NOT AGAIN! Another Black Man Is Murdered By Police

Not long after the police murder of Terence Crutcher was there news of another police-involved shooting of a black man. Heavy reports:

A 43-year-old black man was fatally shot by police Tuesday afternoon at an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina, sparking protests from members of the community.

The man has been identified by neighbors and family as Keith Lamont Scott. His family says he was disabled.

The officer who shot Scott was identified Tuesday night as Officer Brentley Vinson, WJZY-TV reports…

According to the Charlotte Observer, the shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Village at College Downs apartment complex on Old Concord Road just before 4 p.m.

Officers were attempting to serve an arrest warrant, but the man who was shot was not the person they were attempting to take into custody. Police told the newspaper Scott was armed and a gun was recovered at the scene by detectives.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney said the officers felt their lives were endangered and at least one officer shot Scott, the Observer reports.

However, the family disputes the police’s claims. They said that Scott was unarmed and was reading a book while waiting for his son to be dropped off by the school bus. It was also noted that the victim’s brother said that the officer was in plainclothes and undercover.

Scott was taken to a local hospital, where he died, police said.

His family has disputed the police statements about the shooting, saying he was waiting for his son to come home from school when police arrived at the apartment complex and shot him.

Soon after the news was made public, protests began in Charlotte. News outlets are already reporting that violence has erupted and that about a dozen were injured.

At this moment, I know how the rest of the show will play out. And I know something like this will happen again somewhere with a different black victim and a different cop.


9 thoughts on “NOT AGAIN! Another Black Man Is Murdered By Police

  1. I think about that song that Smokey Robinson song about his mother saying that there will be ” days like this ” . It also had me to think about those days where my mom would tell me things like ” eat everything on your plate because the Great Depression can happen again ,that one day the United States will lose it’s credibility as a ” superpower ” ,or in this case ” Jim Crow will repeat itself”.

    Along with Terrence Hatcher,another Black ( deaf ) man dies of police murder. I was looking at news reports about how Terrence supposedly had drugs on him. Hmmm..maybe its just me,but with every brutality victim, especially the Black ones..most of them have to have some drugs on them,lunge at cops or their favorite excuse
    ” the suspect had a stick on him so we had no choice but to shoot ”
    or they have to always look ” suspect “.

    Its seems to be a common pattern with cops and unfortunately..a way it can tell a whole lot about people and I’m not buying into what they say about the both of them. I have also read about a cop in STL attempting a pin a crime on a dead ” suspect ” by putting his own gun on him..making it seem that he may have committed suicide and they say we should trust cops? And they wonder why Colin Kaepernick is taking a knee?

    Now they’re trying to bring up that the cop in question of Terrence’s death was Black..and ? I mean ,what does that supposed to mean? that just because of race,it’s not bad or racist? Look at Sheriff David Clark Jr of the Milwaukee Police department,he’s Black but he’s the biggest coon of the twenty first century ( BTW, another Black man under his radar dies in his jail of dehydration). Should this guy or any minority get a pass for intentionally killing their own? I think not. If any Black/ POC cop is contributing to the demise of their own people they should not be overlooked. They should know better than anybody about being marginalized by society.I put them at a higher regard.

  2. yea yea…another black man killed. There are many, many more to come. The question is, what are blacks going to do about it? Cuz it’s sure not going to stop.

      1. Blacks don’t have the heart to do what needs to be done to stop the slaughtering of our people. We still waiting on white Jesus to intervene.


  3. Just going about your day to day life can get you killed if you are in a black body. Sitting in your vehicle reading a book can get you killed. Being a large black man can get you killed because you look like a “bad dude.” Can get you killed if you are in a black body. RIP Keith Scott.

  4. I wish these white folks would get upset about these dead black men instead of losing their minds about one football player kneeling during the national anthem. Then they send death threats to Colin Kaepernick because of his protest. That just lets you know how twisted and evil these beast are. But when it comes to them and their rights they will fight to the death.

  5. Black people will sooner More than later will have to emit and produce and display the God force within us. 1st we have to and must lose the fear of white people whose power comes from our fear of them. Black men and Black women must stand upright in words and actions to manifest what those white officers claim they are afraid of when they claim that they feared for their lives…the spirit of God manifested in us and through us. We can produce God once we lose the fear.

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