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Wow! Just wow! White women are off the chain this year.

News is buzzing about an exchange between a black father and the mother of his daughter. The mom is white and, of course, the child is biracial. It seems to have started with the dad showing his baby’s mother a picture of their daughter’s hairstyle. I guess he was hoping for a positive response being told how adorable she is. And she is. She’s cute.

But not according to mommy dearest.

Mom went off on a racist, grammar, ruined misspelled rant about how ugly the hairstyle is, going so far as to how it’s ‘too black’, among other things. The father was composed and civil during the texting. But she went full white supremacist on him. Her white fragility was strong, not giving two damns how disgraceful she was disrespecting her own daughter.

You can see the argument below. The images came from Lisa a La Mode’s website:


Damn! A thousand damns! I guess having white physical qualities outweigh a mother’s unconditional love for her offspring.

What the hell did this brotha see in her? She’s a douche bag shoved up a constipated asshole. She probably just used the man to test that myth about black men being well hung. She didn’t want him. She wanted his dick. And out of that, she produced a child she evidently didn’t want, at least half of her.

She’s no mother. She’s a mutha…

Rejecting and condemning her own child and threatening her father, because she doesn’t have a Eurocentric hairstyle is a prime example of how strong the myth of white supremacy is for white folks. This just goes to show that some white women are that fucked up in the head, and men, especially black men, should stay the hell away from those types.