To Those Who Think POC, Muslims, Women and the LGBT Shouldn’t Worry About a Trump Presidency

Many people are scared as shit right now. And it’s because a known racist, misogynist, etc. etc. has been elected as the next President of the United States. This past Tuesday November 8th, Donald Trump won the Presidential election, and it has a lot of folks on edge, to say the least.

But some people, most of them Trump voters and supporters, think those folks are making a big deal about nothing. Of course, many of those who are worried are people of color (POC). And unless you’ve been asleep for the past year, you would be familiar of Trump’s examples of racism.

Apparently, some have been asleep. One such person is a commenter whom I’ve banned, but can’t keep himself away from this blog. Yet, he felt the need to respond to my reaction to Trump’s victory. Here’s what he wrote before I marked it as spam:

Temporarily unbanning myself:
Hahaha, a bit dramatic now Brothawolf ain’t we! Look, regain your composure, stop dreaming end-times scenarios and acting like you’re going to have a hear attack and come to the realization that your life will go one as before, more or less. Be a sport and not a drama king, whadaya say? OK, I’m out, peace Brothawolf.
Rebanning in progress.

I don’t know if this is his way of telling me that everything will be alright, or if he was just fucking with me. Either way, he’s pretty much saying that my fears – the fears of POC in America aren’t merited. And frankly, I’m too worn out by racist fuckery to care about what he thinks or feels.

He is but one of many who can’t or won’t understand why a Trump Administration would and should frighten certain people. For him and others who don’t know why and would like proof of a possible turbulent period for POC, Muslims, women and others, here are a few examples – so far:


This was tweeted by Yarden Katz who witnessed the exchanged. Although it wasn’t physical, emotional damage can be traumatizing. And no doubt, the victim is hurting inside.

cw3dcryuaaadoccThis next incident was tweeted by Ahmed Koala. Though one of the suspects is a Hispanic male, it shows how powerful this madness can be.


This was tweeted by NY Daily News writer Shaun King who’s been actively monitoring incidents of hate before and after Trump’s victory. Although some will deny that this has anything to do with Trump, let’s remind you of his proclamation of building a wall to keep Illegals out.

There are more tweets of such hate-fueled incidents in Al Jazeera’s article, and like the title says, it’s on the rise.

At the University of Pennsylvania, there are reports from black freshmen receiving hateful and violent messages and images on their phones after they were added to a racist GroupMe account.

A student at a Minnesota high school was shocked when he saw racist graffiti inside a bathroom, including one that reads ‘#GoBackToAfrica, #Whitesonly’ and of course ‘Trump’ See the images below.

cw25zc6xgaut9wd cw25zczxgaa-9hmIn Durham, North Carolina, someone spray painted, “Black lives don’t matter and neither does your votes” on a side of a wall.

A San Jose State University student was attacked by a fair-skinned male who tried to pull her head scarf causing her to lose balance choking her in the process.

Two students from Babson College drove around the campus Wellesley College harassing black female students. The two students were young white male Trump fans. They are facing charges, but it’s reported that the duo was not apologetic, to say the least. Here are their faces:

edward parker

The next three images are posted by Shaun King on his Facebook page. These are a series of Facebook messages from students at York Tech High School detailing racist chants, Trump-sign waving, ‘white power’ yells, sexual assault and brutal fights:

fb fb2 fb3 fb4

There are reports of gay slurs, racist insults and Nazi salutes yelling in the halls at Southern Lehigh High School.

In Santa Monica, California, a gay man from Canada was brutally attacked by who was reported as Trump supporters. Here’s a graphic image of the victim after the attack as well as a description as to what happened:


These are a few incidents reported that occurred after Trump’s win with more to come. In most of these reports alone, the suspects are described as supporters of Trump.

But one thing that must be clear is that racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, xenophobia and the like have been here long before Trump’s rise to political power. However, his campaign has been fear-based, violence induced and hate filled. So, he’s not actually innocent. In fact, he’s far from innocent. And he has yet to so much as acknowledge these episodes.

It doesn’t matter that these are ‘isolated incidents’, done by individuals and that Trump is not directly responsible. It didn’t matter to the victims and their friends and families. They were attacked, easily swayed by hatred, the hatred constantly swept under the rug and justified for generations but found ways of escaping for all the world to see. And hearing about these events only shows that a Trump Presidency will help fuel more of the same.

And anyone else who isn’t a straight, white Christian male could be next.

Recently, Kansas’ Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been named as a part of the transition team. Daily Kos reports that Kobach is one America’s most racist politicians. He was the man behind SB 1070 which gave police a right to stop, detain and prove your citizenship if you have brown skin and an accent. He’s also connected to what the Southern Poverty Law Center lists as a hate group, has been a speaker for a white nationalist workshop and is known for being dedicated for making sure minorities, women and low-income citizens can’t vote. And this is the man the President-elect wants in his circle.

So, tell me again, why shouldn’t we worry?


13 thoughts on “To Those Who Think POC, Muslims, Women and the LGBT Shouldn’t Worry About a Trump Presidency

  1. This is disgusting! This happened in the U.K. after the Brexit vote, too.

    Here are these videos:

    Warning — these videos contain some profanity. Enjoy! 😀

  2. And you have far too many White liberals running away from this, too; they are too busy blaming “Clinton’s economic agenda” (which you never heard Trump talking about it during the election – except for a brief mention of “trade deals” without ever mentioning Clinton) or the “lack of enthusiasm for Hillary” (while trying to find some way to poo-poo the fact that Hillary won the popular vote). And some have even gone as far as to blame Black voters (using talking points that were discredited during the Dem Primary, on top of that) for the election of Trump.

    Lots of these liberals (and progressives, too) dance around the fact that White men and White women were the only demographic blocs that voted in majorities for Trump. They never talk about the vote suppression efforts by the GOP in the “key” states that Trump eked victories out of. Because facts like those get in the way of their “Sanders could have beaten Trump” narrative in an effort to bury Hillary Clinton once and for all.

    The last time such White libs and progs were this useless was back in 2000, although their behavior in 2008 (regarding California’s Prop 8) is definitely Top 10 in that regard. Because, once again, any blaming that does not involve actual White voters voting against the interests of non-White people is made paramount.

    Sorry for the rant. Just tired of reading things that aren’t backed by facts on the ground.

  3. Those poor white folks need to realize all Trump wanted was their votes, he gives zero damns about them and their plight will not improve with Trump as president.

    1. “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” ~ LYNDON B. JOHNSON, 1960, remark to Bill Moyers, “What a Real President Was Like,” Washington Post, 13 November 1988

      This is the mentality of Trump.

  4. Hate won there is much to be concerned about because as a people we need to find ways to navigate through these four years of this foul beast and his administration.

  5. Meanwhile, thousands of people, including Clinton supporters, are hysterically outraged about protesters burning flags. Not peep on social media about actual oppression against real human beings though.

  6. These Trump followers are really getting ahead of themselves aren’t they?

    They could care less of POCs and other minorities. If White women can throw our and their needs under the bus,it really shows you how much they care about us. I was never a N.O.W.feminist from the beginning, became angry when they displayed their apathy at WOC murder victims but they really ” showed ” out when they threw their support for Trump.It really disgusted me to the core. Supposedly, their having a Million Woman March in Washington DC. Ain’t that something?! Black women are being invited to that farce of gathering. Unless I’m visiting DC to visit my kinfolks, they can have it. I will never support faux feminism.

    I was looking at the woman wearing a Trump Can Grab My Pussy shirt( Disgusting!) Right now,they’re living on sunshine,like they smoked joint or something. Temporarily, it feels great but when they began to sober up ,they will realize that Trump’s who presidency will be nothing but a big fat headache and a joke. If they think that Trump is bad,they should check his new senior advisor, Steve Bannon. Not only is he a hyperracist ,but he’s a wife abuser,anti Semitic and sexist.According to a reporter,he wants to destroy the current Washington establishment.. Democrats ,Republicans and any other political party.Though now Steve denies it,I don’t think that the reporter lied about it.Trump pretty much said he wanted the same.

    Though I will never call Trump my president, I believe that his followers have..and will be taken for a nice ride to deception. It’s the little things that he’s doing now ( eg reneging on some of campaign promises) though he may also be trying to do the same with us..but that’s something we already know.

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