Why are white people so angry? What do they have to be angry about? The anger of white folks is nothing new. But still, what’s up with them?

To answer that, you have to take a look at what white supremacy means to a white person. Johnny Silvercloud at afrosapiophile.com explains it when discussing a photo he took of a white woman kneeling to Donald Trump, hands up, wearing a flag with the words ‘Trump: Make America Great Again” (Click on the link to view the photo.):

The structure and ideologies of white supremacy must be very comfortable. I would imagine that it feels good to know that you are infinitely above suspicion when it comes to any form of social deviance, including crime. It probably feels soothing to know that no matter what, a white person will NEVER have to answer for the behavior of other whites. I’ll go as far as suggesting that white people may get a sad level of satisfaction in hearing non-white people talk, discuss, protest all these things that nonwhites suffer from due to white supremacy.

White supremacy is the only, ultimate euphoria for white people. A society constructed by and for the elevation of white folks is almost, I would guess, like heaven to white people. Your physical traits are promoted as the standards of beauty by which all others should follow. You’re constantly portrayed as heroes and saviors in the entertainment industry saving everyone else from certain doom. Your criminals are presented as angels. Some are even elevated to legendary and celebrity statuses, partly thanks to the white-owned media. History lessons in public and private schools tell the tales of great white people. The list goes on and on making whiteness as not only the default, but also the ultimate level of human kind, the highest platform in a racial caste system.

Now, imagine that world slowly but surely crumbling. You see the cracks, and start panicking. Your fear turns to anger, and you start seeing red at the people trying to change the world, eliminating whiteness in the process. So, you mobilize and radicalize. White supremacy and the privileges that come with it will not go down without a fight.

One would think that white people would accept a changing world, a world that views all people as equals and treats them as such. They would realize that they’re not better than everyone else, but instead are like everyone else.

Some have, it seems. However, apparently whiteness is just too damn valuable to give up for many. It’s a drug they can’t afford to lose. And we’re seeing them heavily cling on to whiteness at the expense of the rest of the world and themselves.