Your Thoughts On Trump’s Inauguration and Becoming the 45th President of the United States


Here are my thoughts.

Like many of you, I’m still in a slight state of panic. However, I’m not too surprised. Donald Trump is this country’s new President, despite his numerous – and I do mean numerous flaws, shortcomings and examples of his overwhelming ignorance, the same traits pathetically found within most of his disciples.

Will I watch Trump getting inaugurated into office? Maybe. Maybe not. Those who won’t, I don’t blame you. Those who are but don’t care about Trump will do so to see how it goes out or curiosity to see what happens. Those who adore him will no doubt enjoy this as they see it as the first day of making America ‘great’ again.

Now, before any possible trolling from Trump supporters begin, which will probably be loaded with elementary school-grade name calling and racism, subtle or overt, I want to say that Barack Obama was not perfect either. But compared to Trump, he was still a gentleman. And sadly, the average Trump voter sees that as a huge problem.

Barack Obama is a successful black man who became the most powerful politician in the nation. That’s a major problem to them. It’s big enough that people on the right are willing to make up and(or) believe any lie and conspiracy theory, and instead of criticizing his policies with genuine insight and information, they prefer to unleash their inner Klansman spirits and call him and his family every racist name in the book, even make some up if need be.

“But they are not racist,” they claim.

People call Obama a divisive president who ignited racism as if it magically began in November of 2008. (Most of those who make that claim unwittingly exposed their racial hatred towards the former Commander-in-Chief.) But who’s the one who mentioned building a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border? Who wants to keep Muslims out of the country? Who keeps referring to black people as “the blacks” and that we all live in the inner city?

And we need not to bring up the obvious that if Obama was accused of half the shit Trump is accused of, not only would he had never been got so much as a nomination, he would likely be in prison. Again, Obama was not perfect. But after learning about Trump’s racism, misogyny, sexual harassment and Islamophobia, I’d rather have four more years of Obama. Hell, he can stay in the White House for as long as he lives. Turn the White House into the Black House, dammit!

I’m joking here.

But seriously, the nervousness that blacks and other marginalized people in this society feel is not without good reason. Though we are told different by ‘privileged’ folks who not only don’t truly know, but don’t wish to hear about our struggles. Some of them believe they are in worst shape than we. And as such transformed fear and hatred into ‘virtues’. To them it’s necessary to look down on those who are worse off than they are. They think they not only deserve the best, but that they are the best as far as human race goes.

As far as black people go, we’ve endured that crap for what seemed like eons now. With Trump beginning his term as President of the United States, it’s nothing new that half of this nation would walk to the ends of the earth for this man, because he embodies all that they admire: hatred, ignorance, wealth, a fragile male ego, whiteness, an overprivleged human being with no fucks given about who he hurts.

As I’ve said several times, Trump is their savior, a wealthy white male who shares the same disdain they do about all they consider is ‘wrong’ with this country. He’s their messiah who came back to save America – from us.

But here’s the thing, and it may sound unbelievable, but many black people love this country. We love this country more than Trump and his followers. Why? In a sense, we’re its conscience. We’re the little angels on America’s shoulders telling it what it should do to better itself and its people. While this nation listened and has definitely improved, it still refuses to fully reflect on its sins. Trump being President is that time where America decided to listen to the little devils on the opposite shoulder. And if you watch cartoons, you always know that what happens next isn’t good.

However, black people will survive. Humanity will survive. We will likely have to fight harder than ever, but we will make it. Black people are survivors. We always have been ever since we were kidnapped from our homeland. And we will survive the Trump era no matter what it takes.

What say you?


13 thoughts on “Your Thoughts On Trump’s Inauguration and Becoming the 45th President of the United States

  1. However, black people will survive.

    Too bad all those whites who voted for him won’t. They don’t have the practice! This is why you see the opiate epidemic in their communities.

  2. Yeah, we’re gonna get through this. Some of us wont. Some of us may not be fine at the end of it, but we have a long custom of taking care of each other and that’s what we’re gonna keep doing.
    I am going to keep doing what I been doing, which is taking care of my business, and my family’s business the best I can.

  3. A few points on your post – all in good sarcasm but also all on point for pointing out this particular rhetoric under the light of your previous statements.

    Obama was a gentleman? Don’t you mean a “non-threatening Negro?” You know, one of the ones you’ve previous derided.

    You mean there are Blacks – ones you’d declare “Black Enough” – that don’t live in the inner cities or, at least, came from them and brought their attitudes with them? I thought they were the sell-outs and traitors that “their people” behind in order to live in the “White Man’s World.”

    *** OK! The snark I can never resist throwing your way is over for now ***

    Here’s something a bit more real:

    Yes, many Whites look down “The Blacks” for how they live. Guess what? That’s not racist; that’s equality! Those same Whites look down, often more harshly, upon poor Whites as well, especially single-parent (normally a mother) households. We always have.

    And, on Obama’s divisiveness – Meh. Obama was divisive in his tone and rhetoric but it was largely, at least when not actively campaigning for himself or other Dems, not racially so; it was class-based and largely anti-corporate. Insofar as I can see, any claims of Obama making a habit of being overtly racially divisive are either bogus or yet another case of people blaming the POTUS (any POTUS) for everything that happens while he’s in office. The racially divisive ones were, by and large, White liberals and Progressives who tried to paint any dissent against anything that Obama did as racist.

    Oh, and you can “thank” them far more for President Trump than any sort of racism on the part of normal, middle-class Americans.

    But hey! It’s a new day and the start of a new era. Better for you, if Trump manages even half of what he said he wants (eyeroll AND snort), you and yours will likely benefit greatly…whether that pisses off the actual racists or not. Now, would that stick in your craw or make you happy as it stuck in their craws?

    1. jonolon,

      First, I said, compared to Trump, Obama was a gentleman. And what I meant was that Obama seemed more worldly, open minded, respectful to women and had more class. Was he perfect? Of course not. I even mentioned that he wasn’t perfect. He could’ve done more and some of things he said and did, I didn’t agree with. But there is no comparison between him and the likes of Donald Trump.

      Second, I’ve never written about what’s considered ‘black’ or ‘black enough’. I know you can’t resist being petty, but you can at least address your opinions without sounding so ‘Trumpish’ LOL.

      Third, looking down on blacks is the very core of what racism is. However, looking down on poor whites is what classism is about. Neither are the same. They’re similar. But not the same.

      Fourth, white liberals are not the only culprits. White conservatives are to blame as well. I said in another blog how they both have, in some way, shape or form, racist ideals, but they both carry them differently.

      Finally, will Trump be a great president for this country. Only time will tell. But I’m not holding my breath and crossing my fingers. All I will say is that I will get through this somehow. Maybe it won’t be as bad as I think. But like I said, I wouldn’t let my guard down.

  4. I promise you that I didn’t watch Suckfest’ 17( the inauguration ) that came on TV a matter of fact, I made sure that the first thing I did the day/ night before, I set my TV on “record ” for any of the programs that I watch( which isn’t much as I don’t watch a lot of TV) .As of now, my TV isn’t lit until Saturday evening. If I’m not looking at TV,I’ll be surfing on the net,reading or writing.

    No doubt that I miss Obama. Though I didn’t always agree with everything he did,a majority of it I did. He did the best that he could with the limited power that he had as Congress did him no justice He my eyes..the strongest president that we ever has as he has to deal with dangerous outside forces and moreso, the danger and constant disrespect he faced during his presidency.He took chances on issues that no president dared to take. Strangely, in spite of the pessimism during these trying times, I felt more secure with him in the Whitehouse.

    I hear people that Trump’s ” presidency” is a test for us. I think about it as being the same..a test of faith.. and hopefully we’ll all persevere at the end. Rush Limbaugh once said that he wanted Barack Obama to fail. Thankfully, he didn’t,but people are already predicting impeachment for Trump.If not that,as Shaun King said maybe a coup.

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