Quick Thoughts: Police Shooting and Church Burning Done by Trump Supporting Suspects


Whenever police are ambushed, and the suspect(s) are black, there’s a rush to try to pin the shooting on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. But what happens when the shooter is white?

For one thing, he gets taken alive. White privilege is a powerful shield.

The Daily Kos reports:

I woke up to the news this morning that two Iowa police offers were shot and killed overnight, ambush-style. As of 9am ET, the gunman was still on the loose. Predictably, the comments to any news story about this were disgusting, and many comments were aimed at blaming #BlackLivesMatter for the shootings.

I’m going to assume that the hateful anti-BLM comments were made prior to the revelation of who the gunman is. It turns out the suspect is Scott Michael Greene, a white dude who got pissed off for being to told to stop waving his Confederate flag in front of black folks at a football game.

Oh, and he supports Donald Trump.

And speaking of the civility of those who plan to vote for Trump in a few days, we have this story out of Greenville, Mississippi where the Hopewell MB caught on fire. Not only that, it was vandalized. Someone left their mark by spray painting two words on the side of the church: Vote Trump.

It’s clear that most of potential Trump voters not only share his traits and beliefs, but are just plain savages who would throw their feces at people if they wanted to. If Trump wins, then his screw-up followers will win too. This is why voting next week is essentially vital. These “people”, and use that term very loosely must not win.

One more thing. Those who still insist that the Iowa police shooter is a BLM supporter, must still haven’t bothered to research to find his true identity and background. I bet some who do will change their tune and either praise him for his ‘patriotism’ or curse out the so-called ‘liberal media’ for racism against white people. Or maybe they would get quiet after embarrassing themselves. Worst yet, they would still find ways to blame BLM for the shootings showing off their ignorance and hatred. And I can guess that they are likely Trump supporters themselves.


5 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Police Shooting and Church Burning Done by Trump Supporting Suspects

  1. It’s interesting how White people can assume..or rather want to..assume that the cop killer as a Black BLM’er. They act as police brutality just started in 2016. it has been a long going problem since police was first organized. It’s like they blame Black on Black crime on rap music,even though official rap music began in the 1970’s and wasn’t hard core.

    For once..just once..can White apologists just own up to their societal responsibilties of racism? They want to blame every other race for racism, except themselves. BLM or no other civil rights/human rights group are responsible for what that men did. He was evil. If his own mother had to get a restraining order on him, that should tell cops his state of mind.. Supposedly of BLM influence people to ” commit ” violence against cops..shouldn’t the same be said about them beating innocent people we..like this man..is influenced by Donald Trump?

    When I seen that Black church burned down in Mississippi,it was rather ironic what the potential suspect will be facing. Not only will he/she be facing the possibility of a hate crime,but they may also be facing voter intimidation violations. Honestly, I didn’t think that they would catch on to that.. Recently, there was an article where people would use racist code words to describe races of people on their websites. To me, their attempts at anonymity was not only juvenile,but not well covered..as like always.Black folk is figuring them out. I guess the dummy didn’t think that spraying ” Vote Trump” on the church would count as voter intimidation. I didn’t always know that.

    It’s funny how several months ago, the world was in Brazil and how some people referred to the Rio de Janeiro as a ” sh–hole”. Brazil may have their own share of racial/social/economic/political issues there,but one may also say that the United States is the same. Sure, we may be economically better than some other countries but in some of those same sh–holes, you sometimes find people being more peaceful and content with their lives than some North Americans. With all of this racism, economic uncertainty and political turmoil, it has been extremely chaotic and stressful to the point where there are people wondering if the idea of the United States is truly the land of the free( We Black folks already know the answer to that one.) because as of now..we’re not portraying ourselves in that light.

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