Angry White Male Resentment Won: Donald Trump Is President-Elect


Donald Trump won the Presidency. Let me repeat it. Donald fucking Trump won the gotdamn Presidency. No matter how many times I type it and say it in my head, I can’t process it. It’s not too surprising. But it’s still frightening as hell.

I’ll say it again. Trump won! And racism won. Sexism and misogyny won! Islamophobia won! Intolerance won! Ignorance won! Hate won! Angry whiteness won! It always wins when white privilege loses.

I hope you Trump supporters are elated with joy. Your hero and his family will be living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. But most of all, that Kenyan, socialist porch monkey and his n*gger brood that you blame everything on will be leaving out of office in January and your fears that a woman will be President are put to rest for the next four years.

Your wish came true. So, celebrate. Get drunk. And thank your white male God that he answered your prayers.

In the meantime, I’ll contemplate how the future will look for me and my people, Muslims, women, the poor, the disabled, and anyone else targeted by hate, especially since the dawn of Trump’s campaign. And right now, I’m shaking in fear.

I fear for the lives of the people Trump spoke poorly about. I fear for the people Trump seems determined to keep out of this nation. I fear for the people Trump wants to police. I fear for the people Trump considers as nothing more than sexual devices designed for his amusement. I fear for the people who will not benefit from a Trump administration. And yet, some will walk through hell wearing gasoline draws for him. And I fear for the people who will somehow or another die from this.

America has shown how regressed on the evolutionary scale it is. When you have a nation swathed with people governed by hatred, ignorance and fear, and are seemingly proud of it, it shows how shitty this country really is. A man known for his racist views, Islamophobic-based politics, rampant egotism, blatant ignorance of the world itself much less how politics operate, disturbing misogyny that he has gotten away from for decades and a hair trigger temper that could plunge this world into total chaos is now the Commander-in-Chief of a nation stricken with those problems and is too cowardly to admit that they exist.


Because Donald Trump is the white man it wants after eight years of Barack Obama. He’s the white male savior that will rescue the white race from the jaws of political correctness and equality. He’s the face that America wants, because America doesn’t want to wake the fuck up.

We joke about leaving the country should Trump be elected into office. We didn’t think it would happen. But it did. We got a rude awakening. Our worst fears have come true. The nightmare is real.

Will Trump prove me wrong? I doubt it. Will more people awaken? I don’t think so. We’ll have to see what the future holds and prepare ourselves for what may come.

While male supremacy is back in office with white male privilege as his Vice President.


11 thoughts on “Angry White Male Resentment Won: Donald Trump Is President-Elect

  1. Well, his supporters are going to start feeling the effects almost immediately. The Dow just dropped 700 points.

    So! Good for them.

    My only consolation will be watching them slowly realize just how much they’ve fucked themselves over for the next four years. Yeah, black people and others gonna catch hell, but we’ve survived hell before. We gon’be aiiight!

    But I got not one damn ounce of sympathy for not one white person, whose life gets f*ed over by Trump.

    Everything that’s about to happen to them, can be laid at their own feet.

  2. I didn’t want want to say this because I wanted to be hopeful.. and because I had some some strange ” signs ” to that I seen before the elections.

    When we all seen Donald Trump declare his candidacy for running for president,she just lightly jolted and said ” Donald is going to be president “! No my mom isn’t a psychic, medium or have ESP. She is like the next person who has ” bad” feeling about something.She is also a Demo..anything but Republican. My brother and I was like ” It’s going to be OK.Remember when Obama ran for a second term and you said the same and he won?”. I tried to keep that same optimism…thinking that maybe Obama’s entrance symbolized that a woman..or maybe another minority to come after him,but for the last week ,I didn’t mention it on here because I didn’t want to spoil our days…or not looking before I leaped,but my optimism for Hillarys possible win slowly diminished for the weirdest reason.

    For a while,I prayed for the elections and I asked for ” signs ” to indicate how the elections was going to go. Though I’m not susperstious ,may I say that signs I has wasn’t good. A constantly barking dog,a fly that I couldn’t get rid of..up until now..would fly inside of my house and I read an article about the ususual rise of two headed sharks ( they said it,not me )..all of that weird stuff. I don’t know about other people, but to me , none of those things are beautiful or symbolic of prosperity but I didn’t want to accept it .After all, good things have taken place at the last minute.

    Unfortunately, our nightmare have become to life. I was hoping that I would still see a Hillary win,but that night wouldn’t come. I had all sort of mixed feelings : sadness,anger and oddly..peace.No, I would have preferred for Hillary to be in the oval office,but you can’t beat a dead horse.

    Though uncertainties lies upon us,I’m going to be determined not to let this bring me down and I’m hoping that we all can regroup and do the same. It can be difficult ,may have to convince yourself that you’re better than your oppressors and yes Donald is now president, but I wouldn’t want to quit my life because him.He uses fear mongering to empower himself, if I quit my life because because of fear,then he have already won phase 2.

    Although he won, I still have to hope that there an unexpected good end will happen in spite of Donald’s win! Sometimes things happen for a reason and what seem like the worst thing that happens may have an unexpected great answer underneath . We as minorities have been through a lot and overcame those obstacles. I hope that well be able to do the same again.

  3. Hey man…I don’t want to take up your space or compare or anything, but just in commiseration: I wanted to let you know my big brother and I (both white guys) had almost the exact same rant to each other at about 2 a.m. last night. Much the same verbiage actually. I feel ill that we’ve fucking come to this. I mean, how in all the coldest of hells???
    Anyway, don’t want to impose myself or pretend my stakes are as high as yours; just read your post and wanted to say you articulated my feelings about it pretty damn accurately, despite our differences. What the holy fuck.
    Much peace, if you can find it.

    1. This says a lot about these pieces of shit. They’d forgo free of cheap health care, better educationsl prospects in other words their own well being in order to preserve their fragile egos_white supremacy.

  4. A lot of Trump people on my social media think it’s all light, fluffy stuff about safe spaces and political correctness. There’s nothing you can do to make people understand that real human beings are under real threat when a demagogue stirs racial and religious hatred. Maybe Trump means it or maybe he just said that stuff because he’s a soulless monster who would do anything to get votes. But his angry racist followers hear it as a rallying cry to go on the attack.

    I’m running across Trump followers who say “I don’t hate minorities. Stop saying I hate minorities.” Yeah, but you don’t give a crap about what happens to them, so what’s the difference?

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