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This isn’t a powerful blog post with deep logic or brilliant points. In fact, I think other writers and bloggers have said the same thing, but with more finesse. I’m not even going to try to link to other articles, because I’m confident that those who read it have the know-how to research themselves. Instead, I’ll just keep it short and sweet and cut straight to the chase, because it’s a fact of life and common sense.

Racism exists in this land. That’s not an opinion or up for debate. It’s fact. It’s proven. It’s common knowledge. People of color (POC) are the targets and have been for what seems like eons.

So, those who still deny that it exists sound like a complete and cowardly dumbass.

I’ve had people tell me how it’s no longer an issue for POC, especially black folks. Despite truckloads of evidence to the contrary, they insist that racism is no longer at play. It’s always something else at work.

So, when police walk away after killing unarmed black folks, a pipeline threatens the land settled by Native Americans, cops are ordered to stop and frisk people of African and Latino descent, a white man guns down churchgoers and a bunch of other bullshit based on the unchecked fears and hatred of POC, no one should say a word how race was a factor in all those and more?

Fuck that, and fuck you too, racism deniers!

Here’s the deal. POC have been victims of racism for centuries. They are still victims of racism. So, they know what it is, what it can be and how to deal with it. They aren’t stupid enough to take the word of a denier portraying the role of a clueless moron.

Even some white people aren’t afraid to know that racism exists and that they benefit greatly from it. And they know the racism deniers are full of it.

So, to those of you who claim to be alt-right members, race realists or whatever pet name you want to call yourselves to avoid being called what you really are, and those who deny that racism is still a problem, you’re really just being scared. You are racists. This country is racist. Plain and simple. You’re just too cowardly to admit either or both.