Racist White Mother Goes Off On Black Father For Mixed Daughter’s Afrocentric Hairstyle

Wow! Just wow! White women are off the chain this year.

News is buzzing about an exchange between a black father and the mother of his daughter. The mom is white and, of course, the child is biracial. It seems to have started with the dad showing his baby’s mother a picture of their daughter’s hairstyle. I guess he was hoping for a positive response being told how adorable she is. And she is. She’s cute.

But not according to mommy dearest.

Mom went off on a racist, grammar, ruined misspelled rant about how ugly the hairstyle is, going so far as to how it’s ‘too black’, among other things. The father was composed and civil during the texting. But she went full white supremacist on him. Her white fragility was strong, not giving two damns how disgraceful she was disrespecting her own daughter.

You can see the argument below. The images came from Lisa a La Mode’s website:


Damn! A thousand damns! I guess having white physical qualities outweigh a mother’s unconditional love for her offspring.

What the hell did this brotha see in her? She’s a douche bag shoved up a constipated asshole. She probably just used the man to test that myth about black men being well hung. She didn’t want him. She wanted his dick. And out of that, she produced a child she evidently didn’t want, at least half of her.

She’s no mother. She’s a mutha…

Rejecting and condemning her own child and threatening her father, because she doesn’t have a Eurocentric hairstyle is a prime example of how strong the myth of white supremacy is for white folks. This just goes to show that some white women are that fucked up in the head, and men, especially black men, should stay the hell away from those types.


16 thoughts on “Racist White Mother Goes Off On Black Father For Mixed Daughter’s Afrocentric Hairstyle

  1. Wow. Well I have no sympathy for this guy. I’m pretty sure he knew what he was screwing, or maybe he has self hate issues himself. Smh

  2. This mother is going to screw up her kid by filling her with identify confusion and self-loathing . The daughter will be made to feel “not good enough,” and by the time she is old enough to realize it’s her mother’s problem, not hers, the emotional damage will have been done.

    1. That’s what worries me so much about this. She’s not mentally or emotionally mature enough to put her racism aside for the love of her child. I’ve known a lot of white mothers of biracial children. Not one of them was this cruel. And I’m sure some of them would tell this woman off for her behavior.

  3. Damn good post Brothawolf! This is exactly why us black men would do good to steer clear of white women. I was explaining it to a friend the other day. While white supremacy exists it is impossible to see white women as they really are.

    An attractive white women will ring Hollywood in your eyes no matter how “different” she seems. It’s white supremacy’s ultimate weapon. And it’s scary how effective it is. Look at this brother mentioned in the post, not even he saw this nastiness coming from his wife and he sure knows her pretty well. That’s just it: black men a lot of times give white women a pass on the whole racism thing when they are often times WORSE than white men with it. Shaking my head right now.

    I hope this post reaches a lot of eyes.

  4. I give zero damns about this stupid knee grow and this cave rat he is the type of coon that while he is smashing this trash talks reckless about black women. I feel sorry for the little girl because she will be messed up because of her stupid sorry excuse for a mother. These ignorant black men partnering up with these ain’t sh*t white women are going to learn.

  5. These black men and these rancid cave rats turn my stomach. That poor baby is going to be so messed up in the head. These stupid lawn jockeys know full and damn well who these trailer trash Beckys are but they are so stupid and will stick their peens in a glass of milk just because it’s white.

  6. Oooh..when I got a hold of that story,I was like ” I wish my brother would date a White woman like Nick”. I wouldn’t allow her 50 feet near me and would disown my brother for it.

    There is a lesson that should come out of this: if people think that its no big deal raising Black/ biracial / POC kids..they’re highly mistaken. The woman that he once dated is exactly why its highly important for KOC to have a healthy sense of who they are. With the mother of Nick’s daughter, its scary to know that her own mother HATES her. She( the mom) want her to embrace only her White ” half”. I’m sorry ,but she is not only half black,but a KOC..a kid of color. When you mix White with a darker paint,its no longer White.Her daughter isn’t White no matter how much denial that thing is in.

    I’m like some of you on here.I cannot see Nick not knowing his ex’s hate. While I was fortunate to have people to enforce love of my Blackness, its sad to see some others not. I mean, you have some guys and women who will downgrade their own people and let their non Black spouse do the same. I’ve often said this and will say it again, it mat be ” fun” when grown folks are doing it,but it’s not as fun when your kid put you down for being you. No telling what the little girls mother have said about Black people.

    I don’t know what kind of guy Nick is but in case he’s the kind of guy who acts like Tommy Sotomayor, neither one of them needs that child.If he didn’t know about his ex give,the kid to him and for sure get her educated about African American culture ASAP. .That kid certainly doesn’t need to be in her moms racists home that’s four sure.

  7. this “brother” is the coon in this situation. If he loved his blackness so much he would have procreated with a black woman who wouldn’t mind the braids.

    1. This Babatunde reads like a psychotic loon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Babatunde is in reality, a white woman. As for bookgoofall, you read like a tin hat adherent.


      Looks like you got another ‘fan’!

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