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It’s become an inevitability that any conversation that deals with racism in any form will be met with denial, insults and outright condemnation directed at the people most affected by it and the people working to end it. From your average motley crew of conservatives and quasi liberals to the eugenics believers and race realists and all others mixed together, they’re convinced that racism is either one of three things. It’s a non issue. It’s justifiable. Or that it exists, except that it’s happening against white people.

I recently saw a thread where a white guy posted the infamous tweet by Donald Trump that showed an infographic displaying statistics on crime based on race, particularly the outrageously bloated stat on black-on-white crime. As you know, it’s been dissected as completely false and exposed as a racist meme produced by an obvious white supremacist.

Well, you already guessed that commenters took their shots at taking the meme apart piece by piece. Yet, the original poster was unmoved and unconvinced. He doubled down using every white line in the book.

He married a nonwhite woman. So, he can’t possibly be racist. He criticized Black Lives Matter supposed negligence of “black-on-black crime”. He claims his back injury as more definitive of struggling than what black people go through daily. He was robbed by a black man. His black friend was shot by a black man. Everyone else is ignorant.

Despite sound and mature arguments with evidence provided, this guy – who supports the Donald – was firm in his beliefs. He’s like so many people who supports this gospel. They relentlessly believe that black crime is the problem. Black culture is the problem. Black people are the problem. And they have every reason to hate and fear them no matter what.

They think black people are lazy, lesser intelligent, violent, sex-crazed, loud relatives to primates who deserve their pain and oppression. And they’re fine with thinking that way. Facts don’t matter. History doesn’t matter. Actual science doesn’t matter. Reality doesn’t matter. And the lives and feelings of black people don’t matter.

Only white-based egos, feelings and images matter. You must agree with them to spare them and the false image of white superiority.

And it’s not just white people who are sick with this mentality. It’s adopt by nonwhites, even blacks. There are black folks who have pledged their allegiance to white supremacy and worse, they expect other black people to follow suit. It’s expected though. The white supremacist mentality demands that everyone thinks the same way.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t hate white people. Anything you do to acknowledge and fight racism of any kind is interpreted as anti-white. You are seen as the real racist one. You can give dissertations all day to argue against such a claim. But it’s useless. You may win the argument, but you may not change any minds.

This is why it’s best not to engage in such ignorance. It’s best to just let them live in their own worlds. And it’s best for you to not stress yourself trying to enlighten the narrow-minded. In the end, you should continue working to dismantle racial oppression any way you can and let the dinosaurs walk gleefully on their way to their fantasies not knowing they’re heading straight for the tar pits.