Agent Orange went off on the Mexican-American populous. Their first response was that tired old line: if this were the blacks.

Okay, here’s the myriad of problems I have with that statement: First of all, those fuckers say that as if negative comments towards Negroes by white people just doesn’t occur anymore in the modern era. Second, most of the people saying that have never done a damn thing to have our back when a white person DOES say something dumb or prejudice against us. And third, most of the people whining are just as bigoted as their white counterparts.

The rare time that this so called “black/brown” coalition is even a factor is when it suits their needs alone. Not one Hispanic or Latino group speaks of banding together with blacks when there is no white attacker putting them on the defensive. In fac,t it’s the exact opposite. They are reveling in whatever hate filled rant a white pinhead is distilling on African-Americans to their little hearts content.

Bottom line, many people of other races feel that what’s ours is theirs but what’s theirs is theirs, and damn any arguments to the contrary. Lopez is the typical house Spic and yes I am using that word and I don’t give two fucks who I upset. You know why, because that fuckwad didn’t care about who he pissed off at the expense of his shitty little joke. He is the type to side with whitey every chance he gets, but cries for his black “brothers” when that same whitey turns their anger on him. Not this time, bitch. As my man Tariq Nasheed of the brilliant internet musings stated, “Hold your own nuts”.

Now of course, there will be those dumb ass fools who will still come to the defense of a no-talent hack like Lopez as will some very stupid black people believe that we have an unspoken camaraderie with anyone not white in the USA. Those people can have Lopez and his ilk, because I will not be getting down at that party. Too damn many times black people have had this rainbow idea nonsense without seeing many of these folks for who they really are, and that they are fucking opportunists. Since Trump and his minions are the ones threatening to deport those of a browner hue, then why is this fat fuck jag-off going after black people, because he thinks we are an easier target? That is exactly why this little shit did that; he is using the path of least resistance like any true bully. Don’t target the one who can kick your ass. Instead, go for the one who you imagine is weaker than you.

I got news for you George, the only weak punk around here is you, buddy boy. Your comedy is shit, and you are as worthless as the dog poop that I scrape off my damn shoe. For those who want to claim what if the situation was reversed, I can tell you right now without hesitation that if a black male such as Dave Chappelle or Eddie Murphy said something mean spirited about Mexicans, they would be getting criticized day and night. They sure as hell wouldn’t have that irritating rat bastard Lopez saying it’s just a joke, that people are being too sensitive or that we need to get over it. You know the very same shit they utter when a black person gets ribbed unfairly by some pissy little bitch trying to make himself more popular with the “cool kids”, or in this case white people.

It’s no secret that Lopez and countless other brown skinned people want mad love from white mommy and daddy. They are full on wannabes until the white father punishes them then they have the gall to expect that black folks will be there to dry their tears. And for those who try and compare this to the Katt Williams incident where he got into it with a male heckler that was Mexican, spare me the false equivalents. While I am not a fan of Mr. Williams, this is hardly what you could call the same thing in the slightest. Mr. Williams was reacting to some pissant that yelled out “Fuck America” by questioning why the hell he would stay in a land that he supposedly despises so much. That is a very fair question.

Yet, when asked, that dickweed started berating Mr. Williams with the constant barrage of the n-word. Now, I have seen the entire video of the Williams verbal altercation, and not once did he resort to calling that jerk a racial slur. But best believe, the n-word flew fast and furious out of his opponent’s mouth multiple times. So how the fuck can you say it’s similar?

That’s the thing. It ain’t at all, and they know it. They just need something to point fingers at so they don’t look like the bad guy. Well, tough shit.

Mr. Williams did not engage ever in his career in making mockery of Mexicans, Latinos or any other ethnic group while Lopez has been on some anti-black racist fuckery for some time now as anybody who saw his failed late night talk show can attest. He doesn’t seem to recall that his sucking on white daddy dick and worshipping at the whiteness church didn’t secure his dumbass a job on either ABC or TBS. Both of those shows got replaced by white guys. So much for telling your kids not to bring home Shaniqua, huh asshole?

Guess what prick, that is the precisely what white parents are telling their kids about Juanita.

To those who say, well he was just being honest about how a lot of Mexicans feel about black people regardless, what he said was beyond moronic and fucked up. And another thing, how can it also be his true feelings at the same time? Either it was just a joke or that fucker actually told on himself. Don’t forget, when it comes to racism towards Negroes, most gutless pigs like Lopez will use their so-called comedy as a shield as a way to say, “Hey, I’m not disrespecting you, not in the least. So, I hope you will notice anyway.”

Also don’t give me that malarkey about not knowing how to handle a heckler or this shithead being frustrated by being interrupted. Lopez is not a youthful man, and he has been in the game for a long ass time. There are plenty of ways he could have answered that woman without resorting to swear words. The fucker was probably angry that she wasn’t going to just sit there and tolerate his being a total dick. She paid her money like everybody else did, and last time I checked, the whole issue of freedom of speech goes both ways. This is why I can not – to this day – understand what black folks see in people of other races as bed partners or pretend allies. I can wholeheartedly state that whatever words they say in solidarity with us are fake bullshit. Those people wouldn’t know a genuine thought if it bit them in their brown lard asses. They’re like Asians, buy very much into their ranking on the White American Totem Pole of Minorities, believing that pure crap about working harder than anybody else.

That’s funny, because I could have sworn not so long ago white people thought they were just as lazy as we are. Yet now, all of a sudden they either have become more appealing in white people’s eyes, or that they are just a tad better than them super darkies over there. Don’t get it twisted Paco. No matter how much you trample on black people to get to Susan and Steve, Donald Trump still wants to build an extremely expensive wall to keep your asses out. Not us. So whatever delusions you have about black people coming to your rescue should end effective immediately. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your plight, particularly since that shitbag Lopez thought it would be so hilarious to demonize us.

He’s not the only one. Carlos Mencia is another asswipe that I have mentioned as to why black people should want zero alliances with Hispanics. Hell, I have said in previous commentaries that the notion black people have anything even remotely resembling an ally with any other group of non-white people in America is a myth. Maybe a hard truth to hear, but a truth nonetheless. As the esteemed Mr. Umar Johnson once uttered, “Black people have no friends. Plus we don’t owe anybody shit!!” A whole lot of people benefitted from the sheer and utter brutality black people dealt with in the quest for equality with no help from anyone else. And not even so much as a thank you. Now, we have douchebags like Lopez who want to take cheap shots at every turn to make himself higher on the food chain of race in the United States.

This brings me to another infamous viral occurrence that surfaced on the world wide web. A video of an elderly Korean woman being sucker punched and knocked to the ground by a young white woman surfaced recently. The lady is 83 years-old. Still, that was not enough apparently to garner respect from this immature white female. However, I have no sympathy whatsoever for this Korean female despite her laying on the ground bleeding.

When Peter Liang shot and killed Aoki Gurley for no damn good reason the Asian community came out in support of that thug. They marched with protest signs blazing, decrying that Liang did nothing wrong even when he disobeyed orders to stand down. So a white hefffa’s wrath directed at a woman of the Asian persuasion is of no concern to me. Let those bitches who called for the acquittal of Peter Liang come to her aide. And let any Mexican person know from now on that if Trump wants to erect an obstruction to prevent them from coming into this country however they please is perfectly okay with me. You want to brag about how big your balls are? Well then, hold them your damn selves you hypocritical, two-faced, sneaky little shits.


7 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Hold Your Own Nuts

  1. Yep, Mama Vern. You’re on fire! Various nonblack groups who have anti black views are in for a rude awakening. White Anglo Christian families aren’t going to accept Maria, Aamena, Miyako, Suravi, Yetta, Yuan, Shoshana, Sefina, etc. as their potential daughters in laws for their sons. Especially in this age of hate and intolerance.

    The insane worship of whiteness and demonization of Blackness is destroying the psyches of us all. George Lopez needs to shut up and go somewhere instead of hating and insulting the Sista in the audience, he needs to evaluate his internalized racism and self hate.


    1. Oh hell yeah, there was a Jewish cemetery attacked recently and Mr. Trump is overturning the law about transgender people using the bathroom. I will just sit back and watch the many Negro moments getting passed around.

      1. Yep. Jewish, Catholics, Asians, the so-called white ethnic community, the Native Americans(Indians), Asian Indians, the whole LGBT community, the feminists are getting their negro moments as well, not just Muslims and Latinos. They’re the ones who have antiblack views. However, the White Anglo protestant establishment doesn’t accept them nor treat them as equals. Trump and the white supremacists showed their true colors.

    2. And this is the same fucker that once bragged about having a Black girlfriend back in his youth. But because his racist grandmother made him break up with her, he hired Black nurses to take care of her after she had a stroke or something as payback. He obviously internalized anti-Black sentiments regardless.

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