Your Thoughts: Dylann Roof Sentenced To Death


Dylann Roof, the young man responsible for the Charleston Massacre, has been given the death penalty.

What are your thoughts? Do you think he deserves it? Do you think death is too easy? Sound off below, and don’t hold back.


17 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: Dylann Roof Sentenced To Death

  1. One part of me feels like put this dog down. And another feels put him in a space with all black inmates let him eat and drink and spend every aspect of him miserable life breathing air with black inmates and showering and shitting. Even when he looks in the mirror he would see a black person staring back at him. Hoping twilight zone madness would drive him totally insane.

    1. Solitary Confinement, 23-hour lockdown, forgotten. This turd will wake up, realize his situation when there is no longer any publicity. That will be torture for him.

  2. I’ve got exactly zero issues with him being executed. His crime fits the bill as a capital crime and execution is, to my mind, the appropriate penalty.

    Of course, my only problem with the death penalty is that it’s optional. I’d be happier if it was the only punishment allowed for certain classes of crimes and that in those cases plea bargains weren’t allowed.

  3. I hope Dylan Roof doesn’t think he’s safe because when I die and go to hell, let me catch his ass at the cafeteria.

    They should have kept him alive and forced him to listen to Public Enemy 23 hours a day. Now this will go on for years and trust me he’ll get fan mail and presents. I’ve heard many a white girl on facebook say he’s cute.

    But I’m normally against the death penalty because too many innocent black ppl have been killed, but I’ll let this one slide.

    I know that he’ll get the injections but I wish they would fry that muthafukka.

    I hope that the lethal injection goes wrong, happened before and when that happens the criminal is suffering alot (heart attack and a lot of pain and agony) so I hope someone will sabotage his injection.

    But then again I wonder if Trump will pardon him.

      1. Oh yeah, there’s a contingent of whitegirl Tumblrhysterics that have come to his defense in the wake of black people popping bubbly about his imminent death. They’re are actually on there trying to police how black people feel about this being’s death sentence, lecturing people about how they should have compassion and isht.

        Well my argument is that I don’t have any left for Roof. I used it all up on his victims. Also there’s been significant pushback on there from people who recognize that none of these people spoke up about the death penalty as long as it was just them colored folk getting sentenced, so Black Tumblr has them well in hand, I think!

      2. ” I heard many a white girl on Facebook say he’s cute. ”

        I need some Red Rock Ginger ale ,because reading that comment has just made me nauseous.

  4. The fact is his entire family in some shape or form is involved in ‘White Nationalism’, whether it be the KKK, Neo-Nazis (National Socialists). But America knows the foundation of the country is White Supremacy so they make it acceptable behavior. So the Feds conclude that if they investigate Dylan Roofs family like they do an ‘Ethnic’ Terrorists they will unravel more organized domestic terrorism that is White Nationalism. Since most Feds are white and benefit from white privilege they don’t want this.

  5. I’m not disputing that they are not completely investigating Dylan Roofs train of thought but the Feds refuse to present their findings in News Media Outlets.

  6. Remember “it’s an isolated incident”. The young man just needed help, there can’t be more or white young man that think like this. Oh no they just need help, they need more support. This country just needs to cater more to white people!!! <<<<

  7. My feelings about Dylann getting the death penalty?


    Honestly, Im really opposed to the death but I have those exceptions and Dylann is one of them. He had no concern for his victims and he thought that his trial was a joke for him.

    I heard that some of the victims families wanted him to get life in prison. I can’t get mad at that,they have a right to express their decision of the kind of punishment they want for him but I would rather for Dylann to get the death penalty. I fear that if he would have gotten the death penalty, it would make it a lot harder for hate crimes death like Dylann to be prosecuted. It’s very hard for Blacks to get that kind of justice as it is.I wouldn’t want to further downgrade any suspects chances of any hate crime convictions.

    Depending on the state, technically.. Dylann would be serving a life sentence in prison as some people would be on death row for years. Some people want life in prison because try feel that he may get him butt whooped. You never know. It happened to Dylann not long ago

      1. Roof serving a life sentence of torch-er requires other inmates (some serving harsh penalties or even wrongly convicted) be getting more sentences, harsh prison punishment, etc.. So no a life sentence is not a good idea. Death Row will take years with appeals and such so Roof won’t be execute for a very long to be determined amount of time.

  8. One more thing.

    As someone on the internet said which is very true that If Roof had gone into a meeting of Black Lives Matter activists in Charleston and killed them, not only would he not have received a death sentence.

    He would not have been convicted at all

    In every situation, guys like Roof think they are the ones getting mistreated.

    They value victim status because they’re a cult.

    That’s how cults work.

    A cult can never be the oppressor. It always has to be oppressed. That’s what keeps the members insular. They have to stay in the cult because they’re being attacked by forces from outside.

    Every bunch of bad guys has to think they’re the good guys. The Ku Klux Klan thought they were the good guys. The Nazis thought they were the good guys.

    It’s twisted

    But it’s how they think. They can’t admit the truth because then they’d have to give up the victim status they’ve reserved for themselves.

    And they desperately need that if they’re going to preserve the messed-up lie that is their view of the world.

    Despite the world of outrageous privilege whites in the USA generally live in. Guys like Roof and his ilk think they’re getting the short end of everything. It’s mind-boggling that they could think that, but it’s really how they see the world.

  9. Fuck him!! I will pop a cold one with this asshole dies and pass them around, I might even have a “all on me” all you can eat buffet celebration dinner at Old Country. Seeing how those cop bitches took that fuck to Burger King

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