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White privilege exists. There’s mounds of examples and evidence to prove that it. And yet, there are people, mostly white, who will deny it with a straight face. The need to deny that white privilege exists is as powerful as the urgency to proclaim that racism is no longer a problem in America. Even if and when evidence is presented, they will still rebuff until veins start popping. Yours and theirs. And yet, they would rather believe in the existence of Bigfoot, the Lock Ness Monster and angels.

The most obvious case of white privilege comes from a big story involving athletes at the Olympics, particularly one named Ryan Lochte who competed in the swimming event. Several days ago, Lochte reported that he and his friends, also swimmers, had been robbed at gunpoint by faceless men who spoke in a foreign language. Since the Olympics took place in Rio this year, people jumped to conclusions that the robbers were natives of the city. So, that meant that the suspects were likely men of color.

Only an investigation by Brazilian police concluded that the robbery was a lie. Lochte was actually involved with an altercation with a security guard after he damaged property at a petrol station. He has ‘apologized’ after the revelation came out and, along with the other swimmers involved, will face a disciplinary committee. But they already sparked (yet another) fiery conversation about white male privilege, especially comparing reactions between this and how they treated Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas who was vilified for not “showing proper patriotism” during the National Anthem while Lochte and his thugs were “just kids who were having fun and made a mistake“.

Never mind that those dudes were grown-ass men. A 12 year-old black child with a toy gun is viewed more as an adult while white men who vandalized property were “just kids”.

So, to any trolls lurking around this blog, tell me how this is anything but a full-on case of white privilege. Better yet, tell me how we need to “wait for more evidence”. Go ahead, I dare ya.

Tell me how we need to wait for until we know the whole story about the cop who ran down a little girl with his motorcycle and then murdered the girl’s father when he got upset and tried to help. Luckily, I heard that the girl is expected to survive. But not much is known about the incident. And I’m still searching for more about it.

But if anyone has more info, that’s NOT excerpted from a right wing news site vilifying the victims, please feel free to share it.

In news pertaining to white racists gone wild, a drunk white woman in a bikini was caught on video screaming racist obscenities at a group of black folks yelling, among several things, that Dr. Martin Luther King was a slut. (I guess it’s true that alcohol reveals one’s true self after all.) A white supremacist stabs a black man to supposedly defend police from the likes of Black Lives Matter. (Guess who he supports in the upcoming Presidential election. Go on. Guess.) And White Lives Matter activists protested outside the headquarters of the NAACP, Confederate flags in tow.

Yes, folks. We know white people loathe black folks enough to risk everything for the mere sake of letting the world know how much they hate black people one way or another. Whether it’s being caught on camera, sending a barrage of hate tweets and(or) leaving status messages which contain racist memes with the n-word appearing at least once usually grunting about how much they hate President Obama, in the age of social media, there are white folks who will vent their rage to the world even if it costs them their jobs, careers, families, friends and their very lives.