A List of Things the ‘Alt-Right’ Hates


The term ‘alt-right’ or ‘Alternative Right’ is just a fancy shmancy term coined by Richard Spencer for Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, white supremacists, white racists, etc., pretty much any (white) person who identifies with the term.

Composed of mostly young, paranoid, insecure, white male sociopaths, the alt-right firmly believes that white genocide is in progress due – in part – to multiculturalism and political correctness. Since they feel threatened that their place as the dominant species is being taken away from them, they’ve adapted a culture of familiar, but nonetheless disturbing, hatred. Here are a list of things that they fear and hate the most (in no particular order):


To put it simply, the alt-right thinks women should stay in the home barefoot, naked, pregnant and in the kitchen and not hold jobs, vote or run for office. They want things to be like it was before feminism was born when women were seen and not heard. But now that they have more freedoms, the alt-right men’s clubalt-right men’s club dreads that they’re being oppressed while women are gaining more privileges.


No different than other racist groups, the alt-right believes the white race is the most superior. Seeing other groups of people in what they declare are white ethnocentric spaces – such as entire countries – obtaining careers and(or), fighting white supremacy or involved in crimes where white people are victims fuels their fear of the disappearance of the whiteness.

Fitting in with their disdain for multiculturalism, the alt-right seems to have this imagined vendetta towards Black Lives Matter (BLM). Since most of them are cop supporters and conspiracy theorists, they think the movement is against both police and white people with no evidence to support their presupposition. It’s so strong, they willingly pin certain crimes on the movement if the victims are cops and(or) whites even though there’s no connection with BLM.

Islam and Muslims

To put it simply, all Muslims are terrorists and all terrorists are Muslims…and BLM. They, along with immigrants, must be kept out of America, a nation the alt-right declares as a white Christian nation.


While the hatred is not quite as cut-and-dry as the previous subjects as some members of the white nationalist movement have courted the gays to join their causes. But, in large part, they simply detest the LGBQT community. They see their lifestyle as anything but normal, something to be feared and – of course – loathed upon.

Certain Conservatives

A conservative that is deemed ‘weak’ is labeled a ‘cuck’ or ‘cuckservative’. In the minds of the alt-right, any conservative that goes against the extremist values of the movement is unfaithful and is therefore emasculated.


No explanation needed. They hate them for being the polar opposites of everything they stand for.


8 thoughts on “A List of Things the ‘Alt-Right’ Hates

  1. I thought that Yanninopolis the one who did all that awful stuff to actress/comedienne leslie Jones with all of those racist tweets was gay,.

  2. It’s funny that one is gay and the other was appointed chief strategist of the white house. I think homosexuality is an issue among most white nationalists. Now if you are gay and not white that still is a problem…lol

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