Too Little, Too Late: Trump Supporters Regret Their Votes


Welp, it looks like some supporters of the Donald (I will never refer to him as ‘President Trump’) realized they made a big mistake. According to numerous tweets, they wish they could take it back. For whatever reason, they’re disappointed in the man they’ve elected. There’s even a name for it. Trumpgret. And there are plenty of them.

Pardon me while I sip on some tea and give minus fucks about anyone being sympathetic towards them. Why am I’m ranting like this? I’m a black personย in America. I’ve been disappointed all my life my this nation. Black people and other marginalized groups have been screwed by this nation and have been constantly told to get over it. So, allow me to tell these fools to lay in the bed they’ve made and like it.

Here’s the reality of it all. They voted for what many people, including myself, was the worst possible candidate to lead this nation. And as we speak, the consequences are coming into fruition.

They didn’t elect a president. They’ve elected a dumbass dictator. And I’m not interested in the list of reasons and excuses why they voted for Trump. He’s in office now, and they should shut the hell up and deal with it.

But Wolf, you’re being mean. So? The truth is that a racist, sexist xenophobe with the temper tantrum of a Tasmanian devil and the ego the size of Jupiter is now this nation’s president, and whatever reason they had for voting for him was apparently more salient.

And now, they regret voting for a jackass.

Again, I don’t give a flying fruitcake fuck about their feelings. Their feelings helped screw up the nation with the world to follow. If they want change, they should stop crying and start moving. Help get that loser out of office and help install a more competent replacement. Do what you can to prevent his policies. Reject his regime in any way possible. Do something! Otherwise, if you don’t, then please kindly sit your ass down and shut the fuck up.


13 thoughts on “Too Little, Too Late: Trump Supporters Regret Their Votes

  1. Based on that screenshot I’m confused about why they feel the sudden regret. Did they believe that he’d magically become a different person upon election? The guy has loved tweeting since the invention of Twitter, so why would they think he’d stop now? In the screenshot above, AndyCrane1 tweeted: “Get off of Twitter. You are validating all of the negative voices.” But wasn’t he (isn’t he) one of the biggest negative voices, whether he’s on Twitter or not? I just don’t get it. This is who he was before they elected him, so the fact that they now have buyer’s remorse is both hilarious and confusing to me. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. ‘…sit your ass down ( and take a whole stadium full of seats) and stfu.’
    I got nothing for them. No care, no empathy, nothing. You know why? Because I used it all up on the people they care so little about that, we weren’t even a consideration in their voting, for that being.

  3. ” Pardon me while I sip on some tea ..”

    Yep! I’m sipping on some really good Tetley! and I share you sentiments.

    I don’t feel sorry for Trump supporters whatsoever * eyeroll*. I’m sorry,but Blacks/ POC/ religious minorities have been going through pain forever and what did we get? Nothing but a big screw you from them.

    Protestors/ spectators was assaulted,cursed out,slandered by Trump .They told Hillary Clinton ” Lock her up”and they just thought that it was outright funny . It was painful for what they went through but because of their racist in considerations they not only cause the U.S.A to be the pariah of the world ,but the same pain they tried to inflict on us with Trump has come back on them.

    It seems like those ” regret ” tweets are coming in a clock work.Again,they can only fault themselves.

  4. Just like Ankhesian Mie said in her essay “The only consolation I get is they too will be suffering right along side of the rest of us.” They cut their noses off to spite their faces.

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