Your Thoughts: The Upcoming Presidential Election


It’s that time of year again. A new president will be decided Tuesday. What are your thoughts and opinions on this year’s election? .

But first, I want to give my brief opinion.

I’ve honestly never been so nervous about an election as major as this one. And it’s because of who’s running. I’ve voted. But for me, it was like deciding between the electric chair and lethal injection. Donald Trump represents the chair while Hillary Clinton represents injection. The former is more painful while the latter is more subtle. And I prefer to die in my sleep than shocked to death.

In one corner, you have a candidate with a scandal revolving around possibly questionable emails and whose husband had a scandal or two of his own during his active political career. Not to mention her position on race, class and gender leave plenty to be desired.

In the other corner, you have a racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, ignorant sexual predator whose platform revolves around fear and hate. And his fan base and potential voters – more or less – share the same loathsome views and possess similar pathetic traits as he does and are proud – violently proud of it.

So, it’s safe to say that one way or another, certain people will be screwed either way after January 2017.

I’m honestly not a huge supporter of Clinton. And I damn sure can’t stand Trump. But out of the two, she seems to be the preferable candidate out of the two. I guess American didn’t think Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren was the ideal choice.

I don’t really care about either democrat or republican party as they are both ass-kissers for the immensely powerful, vastly wealthy and overprivileged. But in the end, America decided that these two are the best representatives for this nation. So, it’s getting what it wants, and in the end, it deserves whatever it gets.

What do you think of the candidates? Don’t hold back. Exhale in the comment section your brash honesty.


6 thoughts on “Your Thoughts: The Upcoming Presidential Election

  1. Unbanning myself, temporarily:

    I think life will, more or less, go on as before. Most of the hubbub had been just that. Not a fan of the parties or candidates in general. Whatever.

    Rebanning in progress, good evening everyone.

  2. I am honestly not experiencing the levels of angst you’re experiencing about this election, because for me it doesn’t boil down to who I like more, but who is more qualified to do this job and nothing I’ve seen from Trump makes me think he is qualified to do anything more complicated than crayon drawing.
    I am experiencing some degree of angst because I hope Trump doesn’t win, or anybody not white (and probably more than a few white people) are going to catch Hell. And if he loses, we’re still gonna catch it, because his followers will be mad that he lost. Ultimately it doesn’t matter what we do, we’re gonna catch some shit, and there is a significant portion of that shit that has nothing at all to do with Hilary.

    I’m more upset about his followers, and that there are so many thousands of people willing to throw minorities under the bus, and burn this country to the ground just because they feel some kind of way about minorities. It’s my understanding that the ground level of his support isn’t even poor whites, but middle and upper middle class whites. The poor and uneducated I could probably understand why their mad but these people…..? These people really do believe that we’re taking over this country, and rather than let us have it, and lose power, they’d rather destroy it, I guess. And as time moves forward, and not enough of them are dying off, they’re going to become even more increasingly unhinged.

    Liking Hilary is the very least of my concerns.

  3. Mr. wolf, I am really disappointed in your lack of political acquirement. The fact that you even mentioned that worthless, politically motivated nonsense over the emails furthermore tells me that you are not too much caught up or all that interested in learning or knowing why Trump is a bad decision for the entire planet, let alone that Mrs. Clinton is far more qualified than Trump. Did you watch any of the debates? If you had done any research and not just watch CNN, you would know without any doubt that Mrs. Clinton is the obvious choice. Remember, any vote for anyone other than former Secretary Clinton is a vote for Trump. A non vote is a vote for Trump.

    1. OverTymeMusic,

      I’ve never said that HRC wasn’t qualified for the job. Yes, I mentioned the emails as suspect along with her stance on issues pertaining to race and gender, because I’m weary of ANY candidate running for office.

      Also, I gave a brief summary as to why Trump is an even worse choice.

      I’ve watched the debates, and HRC was clearly the more mature and aware of the two. STILL, I question her plans should she be elected in office as much as I question Trump’s. And this is more than just about watching debates to get your info. It’s also about digging up some stories about both candidates. Maybe, HRC is the better choice, but she’s NOT the perfect choice. And if these two are the best this country wants, then maybe – just maybe – we need to question why we can’t do better.

      By the way, I did vote. And I made that implication in the post.

  4. I voted last week.

    I feel you. In my 40 something years being on this earth, never have I felt so mentally drained in my life. I liken this to placing a bet at a casino..risking it all for some prosperity. I rather have a dog run for president than Donald Trump. The man talks diabolical.Sometimes I have wondered if he’s intentionally trying to make Hillary? It would be nice if he did. After all,they were once friends,but I don’t think so.

    I also thought about a tidbit that I read about Trump’s late father. Supposedly, he died of Alzheimer’s disease around the same age that he is today ( 70). Although he claims that he’s in good health, on has to wonder about the truth. He certainly don’t act like he has any sense.I wouldn’t wish any body I’ll will,but in case he’s coming down with it,may be than let him go. When Ronald Reagan came down with it,they the Whitehouse rightfully told him to stop.I may not been a fan of his,but at least with Reagan,he wasn’t as sinister and dangerously as Trump.

    I’m trying to keep my head up,finding inspiration from my bible and just being reminded that Trump isn’t above god and won’t let me down.For these elections his help in certainty needed.

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