Black Folks, Stop Forgiving Racists and Trying To Reach Out To Them!

I get it. Most of us are good people. Despite the ignorant rantings of hopeless racist jackasses, most black folks are good.

Maybe, we’re too good. Or too forgiving.

It seems some of us are willing to forgive those same hopeless racist jackasses no matter how much they hurt us. Somewhere between the past they prefer everyone to forget and now, we’re taught to love our enemy. We’re taught that white people are inherently good people despite…well…everything they’ve done to us in the name of white supremacy and that we should forgive them, especially in the name of God. At the same time, we’re taught that our actions, the failings and sins found in human kind, are somehow worse or is definitive of our blackness.

Some of us try to reach out to racist white people even though their anti-black sentiments are loud and clear. I can only theorize that our centuries-long oppression and conditioning persuaded us – some of us – that racist white folks are lost and in need of help. Well, that’s not too far off from the truth. But we shouldn’t be the ones to spend precious time to save the unsavable. Like drug addicts and alcoholoics, they have to want help. And it’s apparent some would rather eat shit.

When you think about it, it makes no damn sense. Why should we forgive those who harm, imprison, oppress and murder us without a shred of regret? Why should we try to reach out to those who made up their narrow minds? But then again, I guess the effects of hundreds of years of white racism screwed us up to the point of textbook insanity. It’s harsh, but many of us love our oppressors (Stockholm Syndrome) but hate ourselves, the oppressed.

But it has gotten no one anywhere. It hasn’t gotten us anywhere. No matter how often we forgive, whiteness continues their onslaught on our asses with the feeling of impunity. In many cases, they really don’t get punished.

But as Jenn M. Jackson of the Black Youth Project wrote in her article ‘Why asking Black People to forgive whiteness won’t ‘heal this country’,  “Forgiveness of whiteness is not the answer. Rather, it is indignant rage, justified anger, radical blame, targeted accountability, and strategic resistance that will liberate us all. So, let’s stop playing these games and get to work.” We need to stop worrying about white people’s distorted feelings, call bullshit when it surfaces and start fighting intelligently.


12 thoughts on “Black Folks, Stop Forgiving Racists and Trying To Reach Out To Them!

  1. I am glad you wrote those. This is something that I have had to work to coming to terms with. I always have the mentality of wanting to save white people or help them come to terms with their own racism and the truth is…they wont. They don’t want to. For three months I found myself trying to educate whites on black hair and the social stigmas. Only to be in a state of these white women showing their true racism, while screaming at me as a racist for not turning around and bashing the black women and praising them.

    I have come to find that racism for most white people is simply second nature. It is part of their personality. A part that can not be changed as it is something that is passed down from generation after generation with them. 2017 will be my year to say fuck it.

    1. I’ve been saying this for years. One has to be contrite, and recognize their foibles, and, want to change inasmuch as they can. I’ve very rarely met a white person like this.

  2. It is up to white people to clean up what they messed up. Black folks just need to go on about their business and forget about white people and their racism and we need to move forward and take care of ourselves. White people don’t give a damn about black people and we need to accept that and keep it moving and build our communities and do for ourselves.

    1. Yep. The hardest part, though, is trying to concentrate on us when white racism finds ways of injecting itself into black communities in one form or another. White people have a habit of segregating themselves from us, but will still try to enter our livelihoods somehow or another.

      1. This is true and it’s something I’ve seen happen over and over again — blacks are not welcome in white spaces, but whites have a right to intrude into black spaces, presumably “to make sure the n*****s aren’t plotting behind their backs”.

        How to solve this problem? Perhaps the complete physical and social separation from whites (and the adoption of a second, completely distinct language to complete that separation). Maybe that’ll work. Maybe….

    2. The problem is global ‘white supremacy’. It makes people world with less than the white supremacy ideal of appearance succumb to having to fight and live by that awful POS standard. You solve that and alot things change. But they want to keep it that way.

  3. ” Black Folks, Stop Forgiving Racists And Trying To Reach Out To Them.”

    I feel you with this one. Ironically, my family and me had a discussion on the topic of forgiveness last night and my feelings about some people who I admit,have serious reservations about.One of them is my own dad.

    It wasn’t that long ago ( like 4 years ago ) that I spoke his name and though we talk..some..I still don’t trust him and some other members of his family. I only trust his brother.. my South Carolina.My mom would tell me to forgive him.” Why ?” I thought. This was a man who threw his then kids under the bus,who caused my brother to be a man at the age if 12 and wasnt man enough to say he was abandoning his family or worse he
    ” predisposed ” us ..especially ..with my eldest brother to the message ” Kids, it’s fine to run away from your families when times get hard * sarcasm *”. I almost missed out on him in the hospital as I didn’t want to see him,but my moms begging led me to do it and it softened my heart..a little.. not because he’s dad but in general, I hate to see people stuck in the hospital.With his illness,one would have thought it would have made him a better man but it barely has.He still don’t treat his kids or now his grandkids right.Mom still insist on forgiveness but I respectively told her that I haven’t trusted my father since he left his family and don’t trust him today and how I’m not setting myself to be anybody’s seconds to get hurt again.

    Its the same with White racists but unlike my dad,I will NEVER initiate anything with them. Im not giving them the liberty to supress my voice or for them to think its OK to continuously open up old wounds and think about this: when you continue to do such nothing heals and it get worse. I liken constant forgiveness to an abused wife/ husband. They hurt you,tell you to forgive them and they hurt you again until you get away from them or die from their abuse. You’re not going to get well by messing with a sore and it the same with forgiveness. The more you go back and forth doing it,the worse you’ll feel and you’ll never learn a lesson from their mistake.

    Far is how I see the gestures of Trevor Noah, he got to understand the dynamics of racism in the States.White American society’s idea of forgiveness isn’t God’s version of it. Forgiveness in the eyes of the White man is suppression and surrender. If they can get us to forgive then they’ll think that can shut us up and stop fighting injustice. Has forgiveness stopped police brutality, NoDapl,Islamophobia? No it haven’t. Besides ,White society never initiate forgiveness with Blacks,other POCs and religious minorities. God knows, we deserve forgiveness from them for the injustices inflicted on us.

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