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An online Facebook video has been in the news about the kidnapping and torture of a disabled white man by four black teens. The story is pretty straightforward but nonetheless disturbing.

Four teens kidnapped a young white male with mental disabilities, held him for hours, and brutally assaulted him while yelling “Fuck Trump!” and “Fuck white people!” (Most conservative news sites suggest that the young man is a Trump supporter.) One of the four kidnappers recording the others brutalizing him. The video is about 30 minutes long.

The young man was held for hours in Chicago’s West Side, until he was ultimately freed. He was seen walking disoriented down a street where the incident took place. The suspects were arrested and charged recently for their crimes. As of now, they could be charged as hate crimes.

First off, I won’t sugarcoat this. What those teens have done to that poor man was inexcusably horrible. And I hope that the young man gets justice and recovers from this traumatic ordeal.

So, why are so-called alt-right…no, white supremacist douche bags took this opportunity to turn this crime into a Black Lives Matter (BLM) calling card when BLM had nothing to do with it? News reports did not mention once that BLM had any ties to the criminals. In fact, it was confirmed by Chicago police that there were no ties whatsoever.

Yet, white racists went into overdrive  blaming BLM and even black people in general for this one singular crime. Fox’s own Glenn Beck parroted the racist accusations. The hashtag ‘BLMKidnappingBLMKidnapping‘ formed by white supremacists was the most trending topic on Twitter. And as of this writing is still among the most popular hashtags.

Even members of BLM themselves condemned the attack.

So, I’ll ask again, why are these assholes putting in precious time and effort to demonize an entire movement for one crime, a crime in which they had no affiliation with?

This is nothing new of course. BLM has been on the receiving end of slander since its inception. And minorities in this nation are subject to collective blaming for individual crimes, real or imagined.

Make no mistake though. What happened in Chicago was real. The terror was real. BLM’s involvement with the torture wasn’t.

So, let’s not also sugarcoat this fact. Racists like those who define themselves as the alternative right or just run-of-the-mill white supremacists have habits of trying to make shit up out of their own twisted and devious imaginations to promote black inferiority. It doesn’t matter if there is no proof or evidence that it was a done by BLM supporters even if the police themselves – whom they admire – says so. It also doesn’t really matter if the young man is scarred for life, physically and mentally, and that expressing sympathies seem like the more humane thing to do.

What is more important, however, is that this was a grim example of black-on-white crime. It was a reverse racist incident. And a movement to save black lives is not only anti-white but are the ones responsible for this. Racists will take this lie and run with it to justify their hatred of black people. Let morals, facts and logic be damned.

So again, I hope and pray that the young man recovers and get through this tragedy. As for those who are reading this article and are still lamenting that this was an example of BLM’s terror against white people, you need to wake the fuck up and understand the facts. BLM is not anti-white. Black people who are pro-black are not anti-white. Those teens behind the kidnapping appear to be anti-white. Let’s hold them accountable and not the whole movement or the race.

And for those who produce or reproduce that vicious lie, know this: you’re helping the cycle of hate to continue. Your lie could bring more pain to innocent black people and produce more David Dukes, Richard Spencers or worse, more Dylann Roofs and Anders Breiviks. In other words, you’re no better than those teens.