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Some people just won’t let go.

I was informed that the Praetorian Writers’ Group, a textbook conservative website supposedly governed by a group of right wing writers – four men and a woman – each referring themselves as ‘xPraetori’, recently wrote a blog entry titled ‘The New Racists – Waving the Banner of Anti-Racism’.

The post was about both me and Abagond being, you guessed it, the new racists:

There are a couple of blogs where, if you’re a white person, the blogger hates you for that, and for that alone. And they call themselves “anti-racism” bloggers.

Note: by “blog,” I mean: the blogger him or herself, as well as the crowd of followers, commenters, admirers, hangers-on who contribute regularly either to the content of the blog itself, or to the comments section.

Those racist bloggers are: BrothaWolf and Abagond.

The new racists are here, and they’re waving the banner of anti-racism.

Some of you who frequent this blog remember the back-and-forth I had with this blogger, or group of bloggers as xPrae claims. (I normally refer to them as ‘he’) The topic was always about racism and his opposition to what he calls is the Race Grievance Industry (RGI).

If you recall, his stance was that racism was no longer a major problem for black people, that people like us are the real racists and that I hate white people for being white. Of course, that’s a lie. But xPrae could care less and refuses to listen or learn. He seems to believe his views are objective.

xPrae trolled obsessively. So, I eventually banned him. After I banned him, he came back using sock puppets with a more civil charade. So, I banned him again.

I wasn’t the only blogger invaded by this ‘group’. Fellow blogger Abagond dealt with his stanch conservatism. But Abagond drove xPrae out permanently.

But he couldn’t let go.

His ‘New Racists’ article was written a few days ago. But he has written so much about the writings of me and Abagond that he created search tags for us. Why we’re so important to him is anyone’s guess.

xPrae is an example of my plea to stop reaching out to racists. And I call xPrae a racist, much to his detriment, because he’s the type to avoid its reality. That’s basically allowing racism to continue.

I’ve learned to let him go months ago. I’m slow, but I soon learned that some people can’t be reasoned with and that arguing with them is a waste of precious time and brain cells. So, for my sake, I kicked him out of my den no longer sinking to his level of ignorance. Abagond did the same for his blog.

But for reasons unknown, we both are still on his mind and he still can’t seem to let go.