Racial Hoaxes and White Sacrifice: The Unspoken Commonality


Before getting to the core of the topic, I would like to briefly point out that when you type ‘Racial Hoax’ in the Google search engine, the first dozen links are to right wing and white supremacist websites where the short description is about how a racial hoax somewhere have been committed by black folks. Even at the bottom where there are search related topics, one of them says ‘racial hoaxes are most often portrayed by African Americans’. Beyond those dozen are even more links blaming black folks and Black Lives Matter for racial hoaxes against white people.

This isn’t to say that there haven’t been such cases. However, it’s grossly inaccurate – a big fat racist lie – to depict racial hoaxes as shit that mostly black people do.

Criminologist and law school Professor Katheryn Russell-Brown explains during an interview with NPR while discussing what racial hoaxes involve:

Actually, the majority of the hoaxes involve someone white falsely claiming they were harmed by someone black. In terms of gender, about a third of the cases involve women. And with regard to the type of hoax – ’cause I divide the hoaxes into two types: one, where there’s a cover-up of an actual crime, and then the second type, where the hoax is used just really as a matter of convenience. It’s not covering up anything, but the person may want time off from work, may not want to get in trouble for curfew, may be hiding something. But they are most frequently used to allege or to cover up an assault, a murder or rape.

…Primarily it is the African-American male. And I describe it as the criminalblackman – you know, one sort of run-on word because they are the key targets of the hoaxes. And not surprisingly because across race, most people fear young, African-American males. And hoaxes are a way of tapping into that fear and at the same time, garnering or attempting to garner some kind of sympathy for the person who is using the hoax.

As stated earlier, the majority of these cases involve white people blaming phantom black criminals. In most of those cases, white people have harmed or murdered other white people or have harmed themselves for some purpose. And in most cases, the imaginary perpetrator is mostly a young black male. There have been exceptions of course, but black people, not individual black people, are suspect to where police diligently and frantically search for the one or ones responsible.

In other words, crime against white people by other white people or self-mutilation is pathetically covered up with black suspects that never existed. The people who suffer the most are black communities until the crime’s revealed as a cover-up. And even after the jig is up, as they used to say, there isn’t so much as an apology from the police, the fraudster or even the white community.

Yet, black folks are further feared and hated regardless, kept under surveillance in case something actually does happen. At the same time, the white folks who turned out to be not just liars but killers or mentally unstable, especially if they’ve harmed themselves, are individually scrutinized briefly before there’s a push to explain why they screwed up. Hardly is there a conversation as to why they picked black people as the go-to scapegoat for their concealment of their crimes. And don’t expect any discussion as to why they harmed and murdered other white people. As seen with Google Search, one reaction is to highlight racial hoaxes involving black folks and list only those. You know, it’s to avoid and deny that there aren’t any pathologies plaguing the psychological state of white folks.

Yes, they are singular cases by fuck-ups covering their own asses. But it happens often. Yet, with white privilege always around, it’s never considered a white problem.

It’s a sound conclusion to say that in order for white supremacy, rooted in fear and hate, to thrive, there must be white people to harm or kill, even if those victims are white themselves. There must be something or someone to blame that doesn’t disrupt the paradigm of existential white innocence. In most cases it’s black people, white supremacy’s perceived opposite of innocence. It’s ironic that white people must die in order for whiteness to continue.


3 thoughts on “Racial Hoaxes and White Sacrifice: The Unspoken Commonality

  1. Exactly! If white people are willing to throw their own underneath the bus to preserve white supremacy, I don’t know what makes black people think our lives would matter to such people.

    It’s been damn near twenty years and I’m still mad at Susan Smith for the shot she pulled. I know people who are still mad about Emmett Till. (How the they gonna claim we mad about slavery, when we have plenty of examples of white peoples most recent wtf***ery, to be mad about?)

  2. I think the blaming of “the black perpetrator” can be traced since before the Civil War. Then it became a common practice during the Klan Campaign Era through out Jim Crow to blame a marginalized and brutalized peoples that had almost no rights for their existence. The remnants that effect today is easily observed but forgone on are the references to the true origins.

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