Dylann Roof Found GUILTY in Charleston Shooting


Some black folks hope for the best, but expect the worst. I hoped Dylann Roof, the sonovabitch that murdered nine black church goers in Charleston, South Carolina more than a year ago, would be found guilty. But I expected the “justice” system to continue it’s primary programming against actual justice.

This is not one of those times. Dylann Roof has been found guilty on all counts and could face the death penalty.

The Washington Post reports:

After nearly a week of painful testimony that vividly re-created the massacre at this city’s famed Mother Emanuel church, it took jurors about two hours Thursday to convict Dylann Roof in his federal hate crimes trial.

Roof was charged with 33 counts in his federal indictment. He was found guilty on every single one. Family members of the nine parishioners gunned down last year nodded silently as each charge was read aloud. Some held hands, their eyes shut tightly, as each guilty verdict was announced in the courtroom just a mile from the church.

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Despite this being a hopeful case of justice actually being served, I advise not to get your hopes completely up when it comes to the system overall. Unless something similar happens – God forbid – it’s business as usual, the business of black oppression and white justice.


11 thoughts on “Dylann Roof Found GUILTY in Charleston Shooting

  1. South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, parts outside of Atlanta, Georgia. How do you people do it? (As in live there?) I would fill up gas and get the hell away as lawfully as I could.

    1. I’ve lived in California, Nevada and now in Georgia outside of Atlanta, and California is the only place I’ve ever experienced blatant racism. I’m sure there are places that are more racist than others, but I don’t think any person of color can truly escape it living in a country built from racism.

  2. As much as I have some disdain for the some or most of the mainstream I’m a sucker for kindness and don’t hold on to grudges (anger).. This kid however, he was welcomed with open arms and invited to learn and discuss or whatever and he still held on to that hate during the course of it all. There was no gratitude for open armed kindness… I’ve run into the mainstream that have behaved this way.. taking my time help out by drawing out maps or tell them detailed instructions or directions only to be spat at with a racial slur and or attempted physical violence. It’s a social pathic trait that one has to possess to behave this way and disregard any type of appreciation for being helped… It’s an amazing phenomenon indeed.

    1. A lot of men think and feel like Dylann, but Dylann was the only one with the balls to actually carry it out. Most guys like that are nothing but talk. But all in all, they are equally dangerous. The talkers influence others to think like them. And some of those fools will take out their hate in the most violent ways.

      1. I believe that PBT and Jason Black (TBA) are two different people. Thanks, Stephenie girl and Mary B. for watching the video.

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