Dylann Roof’s Manifesto Shows Why Black People Fear White Vengence

I always say that one of the truths about being black in America is to be collectively judged and convicted. If one commits a crime, especially against white people, the whole race is guilty. The whole race must be held accountable. And the whole race must pay.

Dylann Roof, the white supremacist responsible for the Charleston Massacre, the shooting that took the lives of nine black churchgoers inside the EMA Episcopal Church in June of 2015, recently addressed the court during the sentencing phase of his trial. He refuted that he has a psychological problem, and refused to apologize for his crime.

But what was really telling was a reading of Roof’s manifesto written a few weeks after the massacre:

“I would like to make it crystal clear I do not regret what I did,” he wrote in his distinctive scrawl. “I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.”

Mr. Roof, who was then 21, continued: “I do feel sorry for the innocent white children forced to live in this sick country and I do feel sorry for the innocent white people that are killed daily at the hands of the lower race. I have shed a tear of self-pity for myself. I feel pity that I had to do what I did in the first place. I feel pity that I had to give up my life because of a situation that should never have existed.”

In his initial manifesto posted on Roof’s own website, he describes how he was drawn by the news surrounding Trayvon Martin’s murder which subsequently lead to him Google searching ‘black-on-white crime’. He happened upon the Council of Conservative Citizens’ (CCC) website, one of many corners in the web that flaunted white supremacy using crime news articles of interracial crime.

It was also reported that Roof also spent time on the Daily Stormer, a far-right white nationalist news site. One of the the categories of the website is called ‘race war’. One click and a list of articles pertaining to crime with black (and other nonwhite) suspects with racially charged titles appear.

Where am I going with this? You already know about Dylann Roof, his white racist background, his crime and his trial. But this latest revelation into the mind of this killer is irrefutably an inarguable reason why black people fear white rage. Roof is a prime example of angry white manhood made more vicious thanks to white supremacists’ influence such as websites like the CCC and the Daily Stormer.

He obtained a gun, and did something. He took out nine lives. He didn’t care if they were innocent. In his mind, they needed to pay for the crimes of blacks against whites. Black people, in general, must pay. Who will be next?

More or less, racial crimes against black people will continue, because America refuses to see it as a serious problem. As we’ve seen through history up to this very second, white rage with guns kill while white rage with suits oppress.


9 thoughts on “Dylann Roof’s Manifesto Shows Why Black People Fear White Vengence

  1. It’s not a serious issue for America at large. Then, in all truth, Black crime against Whites isn’t a serious issue either. While Black crime against White is more common than White crime against Blacks, both are in very low percentages with the races much, much more often preying on themselves.

    Frankly, you’re just a poor, low reach mockery of sites like CCC and Daily Stormer, just focused on stirring up the Blacks instead of the Whites. But hey! Fair and balanced, right? Hates got to be a two-way street or its both meaningless and never amounts to anything that’ll find a final solution to the question.

    Carry on, my surprising respected enemy.

    1. Crime in general is a serious issue. And while I agree with a few of your statements, how is what I’ve said ‘focused on stirring up the blacks’?

      (As a side note, referring to black people as ‘the blacks’ makes it sound like we’re a monolith.)

      This is not about hating white people. No where have I even implied that we should hate white people. This post is about white hatred of us, how ONE white male used it to the extreme and why black folks are afraid of such rage.

      Let me ask you a question, how can we find a solution when society doesn’t even want to honestly and fully acknowledge the problem? The problem is not me and my articles. The problem is white racism, among other things. This article is not advocating any harm to befall on white people. But it IS discussing one of society’s many problems.

  2. Once again, I completely agree with you insofar the entire black race is often held accountable when there’s a black on white crime, which certainly will be the case regarding the four African American teenagers who mutilated a special needs white teenager and put the entire mess on Facebook. You must address that here; it was horrendous. Now, at age 73, I am no longer shocked by anything human beings do. We live in a very sick world made more sick by a very sick man coming into the White House. Stay tuned.

    I, however, have a completely other issue I must address if I’m to continue participating with this blog, And it only came to me once I had signed up: the *sometimes* blatant hypocrisy within the African American community inasmuch of the racism they often scream, juxtaposed against the homophobia they also feel. I’m a gay man who has on occasion felt that homophobia from the African American community. Once again I emphasize the realization that it’s NOT all black people, but a good portion, who have been indoctrinated by pastors in African American churches who belt “God hates homosexuals.”

    Now, you must comment Brothawolf. And one of the ramifications that not only exacerbates this issues is the utter denial among *some* young African American men who participate is something called On the Down low, or sex with other man while denying their gay.

    I realize I’ve opened a whole other can of worms here, but I must know what you position on gay people is before I can further participate in your central cause. And don’t lie to me. I can only imagine what sort of reaction I’ll get from some of your other readers.

    1. Thank you for your comment. But there has to be an understanding established.

      First off, forgive me for sounding blunt, but this is my blog. I can write about whatever I think needs to be discussed. If it’s not acknowledged here, you can look at my Twitter feed on the left and see links to articles from news sites I tweeted.

      If you have a suggestion, I’m open to listen and consider it. But I don’t have to address anything, even that incident you mentioned. Still, I wrote about it anyway, however, because I felt it was an important topic concerning today’s unstable racial atmosphere. But it wasn’t because you commanded me to. If it was suggested, I would think about it and probably write about it.

      Yes, I agree. Homophobia is indeed an issue in the black community. It’s a shame that it is, but it’s a problem in society in general. I wrote about it in reference to the tragic Orlando club shooting last year:


      My co-author even made an article about it here:


      If you want to read more about issues involving or concerned with the LGBQT community, click on the tag of the same name on the left:


      Again, I don’t have to do anything, especially if it comes from a complete stranger. Even though, I reply as much as I can, you don’t have the right to tell me that I must.

      If you want me to address an issue you think is important, suggest it or recommend it. But don’t command me to do it. I don’t know you well enough yet. But I will consider this topic. And, if you want to write an article of your own, let me know. But remember, I have the right to edit and/or reject it, especially if it incites hate in anyway.

  3. This “pos” has already said he has no remorse and is not sorry for killing those innocent black people in Charleston. I wish they had a firing squad to execute him with instead of injecting his mongrel ass to put him to sleep. I want this monster to suffer some pain.

  4. D. Roof D. Roof D. Roof is on fire !! Let that MUTHERFUCKER BURN!!!!!!

    Roof needs to be flown out to the coast of South Africa and be dumped into the sea so the Great White sharks can deal with him.

    The Great White sharks are the only creatures on earth who should be allowed to have the words “Great” and “White” attached to them

    At least the sharks would have gotten a free meal

    But in all seriousness BrothaWolf. Black people fear white rage ?

    What can white people do that they have not done already ?

    Speak for yourself with that cowardly talk.

    Put me in room with this bitch and I’d show you and him personally how much of faggot this punk (that your tryna pump up) is.

    If he was SO BADDDDDD and scary like your tryna make him out 2 b, then why didn’t he take on young brotha’s in the hood who he knew may well be strapped ?

    Nope. He goes for easy targets.

    Families were falling over themselves to say, we forgive him and he doesn’t give 2 shits about them at all. He is enjoying this trial. He will probably enjoy his execution like Timothy McVeigh.

    But death penalty my dick.

    I’d want him to get life because death by lethal injection would be too easy. If he gets life, the black prisoners will make it their mission to kill him in the torturous fashion he deserves.

    Even if not, he will always be looking over his shoulder. That would be the best case scenario. That piece of shit losing his mind in a tiny room, unable to sleep for the bright lights and with no one to hear him scream.

    But then again his ass would probably get solitary confinement.

    So his death will make him a martyr.

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