Quick Thought: Dylann Roof’s Trial Begins

The trial of Dylann Roof has started. For those not in the know, Roof is the young young male supremacist that opened fire in the Emmanuel A. M. E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina killing nine people, all of them black, on a June evening 2015. He faces a total of 33 charges. His jury consists of nine whites and three blacks. If convicted, he could face the death penalty.

In all honestly, what took place in Charleston last year was perhaps the worst example of modern racial hatred I’ve seen in my lifetime. I doubt it would be the last or even the worst. Events like what happened that night will happen again so long as denial and undeserved sympathy to devils continue to justify and excuse violence against black people.

As you’ve read, the jury is mostly white, and I’m admittedly concerned with the outcome of the trial. I’m worried that this will somehow or another go in favor of the defendant (Dylann Roof). And black people have damn good reasons to be worried.

Let’s see where this road goes. Will justice be served, or will whiteness triumph yet again? Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Quick Thought: Dylann Roof’s Trial Begins

  1. ” I’m admittedly concerned with the outcome of the trial”

    With all of these disappointing outcomes of these trials,I’ve gotten to a point where,I’ve grown indifferent about trial with White killers vs Black victims, not because I’m unsympathetic to victims of Dylan’s wrath…my heart continues to go out to his victims,but with all due respect,I cannot trust an all White jury.Historically, they rarely made fair verdicts on cases like this. We just looked at the Walter Scott case not long ago.What should have been a conviction for Michael Slater turned out to be Mike’s ” lucky ” day.

    Supposedly, he will be retried,but I’m not counting on a conviction. White society will do anything to keep one of their own from getting locked up against a Black/POC. According to their status quo,Black/POC people have to go to jail/ prison against a White person but its the reverse for them.

    ” Well Daniel Holtzclaw have to serve 263 years for raping his Black victims ” some will argue. Sure,when the bastard was convicted, I was happy about it but at the same time disappointed . Daniel is a a mixed raced Asian/ White guy. Would he have went to prison ..especially.. for 263 years if he would have been all White? I doubt it. I can think of cases where Black women were raped by White men and justice still haven’t been served to them as of yet. Even though Daniel is supposed to be in prison, the OKPD and the prison system is still trying to harass them by not telling them about his location and his sister going on conservative shows creating fake news about her brothers * cough* innocence.

    Nope, in spite of Dylanns diabolical actions, I wouldn’t be surprised if a mistrial..or even ..innocence will be declared in this case. History is why I will never put my faith in a mostly/ all White jury convicting an a White suspect with Black victims.I’m sorry,I just can’t.

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