When Cops Attack Cops: Off-Duty Cop Attacked By Police

If blue lives truly mattered, the police seem to be doing a poor job setting that example among themselves. It’s been said millions of times that there are good, descent cops out there. It’s usually used by supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement to explain that they’re not anti-police. Yet, it still falls on deaf ears. People still think the movement is anti-police and even anti-white.

But what happens when cops go after other cops and brutalize them as they would certain civilians, the black, brown and even poor white varieties? We know why black and brown folks are targeted so much. “We fit the description. We look suspicious.” But what if it happens to a cop for the same reasons?

Oh wait! It has.

A police officer, Robert Parker, in Temple Hills, Maryland was assaulted by another police officer, because he fitted the description of a shooting suspect. He’s a black male wearing a hoodie and blue jeans. Parker is also a black male wearing a hoodie and blue jeans. Case closed.

Fox 5 News reports:

Parker, who is assigned to Harbor Patrol as a diver, says he was thrown to the ground and punched in the head, even as he was identifying himself as an officer, obeying all commands.

“And I can’t remember if I said okay or was just kind of baffled at the moment, and he walked up to me and he started patting me down and I’m just thinking, is this really happening? Because I know the protocol because I’m a police officer,” Parker told FOX 5’s Paul Wagner. “He reaches around and feels my sidearm, my firearm and I look at him and I see the look in his eye and I say, ‘I’m the police.’ I’m literally slammed. I went to the ground I kept saying, ‘I’m the police, I’m the police.’ There were two other officers there. I felt their presence and they placed me in handcuffs, and then somebody hit me in the right side of my face.”

Parker says he wasn’t resisting and felt the take down and punch were totally unwarranted. He says he hates to pull the race card, but believes had he been white, the take down and what he views as excessive force would not have happened.

Gee, you think?

During the incident, Parker says he injured his wrist and went for treatment at the police and fire clinic as well as a hospital emergency room.

It should be noted that the officer in question is also a black male. But a cop is a cop, and black men are still subjected to police brutality even if some of them are cops themselves.

Naturally, the police department defended the officer, the one who physically assaulted Parker while Parker has to deal with his injuries.

It sucks to have this looming cloud of suspicion always with you, because of what you are. You’re a black male, and thus, you’re up to something no good. You’re guilty of something. You have to be. You ‘look’ suspicious. Society’s hangup with the criminal black male stereotype is out to get black men, even if they carry a badge.

2 thoughts on “When Cops Attack Cops: Off-Duty Cop Attacked By Police

  1. Another day of Black folks being brutalized by the police.

    ” But a cop is a cop”

    Yep..I really never had 100 percent trusted them from the beginning and losing more in them more and more as each day passes. So if he’s Black? like you said , a cop is a cop and I’m not going to give him any leeway because of his race..ifanything..I hold him/her to a higher standard in properly doing their jobs. If he/she is doing what some nasty racist cops do to them, I respect the -32 because they should have more respect for members of their community. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to let a physically violent suspect harm them but do ..as the cops like say..what ‘s in their procedure book.

    I also find it funny how we Black folks have to always ” look alike “..the excuse they use just to harass their victims/suspects. I mean, how is that we look alike. the African American community.diaspora are some of the most physically diversified people in the world. How do we look alike? Again somebody may argue but the cops was Black and White. I expect that kind of garbage to come from a racist.

    As a child, I remembered my teacher asking my class what you want to be when you grew up? Me? A librarian or a French/Spanish interpreter/translator, then several boys after me said “police officers”. I have to wonder how many of them because just that? I look at cops today, thinking how much I wouldn’t want my kid to be one, though I would respect their choice of career path the want to go on.

    I had a chance to date a cop but I didn’t hesitate to decline his proposal for a cop of reasons, for one, I wouldn’t want to be the wife worrying about his return home and these days because they some of them are just plain dishonest. I can’t deal with that.

  2. Damn. I found myself chuckling at this. Am I a horrible person?

    I just don’t understand why a Black man in this country would want to be part of a force that was created to capture men and women that resemble himself. And now that this has happened to him, what’s he gonna do? I wonder if he views policing any different now that he’s been a victim?

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