Vern’s Venting: Angry Becky on the Rampage


By Lavern Merriweather:

By now, everybody has heard of the mea culpa given recently by Lena Dunham, the star and creator of the HBO hit “Girls”, for her inflammatory criticism of New York Giants player Odell Beckham Jr. Lena was forced to apologize after being seated next to Mr. Beckham at a Met Ball in May of this year. Apparently, Ms. Dunham is still crying some rather salty tears, because of Mr. Beckham’s lack of acknowledgment to her presence.

She said and I quote, “I was sitting next to Odell Beckham Jr., and it was so amazing because it was like he looked at me, and he determined I was not the shape of woman by his standards. He was like, ‘That’s a marshmallow. That’s a child. That’s a dog’. It wasn’t mean – he just seemed confused”. And because Mr. Beckham dare not drool over the arrogant female, in a tuxedo no less, Dunham ended her whiny rant with the gem: “This should be called the Metropolitan Museum of Getting Rejected by Athletes”.

Okay people, where do I even began breaking down the total douche baggery of Ms. Dunham’s self-centered, self-serving, petty, offensive and yes racist unfair seething?

No, Ms. Dunham it is you that are confused about what constitutes classy, sophisticated behavior as opposed to that of a childish, entitled, privileged little brat. I’m surprised she didn’t threaten to hold her breath until her face turned blue or immediately jumped on the floor and starting pounding it while screaming for another piece of cake.

Alas, even Lena’s words on Twitter to supposedly make amends sounded very much like a ‘woe is me’ trope. Ms. Dunham prattles on about her insecurities, then makes a snarky comment about her ‘humor’ and the level of outrage she got from her egotistical ramblings. It wasn’t until some obvious much needed self-reflection did Ms. Dunham issue a much more valid and less haughty, smug apology.

Hopefully, Ms. Dunham has learned something from this, meaning that the whole world isn’t going to give in to her puerile notions of beauty and race within the confines of her protected little world. What she did was not only disgraceful, but a pattern of conduct that got black men lynched 100 years ago. For those who have an issue with me bringing Mr. Beckham’s race into this, tough. You can’t tell me that his being a black man had no bearing for why Ms. Dunham thought that nobody would call her obnoxiousness to the carpet, then trying to use being a comedian and her humor as an excuse as if that has anything to do with it. Her conjuring some made-up fantasy disgust for her looks and figure by this black male who, for all intense purposes was minding his own business, was not the least bit funny. Nor do I believe she meant her comments as a joke.

This woman actually had the gall to be upset because a male Negro was not showing sexual interest in her. I would assume that Ms. Dunham has attended many award functions where there were white male guests who did not even look at her sideways. Yet, she rather picks on the black man for some manufactured rejection. I’d like to know if Lena herself made any effort whatsoever to engage Mr. Beckham in some casual conversation. Perhaps she was so busy being a shit starter that it would have been far too much for her to create a dialogue. I could understand her point if she had actually spoke with Mr. Beckham, and he was rude to her. But that wasn’t even close to the case

To those snotty complainers defending Lena’s actions by saying that Odell not talking to her was rude in itself, go kick rocks. Mr. Beckham was not obligated in any capacity to show her attention and the fact that she became a she-wolf in the aftermath tells me he was right not to. In case you haven’t noticed Lena, you aren’t that pretty by Hollywood’s standards and much of anyone else’s. A declaration she has made herself. But because black men are suspect to find any female that has white complexion beautiful, he is a total jerk for ignoring her.

Here’s the thing Lena, the only jerk in this scenario is you. Whatever insecurities you have are your crosses to bear and yours alone. It ain’t Odell Beckham’s problem.

And to her fans who claim that she made a mistake, give me a break!! Lena is an adult, and she should have behaved like one. She knew damn well what she was doing. Dunham was trying to get a black man in trouble for no damn good reason. So, the only thing she gets from me is an upright middle finger.

Speaking of black male celebrities in trouble, Chris Brown is facing legal issues again based on the accusations of a former beauty queen named Baylee Curran. The accuser Curran, claims that Chris Brown held a gun to her head when she states that she was admiring some jewelry of his she saw lying out. Or rahter more like that is one of the many versions she has told about her encounter with the R&B star.

Ms. Curran has told damn near every media outlet that would listen that he held the gun in front of her initially. Her story has changed so many times that I am having a hard time keeping up. Ms. Curran also alleges that she touched the jewelry, then says that she didn’t. Okay, well which one is it? I have a sneaky suspicion that not even she knows anymore, despite her declaration that she wants the truth to come out. Do you really, Ms. Curran, because I have a feeling that if and when it does, things will not look so promising for you. After all there is the matter of a rumor floating around that Baylee is good friends with Nia Guzman who is the mother of Chris’ daughter. If that weren’t bad enough, Curran is reported to have sent Guzman a text saying that she wanted to “take him down and make him pay”.

I don’t know if that’s true or not. However a preplanned idea to target the singer will not fare well in her attempt to seek the truth. Another truth Ms. Curran might want to avoid is the fact that she is wanted in New York for an incident where she is suspected of stealing a woman’s purse while at the Plaza hotel in 2013.

Anyone reading this who wants to question what the accuser’s past has to do with anything should consider several factors: First of all, if she is a thief who had a previous intent to frame Mr. Brown, then her word is not to be trusted or believed. Second, if she is in cahoots with the child’s mother, then she’s a despicable liar that has wasted the police officers’ valuable time with her sham of a story.

Now, I’m not implying that because she has a tainted history that automatically means she is lying. However, certain revelations that have surfaced about Miss Curran since this sordid tale broke leaves one with every right to have doubts. Miss Curran was also stripped of her title for an undisclosed reason a number of years ago.

Before some criticize me for delving into her background, Chris Brown’s life has been dissected many times over after her allegation. Some in the media have even mentioned his so-called ‘history of violence’ towards women. Meanwhile, famous white males such as Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee are afforded the luxury of having prior misdeeds with women overlooked. I fail to see how one incident constitutes an entire history, especially when those white men have actually had multiple infractions.

Not one news outlet covering the story has brought up the fact that Miss Curran came to his house sans invitation, and when she was told repeatedly to leave, she refused. Now, when you show up to someone’s home uninvited, particularly someone you don’t know, common courtesy is to exit when you are told to do so. This might be used as leverage by Miss Curran’s attorneys to say that Mr. Brown acted out of anger by pulling a gun on her. Still, that does not justify her being at this man’s house when she was not asked to come or to stay. That is a tidbit that the media is glossing over much the same way many in the media are manipulating their words.

For the record, Chris was not in a standoff with police. He told them that they couldn’t enter without benefit of a warrant which is a highly reasonable attitude regardless of who is demanding it.

Mr. Brown was later arrested after a supposed bag of drugs and guns was tossed out of a window that has yet to be recovered by the LAPD. It should be noted that following his arrest, Mr. Brown paid bail to secure his release from jail and that no gun or bag of guns was found in his residence. Mr. Brown may have very well had a friend get rid of the weapon before the cops could come in or this woman is making the entire thing up. I will wait and see what happens at trial if there is one baring any new evidence that comes to light. And if Miss Curran is lying then she should face the exact same scrutiny and vilification that Mr. Brown is getting.


3 thoughts on “Vern’s Venting: Angry Becky on the Rampage

  1. As I have said time and again, these people are reprobate vampire demons and our people would do well to steer clear of them… Lena Dunce-ham need fuh tek wan microphone an’ stick um up she dry pokie she mudda skunt…. And that whore Baylee Curran, hmmmm I just hope she ends up frying in her own fat

  2. There are still instances where Susan Smithing is not only allowed, but seemingly encouraged. Only the fact that Odell Beckham does not display the kind of image usually projected onto (Black) NFL players has kept Ms. Dunham’s bizarre self-projecting rant from becoming Odell’s gospel.

    With Chris Brown, you had a tabloid news media circling the wagons like a pack of wolves. With his “history of domestic violence,” they were willing to jump on any narrative that involved all of the stereotypes of violent Black men – especially once it was reported that a White Woman was involved. Although it sounds more and more like Chris was set up for something, that will never get blasted around by the likes of TMZ; they will simply move on to the next Chris Brown story. And the damage is done.

    It’s part of why I side-eye many of these “pursuits for justice.” Because, more often than not, the dogged pursuit only seems to occur when the alleged perp isn’t White. Then, all kinds of loopholes get attached to be double- or triple-investigated and/or charged, even after being found not guilty on lowered standards of proof.

    1. Truth spoken! Rumors have been swirling that she and his baby momma are friends and that she sent her a text saying she PLANNED to set him up. I smelled bs with this story from 100 miles away.

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