Those who scapegoat BLM on the Chicago Kidnapping are NO BETTER than the actual criminals

An online Facebook video has been in the news about the kidnapping and torture of a disabled white man by four black teens. The story is pretty straightforward but nonetheless disturbing.

Four teens kidnapped a young white male with mental disabilities, held him for hours, and brutally assaulted him while yelling “Fuck Trump!” and “Fuck white people!” (Most conservative news sites suggest that the young man is a Trump supporter.) One of the four kidnappers recording the others brutalizing him. The video is about 30 minutes long.

The young man was held for hours in Chicago’s West Side, until he was ultimately freed. He was seen walking disoriented down a street where the incident took place. The suspects were arrested and charged recently for their crimes. As of now, they could be charged as hate crimes.

First off, I won’t sugarcoat this. What those teens have done to that poor man was inexcusably horrible. And I hope that the young man gets justice and recovers from this traumatic ordeal.

So, why are so-called alt-right…no, white supremacist douche bags took this opportunity to turn this crime into a Black Lives Matter (BLM) calling card when BLM had nothing to do with it? News reports did not mention once that BLM had any ties to the criminals. In fact, it was confirmed by Chicago police that there were no ties whatsoever.

Yet, white racists went into overdrive  blaming BLM and even black people in general for this one singular crime. Fox’s own Glenn Beck parroted the racist accusations. The hashtag ‘BLMKidnappingBLMKidnapping‘ formed by white supremacists was the most trending topic on Twitter. And as of this writing is still among the most popular hashtags.

Even members of BLM themselves condemned the attack.

So, I’ll ask again, why are these assholes putting in precious time and effort to demonize an entire movement for one crime, a crime in which they had no affiliation with?

This is nothing new of course. BLM has been on the receiving end of slander since its inception. And minorities in this nation are subject to collective blaming for individual crimes, real or imagined.

Make no mistake though. What happened in Chicago was real. The terror was real. BLM’s involvement with the torture wasn’t.

So, let’s not also sugarcoat this fact. Racists like those who define themselves as the alternative right or just run-of-the-mill white supremacists have habits of trying to make shit up out of their own twisted and devious imaginations to promote black inferiority. It doesn’t matter if there is no proof or evidence that it was a done by BLM supporters even if the police themselves – whom they admire – says so. It also doesn’t really matter if the young man is scarred for life, physically and mentally, and that expressing sympathies seem like the more humane thing to do.

What is more important, however, is that this was a grim example of black-on-white crime. It was a reverse racist incident. And a movement to save black lives is not only anti-white but are the ones responsible for this. Racists will take this lie and run with it to justify their hatred of black people. Let morals, facts and logic be damned.

So again, I hope and pray that the young man recovers and get through this tragedy. As for those who are reading this article and are still lamenting that this was an example of BLM’s terror against white people, you need to wake the fuck up and understand the facts. BLM is not anti-white. Black people who are pro-black are not anti-white. Those teens behind the kidnapping appear to be anti-white. Let’s hold them accountable and not the whole movement or the race.

And for those who produce or reproduce that vicious lie, know this: you’re helping the cycle of hate to continue. Your lie could bring more pain to innocent black people and produce more David Dukes, Richard Spencers or worse, more Dylann Roofs and Anders Breiviks. In other words, you’re no better than those teens.


16 thoughts on “Those who scapegoat BLM on the Chicago Kidnapping are NO BETTER than the actual criminals

  1. Hey, Brotha, where’s my post about homophobia in African American community. If you can’t address it, I’m done with you

    1. First of all, did you read my response to your last comment in my previous article about Dylann Roof? If you did, you may recall that you DO NOT get to order me around. I specifically asked for suggestions, not commands.

      Second, I just wrote about this topic this afternoon. I didn’t have time to write two.

      Third, this is a topic you ‘commanded’ me to write. I wrote it not because you told me to, but because it’s a hot topic.

      Fourth, if you don’t like what I wrote, leave. Why not start your own blog and address the issues you want so badly for me to address? If you don’t appreciate my blog, you don’t have to stay. I don’t have time to baby you, and you don’t get to tell me what to write.

  2. I’m really amazed of the sick people that lives in this world. Like the title of discussion say,those racists losers are no better than the fools who brutalized that disabled man..if not worse because,they’re using faux outrage to spread their racism. Funny how they didn’t react the same way when a Black Iowa disabled high school student was raped by his White teammates…and they got off!

    We know that BLM would never do such as heinous act like they dream of wanting them to do,but as people pointed out,it was all “good “when Trump mocked a physically disabled reporter or in another incident, a young boy in a wheelchair was thrown out by his cronies assuming that he may have been a HRC ” spy “.

    The racists who are trying to scapegoat BLM,Shaun King and other heads of the movement are disgusting beyond imagination. They cannot be human to stoop that low to exploit the disabled..whether
    mentally/physically.Now that is heartless.

      1. False narratives abound! Just compare the coverage of the opioid epidemic in the white communities to that of the ‘crack epidemic’ in the 90s’. One has to crack (no pun intended) the violins while reading the overly thoughtful articles. The heroin addicts are portrayed as having ‘lost their way’ while black and brown people are losers and criminals. This is no different. I bet they were in the throes of masturbatory ecstasy when this incident occurred because they can use it as a debating point or argument when someone refers to white racism.

  3. They blamed BLM for the Dallas police shootings and BLM had nothing to do with those shootings. It’s just Trump supporters keeping confusion going.

  4. I don’t condone what those young people did too that poor young white man and they do need to be punished for their evil actions. I am sure the poor guy is traumatized from that vicious attack. It’s horrible acts like that the one perpetrated on that poor guy that leave me despondent and lose my faith in humanity.

  5. The Chicago city and government are practicing genocide on black people.

    Multiple people shot and killed and no one coming forward to say anything ?

    There is no way possible in the 3rd largest city in America. The most powerful nation on earth; that multiple killings can happen this often. There is no way possible for all that killing to go on without some dirty cops being involved.

    No snitch code goes out the window when little children are being killed. We all saw how fast the black community came forward in the murder of Tyshawn Lee ?

    Even a jailhouse informant, a convicted felon came forward and turned the killer in.

    Because there is no one standing for that.

    Not saying that the police are behind every killing in Chicago. But you got concentrated gun violence, concentrated poverty, unemployment, concentrated food deserts, concentrated malt liquor, cigarettes, and crates of guns dropped off in alley ways in Chicago’s Black neighbourhoods.

    So of course shit is gonna go off from time to time.

    Most of these kids can barely afford a burger from McDonald’s. How the f**k can they afford these guns?

    The guns they have can’t even be bought legally, not only that, there are no gun shops in Chicago.

    Where do they get the bullets from?

    Also city taxes pay for camera’s on every block and when a shooting takes place no one is in custody, nor do they have leads.

    But let one of their own get murdered ? They’ll know the killer their in less 48 hrs.

    But anybody else ?

    A lot of the gang wars were initially instigated by police and government agents to destabilize the communities and drive down property values for eventual gentrification and ethnic cleansing.

    Plus Chicago’s criminal activity was started perpetrated by whites.

    People like Al Capone, John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, Baby Face Nelson. Also events like the Valentine’s Day Massacre.

    These people are romanticized as heroes and have films and documentaries made about them.

  6. Oh please!! All due respect Brotha but I feel NO sympathy for the putz that was attacked. White people said NOTHING when a black male teen was raped with a coat hanger and branded by 3 white thugs in Idaho who got n-o jail time!! You read that right no jail time and for the people who say “two wrongs don’t make it right” I say “you reap what you fucking sow”

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