My article got a website hacked by racist Trump followers

I’ve been informed that the popular blog The Intersection of Madness and Reality (IMR) has been shut down due to hackers. I’ve been told by fellow blogger and good friend Rippa, the owner and operator, that it was due to an article I wrote.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the call for people to empathize with the white working class who voted for President-elect Donald Trump and who continuously vote against their best interests. I expanded on that issue to include white women and college education white folks. And I also talked about how bogus it is that black folks should feel for those that don’t feel for them. You can read about it here.

I copied and pasted the article on IMR. Naturally, it got mixed responses. A couple of people claiming to be white agreed and are also sick of such foolishness. But a couple of people brought their foolishness with them, being perfect examples of why people are sick of their stupidity.

Apparently, people were angry enough to do something about it. They hacked the website causing it to shut down. Hopefully, it will be back up soon.

I apologize to Rippa and the writers of IMR that their website was attacked. However, and Rippa will agree, I can’t and won’t apologize for what I wrote.

One of the things racist white people love to do is negate causes for the anger and frustrations felt by people of color (POC). It’s because they’re they know their people, histories and systems are the direct and indirect causes for most of the issues POC continue facing. Instead, they engage in victim blaming, highlighting their faults as if they caused their own oppression. They’re too cowardly to admit racism exist and that they may be racists themselves. That’s why some of them refer to themselves as the alt-right or race realists instead of what they are: racists, white nationalists, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, etc.

The jackoffs who hacked IMR have proven that they are deplorable. They don’t want to be better people. Being white and thinking that that’s superior to everyone else is too great to lose. And they will tear the world to shreds so white supremacy can thrive. White fragility is a lethal weapon. Let humanity be damned.


5 thoughts on “My article got a website hacked by racist Trump followers

  1. Well said. I would only make one correction. In your last paragraph, you wrote, “Being white and superior is too great to lose.” I would have said, “Being white and IMAGINING ONE IS superior is too much to lose.” There is nothing superior about Whiteness — as those who did this have so clearly demonstrated.

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