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Racism Review pointed out that more white women voted for Donald Trump than for Hillary Clinton. Granted, I haven’t truly supported Clinton, and I’ve made it clear, I was – at first – perplexed as to why on Earth any woman would want to support Trump.

But then, data showed up that more white women wanted to make America great again as opposed to wanting to be stronger together. Why?

It has been proven that Trump is a misogynist and a serial sexual predator. No woman in their right mind would stand with him. But sadly, whiteness trumped common sense this November.

Some white women rationalized Trump’s sexism. Some white women supported him because to them, he seemed real and non-political. And then, there’s the ‘wanting to take the country back‘ thing.

Nothing else could explain this fuckery other than white racial solidarity. White women placed whiteness ahead of feminism. I’m no expert, but I would imagine feminists would rather die a million painful deaths than side with a vulgar sexist. But the white female voters for Trump didn’t give a damn about women’s rights. Some think it’s a bunch of baloney (internalized misogyny). All they want is whiteness to return to the white house. And whiteness won. Women lost.