Black History Month: Black, Gay & Proud


It isn’t often you hear about the accomplishments and historical moments of our LGBT brothas and sistas during this time of year. So, I felt that it’s time to help give them their due and making history, black history.

As with my previous BHM article, the list will feature a few notable and brief mentions. Please check out more information on these and other black LGBT history makers and prominent individuals.

Alice Walker – Civil rights icon and author of The Color Purple for which she won a Pulitzer Prize.

Patrik Ian Polk – An openly gay film director who is known for his films on the African American LGBT experience and relationships.

Kye Allums – The first Division I openly transgender athlete in NCAA sports history. Today, Kye is a transgender advocate and the founder of Project I Am Enough, a project dedicated to encouraging self-love & self-definition for everyone.

James Baldwin – Writer of Giovanni’s Room, lived most of his life as an expatriate in Paris where he attempted to escape American prejudice towards blacks and gay individuals, overall celebrated civil rights icon.

Simon Nkoli – An openly gay black South African political activist, formed the Saturday Group, the first black gay group in all of Africa.

Wanda Sykes – Comedian, actress, gay rights activist.

Kylar Broadus – The first transgender person ever to testify before the US Senate when he spoke in support of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Darren Young – Openly gay WWE wrestler.

CeCe McDonald – Transgender advocate. (I wrote about her here.)

Robin Roberts – Television Broadcaster, an anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America.

Next up, Black History Month: The Gentlemen’s Club


5 thoughts on “Black History Month: Black, Gay & Proud

  1. Yea right….and most of these “proud” black gay people were/are notorious interracial dating/mating offenders. Not so proud if you ask me.Especially that white boy loving James Baldwin.


    1. Well from what I’ve observed it’s hard enough for LGBT people to find a partner they actually like and appreciate. So if you add in racial restrictions that really hampers opportunities.

  2. I hope to see the documentary I Am Not Your Negro. And I suppose you will do a post on Bayard Rustin and Audrey Lourde and Lorraine Hansberry.

  3. Though I’m not gay,when it comes to Black Black/ mixed race Black person ( unless you’re Clarence Thomas or Ben Carson. Just to think that I l once liked ‘ Ol Benji * cough *) shouldnt be omitted.

    In school,I learned a limited amount of Black history .Sure I learned some about James Baldwin and Rustin Bayard but at the time,I had no idea that neither was gay until, I took it upon myself to reread about their bio and learned that they were gay. I guess that back in the day to be open about being gay was almost taboo when I was going to school.

    There was a debate with BLM and other Black civil rights group on how some people people thought that it didn’t look right for gay people to join the movement. Maybe I don’t understand the whole thing with these organizations but it seems that in many instances..especially these days,the organizers of them are Black gay women/ men or lead them.

    I don’t want to seem like I’m just saying things to prove anything but its just crazy when people want to exclude others because they don’t look ” Black ” or are not straight. When I go to a doctor and if I’m not feeling well,Im not going to wait and say give me the best straight best doctor you got,I just want the best doctor you got regardless of who they are ..and if they are not prejudiced.

    When it comes to fighting injustices,,I could care less about their sexual orientation. right now ,its about fighting for humanity and now that Donald Trump is in the office ,its more important than ever. When it comes to civil rights/ human rights ,the Black gay community shouldn’t be excluded from it. What some people may not get is that they are still Black and society will notice that about them before being gay.

    Just like I mentioned about the colorism in a previous post,I would consider Shaun King and Jesse Williams as my allies before Clarence and Ben because of their lack of common sense and I’ll say the same about James and Rustin. I’ll take them over or Ben and Clarence anyday.

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