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I’m sickened at the levels people sink to tear someone to pieces for hate sake. But I’m not surprised as that’s how this country does certain people who’s only ‘sins’ were not being born with white skin, a dick or a preference for the opposite sex, among other things. And in the cyber age, the attacks can come from lowly punks hiding behind computers and smart devices which can lead to real world pain and misery.

The Ghostbusters actress was targeted and harassed viciously online on Twitter by racist, misogynist trolls led by the urgings of alt-right ‘journalist’ and self-proclaimed ‘professional troll’ Milo Yiannopoulos who, among others, seemingly hated the all-female remake the most, and centered most of the hate towards Jones out of all the actors and personnel of the film for one obvious reason. I’ll let you guess what that is.

They did everything within the power of the social media site to dehumanize her, even posting doctored tweets to try to ruin her image. Even though many people saw through that, the damage was done.

Jones left Twitter, but returned shortly after. And the site permanently banned Yiannopoulos. But the trolls apparently still wanted to bring down the actress to satisfy their evilness. (Yes, I call it evil.)

Jones’ website was hacked. Nude photos, personal info were exposured. It was severe enough to shut down the site altogether.

No one should have to deal with this. Leslie Jones doesn’t deserve this. She did nothing wrong. She did nothing wrong to anyone. She’s a talented, admired black actress who starred in a re-imagined version of a beloved movie. And that was the reason racist dickheads want to bury her online through the use of misogynoir, the type of hatred directed at black women.

I honestly don’t have the words necessary to convey my feelings or thoughts on this latest attack on a talented black actress. Sure, you can say that this is just the internet and not reality. But being attacked on the internet can do real world harm. This shows that, without a shadow of a doubt, that racism and sexism are still serious contemporary problems.

For those who argue about the freedom to say whatever they want, you can save your breath, because with freedoms comes responsibility. And if you abuse your freedoms by being a total prick, expect consequences to follow, one way or another. And in the end, you will only have yourself to blame.