What I’ve Learned in 2016


It’s no secret that many people declare 2016 as one of the hardest years to get through. Sure, there were some positive moments, but it seemed outweighed by the not-so-positive moments. But like every year in our lives, it teaches us many things. So, here’s a rundown on a few things I’ve learned this ‘interesting’ year.

Money and Fame Can Create False Senses of Privileges For People of Color

It’s no doubt that you have a lot more opportunities if you got cash, and being famous has its advantages. But none of that overlooks the fact that people of color (POC) are still looked down upon no matter how big their bank accounts are. Still, we’ve seen black celebrities and athletes proclaim how all lives matter. We’ve even seen some insult the Black Lives Matter Movement for stupid ass reasons that define pure house negroism.

These lost fools think that police and white folks will treat them kind, because they either will treat them kind or that they’re rich and famous. To most police and most white people, they’re still niggers, sub-humans whose only purpose is to serve the white man or die. They don’t really care about them. They ‘love’ them as long as they can make them laugh or make touchdowns. But as soon as they get ‘woke’, they will turn on them in a heartbeat. If they get in trouble, the n-word will multiply. Having money and notoriety doesn’t protect you from the wrath of white hatred.

Hotepism Is Anti-Black

There’s a movement made of mostly black men who see themselves as woke, engaged in Afrocentric teaching black people the ways of African manhood. Or that’s how they see it.

But I’ve seen a lot of dudes dedicated to the cause express chauvinistic and homophobic rhetoric that would make conservatives applause. These false prophets believe that they and only they have a say in what a woman – a black woman- does with…anything. Her hair, body, clothing and yes, her vagina is determined by black men. And like many Christians, they too have a problem with the LGBT community.

To these Hotep leaders and followers, black power is for black men. But being pro-black doesn’t mean being anti-black woman or homophobic. Last time I checked, black women and black members of the LBGT community are part of the black community. But these jackasses can’t stand black feminism, as many believe that it’s white feminism in black face. (Well, actually they have problems with black women in general as they constantly find ways to look down on them but still somehow refer to them as ‘queens’.) And they believe homosexuality is a white invention used to destroy black manhood. So, as far as I’m concerned, these Hotep clowns are practically against black people.

Life Is Short and Guns are Killing Us

It seemed like there was an overabundance of celebrity deaths this year, especially within the last couple of weeks. While the world has been struck with continual sadness with one beloved celebrity passing after another, we can’t overlook the lives of ordinary people who were lost this year. We’ve lost loved ones due to accidents, natural causes and natural disasters. But we can’t ignore that we lost our fair share of people due to gun violence.

Gun violence will continue into the new year. There’s no way around that fact. It’s inevitable.

Yes, the NRA supporters and overall gun nuts will rant and rave for gun ownership. But 2016 has seen so many deaths in damn-near catastrophic proportions. Guns are about as easy to get as candy, and that’s a major part of the problem.

If you recall, I was near a shooting during what was supposed to be an enjoyable event. It still haunts me to this day. While I hope for better, safer days, this problem will persist. It was prevalent in 2015, and it will pathetically continue into 2017.

Only White Men Can Get Away With Rape and Murder

Being a white male means you’re almost untouchable when it comes to the courts. You can rape women, and not have to worry about hard time. If you’re a cop or vigilante and you kill unarmed black folks, chances are good that you’ll walk away free or at worst given a relatively light sentence. Being white means never to be held accountable for your actions. Your people are never held to the same collective standard imposed upon blacks, Latinxs and Muslims. You can screw the world over a thousand times. You’re still regarded as ‘basically good’.

Police Still Hate Our Black Asses

More unarmed black people have been murdered by cops. More black folks have been harassed and falsely arrested by cops. And police and their supporters continue to tell us that they’re our ‘friends’. It’s still somehow our fault that police are harassing and killing us. And if we would just behave, maybe cops would treat us better.

I’m fatigued by all the bullshit! All of it! I’m tired of black people getting treated this way. And I’m tired of dumbasses and their scripted broken record responses!

But I guess that’s part of their victim blaming, racist Blue Lives Matter culture, a culture they’re unwilling to discard, and a culture I refuse to accept or respect.

White Feminism Is Anti-Feminism

I don’t consider myself a feminist, because I don’t think I’ve earned that right. But 2016 revealed some feminists who don’t deserve that title either. Yet, thanks to the ever-present omnipresence of white privilege, they are considered to be genuine feminists.

I guess feminism is for white women like freedom of speech and accountability immunity is for white people.

It seems some white women want so much to have as much power and privileges as their white male brothers that they will throw everyone else, especially women of color, under the bus to obtain it. But no matter how often these ‘feminists’ show their true colors, America is still behind them and their efforts to be as privileged as white men.

Whiteness Is Still One Hell of a Drug

Donald Trump is our next President. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. A sexually abusive, business failing, politically inept, racist, misogynistic rapist got elected President. And who’s the blame? White people. And I don’t want to hear their crying, their fake-intellectual and quasi-political explanations or even their too little, too late regrets. This is on them. And I don’t give a flying frog-eyed fuck if their feelings are hurt.

Many white people continue to prove that hatred and fear are not only strong elements in their culture, but they consider them as virtues and qualities needed to preserve their ever-precious white race. Their foothold on the world has been slipping, and Trump’s rise to power was their reaction.

These crazy crackers can’t be reasoned with, because they don’t operate on reason. You can’t use morality, because they’re morally bankrupt. Whiteness trumps everything, including white lives.

While I’m at it, I want to give a shout out to the pastors, celebrities and other coon-ass negroes who showed their support for the Donald. Yes, you’re to blame too. I hope your vote for your white savior was worth it. Self-hating ass niggas.

I would say more, but 2016 has me worn the fuck out. And we still have some hours left.

So, I just want to say thanks to those of you who stuck with me during this year. And I sincerely hope and pray that next year will be an even better year for all of us. Bless you and have a Happy New Year.


11 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned in 2016

  1. Thanks, Brothawolf! This was an excellent essay! I agree with everything that you said, especially about the “hotep hustlers”!

    May you have a blessed New Year, too. 😀

    1. is Sa Neter and House of Consciousness considered ‘Hotep’? I studied them and saw a couple of their Youtube stuff and didn’t they they were misogynistic at all. I guess there’s many splinter groups with differing opinions. What does Brothawolf think of the ‘Israelites’ type of people?

      1. I never heard of those two, and I remembered one Youtube video of black Israelites verbally bashing a black woman. I dunno how common the latter is though as it was just one group I saw at the time.

  2. Them damn Hoteps doing the most if that’s what being conscience and woke is especially that Umar Johnson and that other guy that were having the YouTube beef. Leave me in a damn coma. I was unable after viewing that foolishness, I don’t need that in my life to love my black people or love myself and black culture. Trump deserves a shitty Inaguration event nobody wants to perform for that shit show that’s about to go down. And unfortunately police will continue to kill black people and they won’t be punished. I have no idea what 2017 will bring us especially with Trump as the President. God help us all.

  3. Happy New Year Brotha Wolf thanks for letting me howl and vent in your Wolf den. Happy New Year to all of the commentators.

  4. And those black Israelites are some scary mofos they are not to be played with. They harass people and are just pure assholes. Can’t stand them either.

  5. We can expect more of these white nationalist acting out and perpetuating more violent acts on people of color in this age of Trump.

    1. Yep, just like they did when Obama became elected, only that time, they were pissed that a black man is President. This time, they’re elated that a racist misogynistic white man has taken office.

      1. This speaks volumes to the racist pathology of white supremacist. They are evil and insane. And trying to convince whites that believe there is no racism is like trying to deprogram a cult member.

  6. In spite of the doom and gloom that 2016 presented, Im hoping that 2017 will be a great year.

    Far as 2016, not only has it been mind draining with the celebrity death and the godawful elections, but how many bootlickers( whether Black or non black minority) have came out like Kanye.

    I was just reading about Talledega College playing for Donald Trump. When I read that tidbit my heart just sunk. As one Black Twitter said ,why would Talledega want to play for a man whose party want to do every thing in their power to do away with HBCUs…and the people going there. I’m hoping it’s a case of
    ” gotcha ” because it is a slap in the face for the Black community. There is a bible scripture that say that ” A good reputation is better than silver or gold”. I wonder was Talledega paid a large sum to play? I don’t know about those students in the band,but I wouldn’t be doing it,just like that lady who opted out from her Mormon choir became she didn’t want to sing for Trump and I can’t blame her

    A good reputation is certainly better than silver and good..especially in this case. Looking at Kanye from the past and present is baffling. He changed from a ” brother’ to ” idk”. He’s just lost.unfortunately he’s not the only POC to be like that. During the times that I grew up in a White community, Black kids would call me White/ sell out for it. Now I look at today. I may have grown up
    ” White” but my folks taught me better,especially to where I stand in this world. There is no freakin way would I sell my dignity for the overseer like Kanye has.Talk about shuckin’ and jivin’.

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