Quick Thoughts: Bill O’Reilly and Chris Brown Are in Trouble Again, Tomi Lahren’s Angry Again and More

People are flawed. We’re not perfect. We weren’t meant to be. But some people can’t or won’t admit their mistakes. Some people of the more delusional variety don’t believe they have any inadequacies. And then we have the assholes who won’t acknowledge their faults or misdeeds but delight in explaining what other people’s are.

Enter Bill O’Reilly who has a long history of chastising the black community using racist stereotypes he cites as ‘truths’ is the target of a sexual harassment allegation by former Fox News anchor Andrea Tantaros. Remember, this came off the heels of numerous sexual assault allegations against their former boss and CEO Roger Ailes who was forced to resign.

You also have to think back to the time O’Reilly was accused of sexual harassment in 2004. Back then Andrea Mackris, a Fox producer, accused O’Reilly of making lewd and threatening comments during their conversations. So, this ain’t the first time the conservative commentator expressed his freakiness.

And yet, according to O’Reilly, Black Lives Matter is dangerous to Americans.

At this point, Fox News, the media arm for the Republican party and megaphone for conservative views is becoming more dangerous for women to work. You begin to wonder who’s next to be revealed as a sexual predator working in Rupert Murdock’s Right wing media empire.

In other sad-ass news about famous people’s fuckery, guess who’s in trouble for the millionth time? If you’ve guessed Chris Brown, you’re right. The troubled R & B singer got arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on a beauty pageant model (Baylee Curran) during one of his rage-fueled moments. As usual, Brown claims he’s the true victim. He took to Instagram to vent about being held up in his home while cursing the bejesus out of the police.

As you know, Chris Brown has had legal troubles ever since that infamous night in 2009. (You know what happened.) and most of those troubles stem from his violent temper. When you think about it, it’s not all that surprising given that he came from an abusive home  Hurt people hurt people. He witnessed violence growing up and grew up becoming violent.

It’s gotten to where you start predicting Chris Brown’s downfall, something will happen that neither he nor his celebrity status can never recover from. But I honestly fear an event so severe that it will land him in the same sinking boat as O.J. Simpson.

Or worse.

That’s why Brown desperately needs help. He needs help in the worst way possible. The help he’s getting obviously hasn’t helped much, at least in the public’s eye. It’s time for a serious change. That is, if he wants it. And so far, it doesn’t look like he does.

And while we’re at it, The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren needs help as well. Or rather, she and the population of fools that erroneously interpret any stance, vocally or physically, against any form of racism against blacks as hatred against white people need serious help, especially in reading comprehension skills.

After 49er’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick protested against the National Anthem, the blonde bubbleheaded Becky proceeded to accused him of (drumroll) blaming white people.

But did he? Not according to The Breakfast Club‘s host Charlamagne the God who stated that he heard and read Kaepernick’s entire interview and stressed that he never mentioned ‘white people’ once.

I haven’t heard nor watched the interview, but I’ve read articles with excerpts from the interview. And not one has mentioned nor implied that white people are to blame.

The transcript is located here, and as I’m reading it…nope, no white people blaming.

So, Ms. Lahren, YOU ARE A LIAR!

No, worse than that. You’re an Ann Coulter clone!

You don’t know anything about what’s going on in the world, and you apparently put forth zero effort in learning them. And yet, you speak with such passion and anger that you appear to believe that your views are objective. To put it simply, you’re an angry, thoughtless white woman, a perfect soldier for the male conservative order.

I know that the title of this article says that there’s more. But I’m honestly tapped out. Famous people and their fuckery can get on your nerves.


6 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Bill O’Reilly and Chris Brown Are in Trouble Again, Tomi Lahren’s Angry Again and More

  1. I am an African-American veteran of 22 years in uniform, and another 20+ for my wife. We both support Mr. Kaepernick’s stance. We don’t feel insulted in the least by his stance, and at no time did he EVER denigrate our service, or the military. That entire line of nonsense was and still is simply a tactic to derail the conversation, and white America willingly picked up the thread and ran with it.
    What he did was force the vast majority of caucasian americans to confront a reality they would much rather ignore. Since it didn’t concern them, didn’t touch them, they didn’t want to hear about it. The fact that he used his celebrity status to make his feelings known about a cause that touches every POC in this country, is what so many found offensive. It was so much easier to co-opt the message and make it about a non-issue, than to actually have to listen to what the man’s concerns are. Again, the message was deliberately corrupted to make themselves feel better about an issue they would MUCH rather not have to think about. Because they don’t care.
    After all, we want you to entertain us, not have a brain, an opinion, or anything else that goes against the mainstream (white) thought process. And if he got hurt in the sport along the way, or killed by one of the many blue-clad assassins masquerading as a police officers, they’d whine about it for a few days, and then it’s on to the next performing negro to keep them entertained.
    In brief: (This was originally much longer)
    I do believe that Mr. Kaepernick’s stance will cost him more dearly in the future than it already has. (Racist’s don’t forget or forgive) But we will always be appreciative of the bravery it took to make than stand on such a huge stage, and whether he ever knows of us or know, will always be in his corner, and will forever defend his right to exercise free speech. And we are not offended. Quite the opposite: we are impressed.
    After all, making sure that EVERY citizen has that right was why my wife and I risked our lives all those years.

  2. LOL@ “Blond bubble head Becky” describing that idiot Tomi Lahren and Bill O’REILLEY is another ass monkey. Can’t stand either one.

  3. Is there is one thing I’ve learned about FOX news is that making a fool out of themselves is a requirement to remain with the station.

    There was an article I read a year ago where the Black/ POC anchors/ guests on there and a Black female anchor claimed that they have to say some stupid things on there in order for therm to remain on that weather its true/ not true. So whenever I see Tomi and her stupity ,she could be dead serious about what she say or it’s pure comedy coming out of her mouth.

    I also admit, after looking at the ugliness that Colin is enduring from people, iit have left me with a little bit of a sour taste in mouth with football. Shaun King made some truthful comparisons about his situation and those owners/ football players who supported Trump. Then there was his opportunistic biological mother, shaming her own child and not supporting him in his time of need.

    She gave him up,she has no right to speak about him and she can’t be much of a mom to let that happen. Wow..just kick a son while he’s down.

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